Nurturing our Gift

Whatever the gift—our unique gift—is, I deeply believe that the meaning of walking the spiritual path is found in developing one’s own gift; or one’s own power, if you will.

It is an adventure, at times a roller coaster-type of a ride, to search for, come into one’s power and eventually offer this boon to the world at large, with genuine humility.

And, as the adage says, “With power comes responsibility.”

Joseph Campbell, an expert on mythology, calls this adventure a Hero’s Journey, deeply immersing ourselves into the subterranean areas of our psyche before resurfacing anew, ready to consciously embrace our new identity and purpose.

“The first function [of mythology in tradition] is awakening in the individual a sense of awe and mystery and gratitude for the ultimate mystery of being.” (Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss, page 104)

I have walked this journey of searching for one’s self and have written about it in Nurturing the Gift of Seeking.

I invite you to travel through Nurturing the Gift and see for yourself what resonates, what calls you, in terms of your aspirations, your own ‘walking’ and your goals for personal development.

Given the numerous “temptations and challenges” (in Joseph Campbell’s words) one might face on the path, I would be happy to ‘give you a hand’ along the way and serve as your companion or mentor. It would be a privilege and a pleasure for me.

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