Great Divine Director

Among the few channeled messages that I read on various sites and blogs, those of the Great Divine Director (aka Ganesh, one of the sons of Siva) are most meaningful to me. I especially appreciate His honesty in consistently informing us that we will be tested; and I’m sure we all are, if we look carefully at the energetic patterns that keep coming back to us. Yesterday, July 1st, was no exception for me. Thank you, Great Divine Director, and many thanks, Tazjima, for sharing these channeled jewels.

Note: You may read in this page messages that are not authored by the Great Divine Director, although I believe they belong to the same category of inspirational literature.

Love IS the Answer

Message from Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara
Received by Julie Miller
September 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be today if you had learned how to master the way of Love? Think Beautiful Children of God if you had learned the importance of permitting Love to direct what you do instead of what your mind is telling you how different life would have been. When you allow love to be your guide and direction you learn how to glean all the essential necessities that life has to offer for you to grow and prosper. The action derived from the tiniest measure of love that moves, shapes, unites, fits and forms allows the acceleration you require for any progress upon your current path. Love dear ones is moving and swirling about within you, it is white fire hot and is always a part of your complete whole being…you don’t go anywhere without Love. Thanks to love you are able to come to understand what is needed each day for your greatest of good.
There is not a person on this fine Earth that doesn’t want to be loved, and not any ordinary passing by love, but to be loved for who they are, just as they are. This need to be accepted and loved is part of your social nature yet over time personal love has been put to the wayside. In some circles personal love is criticized and not encouraged. We have witnessed the dear souls that do pursue a personal love are often made to feel guilty about following their heart to be truly and divinely loved. Being loved and giving love is a part of your human nature, it is not a blasphemy; it is necessary and it is beautiful and love is the most powerful force known to mankind.
Love is vital to your self-esteem and confidence. When Love is a part of your life, where you are giving and receiving love and you are moving through your heart a great unfolding of your pure natural self begins to take flight and what is being created is what God intended. He never wanted His children to live without love, when love has always been the answer to any problem or predicament. Love makes everything better and more enjoyable – even the rainbows become brighter and more vivid when you move within the Power of Love.
We witness more often a mistreatment of love that does not demonstrate the purity of love that is intertwined with God’s love for all His Children. We have seen many dear souls use love only for material or social gain; this kind of love does not inspire true confidence and it does not promote the great unfolding of your natural self. True and natural love does not inspire the need to cause and create pain for the person chosen to be in your life. The virtue of love validates and affirms what your heart has been guiding you for centuries and that is to gain masterful heights of its whole complete potential within your entire life.
There are many dear souls among you that purposely aspire to meet and have love in their lives that would benefit their personal and spiritual lives. Many times there are complications that are involved during the formation of a relationship. When complications begin to rise instead of diminish what often occurs is an unconstructed form of reaction and attraction. A relationship built like that can exist but it is removed from the total context of pure love that is filled with divine energy where both people’s thoughts and actions are one and the same. A love that is bonded from the heart and soul is a resilient love that gives and moves and promotes genuine harmony.
We are aware that your journey is complex and filled with many goals that you are working on accomplishing and one of those goals many dear souls are aiming to reach is enlightenment. Understand enlightenment requires you to be willing to love unconditionally where you don’t require any response or action in return. This kind of love permits freedom from your body and mind.
It is easily understood that personal love is the best and most effective love as it nurtures every heart that it touches, it is Divine and it is this Love that God also spreads in your direction. True love that comes from the Heart is what God’s beloved Son, Jesus recommended for those that sought Him and it is how He lived dear ones. The Son of God was a loving soul and His very teachings are filled with Love. You will find many of His stories encouraged and invoked deep expressive feelings of empathy, caring, and devotion.
Personal love can be one of the most challenging of things for a human to attempt. It is part of the challenges that love brings that many old teachings have steered their aspirants away from personal love. We encourage you dear ones to follow your heart, follow the path of True Pure Love because it will lead you to your ultimate spiritual and personal becoming. You will discover more of yourself while on the path of True Pure Love. Yes indeed this path will have its difficulties. All paths and choices do. As you take each progressive step forward on the path of love, master each step, become one with it and allow the energy of love move through you. It is inspire you and encourage you to reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding of your Self and the world around you.
Nearly every dear soul that has been on the path of love understands the challenges that come with it. Why is true and pure love so difficult? It’s a question that each person has their own unique answers that doesn’t include blame but knowing facts. Understandably true and pure love requires you to walk a straight and narrow path. To be successful you must be able to avoid certain deviations and hazards that can be threatening. It is essential to avoid the danger of becoming overly attached that creates the love that was discovered to be less pure as it becomes conditional and obsessive.
It is important dear ones for you to understand and comprehend that True Pure Love heals and satisfies deeply within your core. When you are moving through the powerful energies of True Pure Love you are able to truly recognize and appreciate the person that came across your path for their individual and unique personality; you develop empathy and attraction towards them and find yourself bonding and realization of trust settles in that is fresh and welcoming to your whole self – it feels like a current of electricity has just passed through your frame and re-ignited your heart that you once thought was shut down. On the path of love, the risk of being seen as vulnerable is always there, but True Pure Love is able to recognize this and will embrace whatever inadequacies that may have been felt. Come to the understanding dear ones that each of you are definitely loveable for who you are and not just because of any spiritually divine substance.
When you take that brave step forward onto the path of True Pure Love you do learn much of yourself. You suddenly find it necessary to make any changes to flaws or imperfections that you find in yourself that normally you would have ignored. Many dear souls find it easier to love God than another person because they know God does not require them to change unless change is what they themselves want. He accepts unconditionally who you are as you are and He loves you for YOU being you. Whereas when you are on the path to love another person, you are saying without words that you are willing to love them regardless of any flaws and imperfections. There is no room for the Ego here when you are working from your heart on the path of True Pure Love. If the Ego enters this path, love becomes conditional, expectations are born and the pureness of what was becomes less.
Love in all its true and pure sense is required for each of you to be Divine. Even Universal Love that many dear souls are pursuing requires tenderness, devotion and personal love that is not attached but is pure and true from the Heart that is intertwined with that of God. Understandably anything less falls short from being truly and purely loving and Divine. True Pure Love is human and universal which promotes it’s truthful and divine nature.
Continue on the path of Love and embrace its power in all its entirety. Do not fear its power; allow it to move through you, encompassing all that you are. Take notice of Jesus’s teachings of Love and allow His teachings direct and guide you to your own horizon that delivers you to deeper understanding of your Self and of the world around you. Love is what God is all about. It is in His words through Jesus and it is what He is promoting and wanting for all His Beautiful Children. Love is what you are also all about – simply come home to it dear ones.
I AM Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara through Julie Miller

The Great Divine Director – The Shift Continues… 23 August 2013, via Tazjima

I am the Great Divine Director, also known as Lord Ganesh by our Hindu friends. I come today with tidings of great joy! You are ascending.

“What?” you say. “That’s news? I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday.”

Ah, but you are different and even those who are the most resistant to change ARE beginning to notice something has shifted in their world, but it couldn’t be them, could it?

We are here to gently say, yes, it is you. You are changing. You are changing your own world. You are changing your perception of your world. You are changing inside and the changes are reflecting back to you as you look outside of your energy field.

How are these changes occurring? Through a long, subtle process of rising vibration and frequency levels – the shift is happening and has been happening for a very long time. However, only in the last five years has the magnitude of changes accelerated and so most everyone on the planet are finding challenges, difficulties or opportunities cropping up for expansion in their lives, depending on their outlook on life and how they view themselves.

This shift “of the ages” as it has been labeled by the New Agers, is the movement from one age or the Kali yuga (dark cycle) of the Age of Pisces to the Satya yuga (light cycle) of the Age of Aquarius. And it is a part of a greater age involving the universe. Your sun is ascending, your solar system is ascending and your Universe is ascending. Everything is being stepped up in frequency levels. The shift started a long while ago, but has been accelerated due to the presence of lightworkers on the planet. And as the frequency levels increase, the souls coming into this world as babies are lighter in frequency, too. There will be no return to darkness for this world.

Long have the Powers that Be (now Were) fought and resisted the influx of new energies. Linear descendants of the black magicians of Atlantis, these beings long thought that this world belonged to them. Humanity and other life forms on the planet were considered property to be used or abused. And now they are being disabused of this cavalier attitude by the rising up of the consciousness of the multitudes of humanity, as well as the increasing intensity of Nature’s “attack” on the old way of doing things, through storms, earthquakes and the such.

What has been regarded as the only way to do things actually has not been in effect for very long. The grounded sacred approach of the indigenous peoples across the planet has been the target for attacks by the PTW for many centuries, starting with the European invasions of South and North America, Africa and Asia. With the ebb and flow of civilizations, from Rome to the Holy Roman Empire and then to wholesale economic enslavement of continents, the attack on the indigenous and peasant peoples was on.

However, cycles turn and life moves in a sacred spiral. What came down is now rising. The energies of the planet are rising every moment of every day. You see the rise of energies reflected in physical changes in your bodies, reactive modes in your friends and families depending on their level of acceptance, denial or resistance to change, and in the crumbling apart of institutions long thought the foundation of the modern world. What you call the modern world has been forced upon the people, upon the animals, upon the earth. Rape, pillage, wholesale destruction of species, environments, water, air, and soil… all that is needed to sustain life on this planet has been the subject of targeted abuse by international corporations and imperialistic governments, most especially Britain and the United States.

Enough already! Heaven has called a halt to the dark cycle. The Kali yuga is fading into the sunset and the new dawn of Aquarius is arriving. Transitional periods are always difficult, but this one is different than the ones before. With the fall of Atlantis, which actually occurred gradually, before the last cataclysms brought the physical demise of the last island continents, the dark magicians had discovered methods to harness the powers of crystals and of the atom. Much destruction was wrought in the name of power and control. What you are experiencing today is just a shadow of what occurred with the last violent overthrow of the Atlantean culture.

Many of the humans alive on the planet today were present during the long ages of Atlantis, both during the golden age and the long sunset eras of her demise. Many of you played roles on both sides of the game board, dark and light, and are now balancing for any acts of commission or omission during those times.

While these times are difficult, it is important not to judge the actions of others, outside of your energy field. Each of you was chosen to come here, to experience the transition, the bringing of the world into a new and glorious age of light and love. You have played many roles and must realize that even those who are members of the power elite have also played on both sides. The souls present are here to undergo the richness of experience as potential when such a transition is unfolding. This time period is like none other this world has ever experienced, so cherish the moments of feeling unsettled, up and down, the fullness of the sensations and sights to be felt and seen. It is a marvel to be alive, here and now, as the massive waves of light overtake and defeat the darkness that has prevailed for many thousands of years.

Many sources are reminding you on a daily basis to tune into your inner being, to listen to your heart, to find that quiet space called your higher mind, to spend quality time learning about what truly you and what is not. There is much social conditioning to overcome, but it will be done. Each of you is in the very individualized process of becoming reacquainted with your Self, the greater you who has always been here (not there) with you but who you temporarily had to forget in order to become truly “human” for a time.

For light-workers, forgetting who and what you are has had sometimes painful consequences but you can chalk it up to the wealth of experience that you have gathered during the course of your time here, assisting the “local” population to break free of the chains of economic and emotional slavery.

Not all the parts of this great story have been shared yet. The ascended masters and your galactic cousins have much to share with you when your energy levels rise enough so that you can both comfortably interface with the others on common frequency levels. We are here and unless you are an especially gifted clairvoyant, most of you cannot yet see us. However, you are becoming increasingly more sensitive to our presence and can feel us in a sudden increase in the warmth emanating from your heart center or a flush of heat in your body. Your “paranormal” gifts will continue to return online as you grow in your self-acceptance, adjust to the new energy levels and expand your horizons. What has been deemed beyond normal is actually just a part of what you will open back into. You are in the process of returning to the awareness that you are greater than you realize while at the same time, you are becoming more wholly human or humane with each other, all life and the world around you.

Human beings are not meant to be cruel, destructive or distrustful. This manner of behavior has been literally beaten into succeeding generations who were bred on fear and lack. None of these things are natural to this world or to you as a human being. And you need to forgive yourself for anything you feel that you have done “wrong” or out of alignment with some specious code of morals. Your leaders are in the process of displaying just how much they hold these same moral codes sacred by their insane actions of self-destruction and destruction of whole systems as they attempt to bring down entire countries in an undeclared world war of economic and physical terrorism.

Each of you will return to self-mastery where no code delineates your outward behavior, but where you follow the Will of the Creator because it is your will to do so. No longer forced to become anything that you are not, you will blossom into your true potential and be all that you can be. Perhaps this will occur for you in a couple of months, a couple of years or in an upcoming lifetime. Your path is set out before you by the dictates of your soul and soul family. You will discover what to do when you get there. Now, enjoy the moments as the transition occurs. You are witnessing a miracle in action, as an entire world and her population ascend from the lower third dimension to the upper fourth and eventually to the fifth. Physical ascension of an entire planet has never been done before, so it is an exciting time for us and the rest of the Universe watching to see what happens next.

When you get overwhelmed for a few minutes or even days, go within, dear ones, and find the smile that lingers in your heart. Know that we are ever present with you, to guide, mentor, heal and comfort. We share our love for your planet, for you and all life here.

Go in peace and go with our profound love and devotion to your heart flames.


Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

A Message from the Light Collective, 10 August 2013, channeled by Tazjima

A note from new desert:  Although not authored by the Great Divine Director, I believe this message is an important reminder at a time when life is evolving in many–sometimes confusing–directions; certainly lots of energies are playing around as I write these words. Thank you, Tazjima!


In the ever present Now moment, we would like to take you on a tour of your Self. Each of you who read our words is beginning to wake up to the fact that you are more than a body or a single consciousness. In fact, you are a collective being. You exist in a Multiverse, more than one universe, in more than one body, on more than one planet. And yet, your primary consciousness is focused, here and now, in this human body and on this planet, Earth, located in a side arm of the vast Milky Way Galaxy. Why? You are here because the transition that this beautiful but humble planet is undergoing is unprecedented in at least one Universe and really all Universes.

Many of you, even those who have long been conscious of the transition are struggling with the issue of self-identity. Who are you, truly? Are you a human being doomed to struggle and slave for some three-score years and ten (often shorter) and then die, never to live again or are you something more? You really, really want to accept the knowledge that you are more, mainly because it gives you hope that you can change, that you will be given an opportunity to do it all over, again.

Dear ones, you are doing it, now. You are changing the game plan because you are in the midst of a Grand Experiment, one that is bringing light back into a darkened world and a darkened Universe, a Universe that was affected by an unintended mutation of creative energies. Step by step, your bodies are changing and being stepped up in vibration, in their ability to carry the light. This is the result of long-term planning by the Archangels, who oversee the rehabilitation of this world, its people and this Universe. This experiment is only in its beginning stages. What you do here, you will do the same and more on other worlds, because that is what you do. You are the explorers, the wanderers, the special light forces who have volunteered to undergo this process in order to transmute the imbalance back into alignment with the Will and blueprint of Creation.

We understand that it is difficult to see or believe that you have any hand in the changes currently happening across the face of your planet, but we assure you that you are heavily involved. Simply by opening yourself up to the realization that you have choice, you have stepped from a third-dimensional vibration to a fourth. By determining and realizing that you can change your world consciously, you begin to bring up your energy field closer to the fifth dimension. You are a powerful, creative being; now is the time to acknowledge that you are not a victim of circumstance unless you choose to undergo victimization as a means of gaining experience. You can move beyond experiencing yourself as a victim by simply tweaking how you view your world. You can begin to see energy as being neutral; it simply is. And then realize how you bind your thoughts and emotions, together, is how you attract what you see and experience into your daily life. By choosing to remain neutral, you release the emotional charge from events and can eventually choose how to consciously determine just what experiences you wish to have.

The experiment that you are undergoing is a rebuilding of the stepping stones of mastery– Self-mastery, which means that you are responsible for the choices that you make, each day, whether unconsciously or consciously. We hope that you feel that you are ready to be conscious so you can tune into the ways in which to channel energies and create the world in which you want to live.

We know that many of you will deny that you have such power of creation, but we remind you, dear ones, that each and every one of you is a creator god. Yes, you created the world in which you live and breathe. It is only one of your creations, but right now it is the focus of many worlds who wish to move into higher frequencies. You have a unique opportunity to prove to yourself just how creative and powerful you are. Do you have the necessary courage, determination and will to go forward? We feel that you do. We see the whole of you, not just the singular individual who appears lonely and lost, struggling to make ends meet, dealing with health issues, relationship issues, and emotional ups and downs.

Are you ready to step up to the plate and learn how to master your experience, to master your emotions, to create your world, to be all that you already are within? If your answer is yes, and you give us permission to work with you, we will guide you in your discovery of your own gifts. Each of you has what it takes to be a master, carefully stowed within your own heart and mind. Through the pineal gland you can make connection with your soul and I AM Presence. Through the secret chamber of the heart, you make connection with the Creator and his rays of Creation. In working with the angels and elementals, you can change the focus of your life. By connecting with nature and the earth, you become grounded.

It can be easy to lose yourself in the bliss of meditation, but grounding in the present moment is necessary if you are going to accomplish the work of changing your world. Each moment that you can be aware, even while you sleep, is another moment when you can accomplish great things and learn to bring the wisdom of your higher selves into manifestation. You are the anchors and bridges, bringing in the light of creation into manifestation. You have been chosen for this role by your selves, the parts of your multi-dimensional being that works closely with the Archangels, ascended masters and ascended galactic and extra-galactic races. You are these beings, true, but you are also human and here to experience all there is to experience of the ongoing transition of this planetary body and all life upon her. See yourself as an integral part of the transition, as an agent of change. And what you manage to change in yourself will be reflected back to you in what you see around you in the course of daily life.

Be aware that every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every action that you take is a part of the rays of creation. While you go through your day, you are creating. Will you choose to be conscious of your creations so you can align yourself with the Will of the Creator or will you choose to remain unconscious and seemingly helpless in the face of adversity? It is your choice and we will honor whatever you do, but know that mastery is self-determined, not something that some guru can wrap in a pretty package and hand to you on a plate. It takes intention, attention, focus and action.

We understand that our expression through this message may overwhelm and confuse some who appear to be struggling. Let the emotions flow through you like water without latching onto them. Let your thoughts settle at the bottom of the lake, clearing the troubled waters. Be still. Be calm. Allow for the wisdom of the heart and the connection of your higher self speak to you in a non-verbal manner. It is through this unspoken, non-linear method that you will receive your guidance, from within, not through the avenue of another person. Although others might serve as a guide, it is through following this inner beacon that you will find your way through the maze of indecision and inaction and break through to the other side of the matrix. Once outside the matrix of the rigid third-dimensional structure of thought and emotion, you can discover new ways to create your own world, as you, the master, so will it to be.

You are already free of the matrix, whose underlying structures have been withdrawn as of the 12/12/12; but you have to make the first move to go forward into the new dawn as a creator of all you see and experience. Go forth and discover for yourself, dear ones, what lies beyond the miasma of limitation, want and need. Many delights and wonders and beautiful worlds are there waiting for you, for you have already created some of what you will find during those moments when your linear thinking mind has been stilled, during sleep and dreams. And we await your coming, in robes of many colors as you again are clothed in the auric hues of mastery.

We stand in awe of what has already been accomplished. The transitional period from 12/12/12 to now, just now eight months in length, has advanced and heightened the frequency levels of this planet and her peoples so that even the sleepiest of its populace begin to stir and wonder what is going on. What is going on is simply the reconstruction of an entire world and its collective humanity into a star nation, a fully conscious planet of living physical ascended masters. It is something that has never happened before, but now you are well on the way.

Yes, there will be revolution, turmoil, death and destruction. What is old and broken must be destroyed and removed before a new world can come entirely into manifestation, on clean and cleared soil. Change brings challenge. Not all humans or life forms upon the planet today will survive physically the changes, but all are being given the opportunity to undergo the experiences contained within as they have so chosen before coming into embodiment. Judge not the actions of others; focus on your own choices and actions. Be focused on your inner development and see everything outside of your aura as theater being played out for your enjoyment and entertainment. We understand that some of you will be appalled that our seemingly callous regard for human suffering and misery, but we remind you that each human being makes the choice to be here before they are born. Their experiences are their own, chosen for the growth of the soul. And the soul is eternal even if the body is not. Those who are meant to be physical ascended masters will survive the transition; many others have chosen another direction, other timelines, but all, will eventually come into alignment with the Will of Creator and so it is best not to judge.

Understand that much is being balanced by various souls. Some souls have chosen short lifetimes. Their lives, cut short by violence, in turn act as a catalyst in order to awaken others; to create the opportunity for large numbers of individuals to experience a spontaneous heart opening that otherwise would not present itself. Honor these braves ones for their seeming sacrifice for many times they are balancing acts of violence that they, themselves, have committed in other “lifetimes”. What is termed an act of “evil” may be just the catalyst needed to break the locked in thinking of people, to move them to an opportunity to choose between anger and vengeance or into forgiveness and love. You have the opportunity to choose, every moment of your life how you will react or not to whatever “happens” around you. Become conscious of your choices; take responsibility for them and you will soon find yourself on the road to self-mastery. You are already on it, but have not thought to look down and see the yellow brick road beneath your feet, leading you on to the great Emerald City of Shamballa, with its gleaming crystal towers.

There is no good or evil, there is only You, the eternal dreamer of the one dream. You are the experience, the creator of the experience and the experiencer. You are the master of your world. Find delight and joy in creating the world that you want to be a part of, along with all your friends, the angels, the ascended masters, the galactics, the elementals and fairies, the wondrous creatures of “myth” and many others.

We stand at your side, ready to guide and mentor, ready to encourage and cajole, as brother and sister to you and one in the light of the Creator. Go now in peace and be consciously all that you already are.


Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Climbing up the Spiral Staircase – A Message from the Great Divine Director – 4 July 2013

Channeler: Tazjima

It is Independence Day in the United States of North America. All over the planet, people are coming together and declaring their independence from the decaying and corrupt systems of control that have dominated your world’s geopolitics and international relationships for some time. People are stepping forward outside the box of socio-indoctrination, outside of religion, outside of public education, outside of science, outside of mass media, and into themselves. People are waking up from the fearful dream that has been brought to you via your media sources in order to keep them in submission and unable to fend for themselves or to work together for a better world.

It is time to let the dark secrets that every individual, community and nation carry within their collective unconscious, within the vast astral body of this planet, it is time for these secrets to be brought into the light and allowed to dry and scatter in the wind of change. For change is upon you whether or not you are prepared for it or willing to release your fears so that you may go forth and claim a new way of life.

We are here among you. We walk with you throughout your day. We exist within your heart, within your connection to the unspoken voice of your soul and I AM Presence. When your heart is lifted up by the smile of a friend, the laughter of children, the antics of a beloved pet, by the sight of a beautiful garden, by the untrammeled beauty and grace of wild creatures and places… we are there. And we stand beside you in unguarded moments of doubt and confusion, waiting ever for you to reach out to us, for assistance, for guidance, for a simple blending of our love with yours within your heart.

On a day like this, it is a good time to ponder what is independence, what is freedom? What is it to you? Is it the ability to vote for your leaders? Is it the freedom to speak your mind to whoever and whenever? Is it the freedom to carry a weapon with which to defend yourself and your family? Is it the opportunity to have a public education provided to your children? Is it the freedom to eat a holiday meal with loved ones without fear? Is Independence Day just another day in a mundane life? Or is independence and freedom an opportunity to step beyond the limits of the old paradigm and into the vast unknown, unquantifiable regions of the fifth dimension. Is it the time to step out of an illusion and back into the reality where each of you is a light being and already walk in mastery, wisdom and beauty?

Each of you, both those conscious and those who remain in denial of the vast changes sweeping the planet, are now embarked upon a sacred dance up the spiral of evolution. Your species is about to be completely transformed into something unexpected and quite beautiful; words are not capable of describing what is to come to past. And each of you is a part of the change and challenge that exists within this period of transition and transformation. For those of you who have consciously chosen to step forth, you are more aware, yet all who live on the planet are aware in their feeling bodies that time is being squeezed into shorter increments and the tempo of change is increasing. What once took thousands of years to come into being has now been compressed down into minutes. Each of you is living through the effects of hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, during the period of a day or a week. No wonder the most sensitive among you feel exhausted and worn out by the effort of just holding a body form intact.

As the frequency levels of the planet increase, due to the barrage of cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections and plasma filaments from your own star, there are those who are choosing to depart from human form. Do not judge them. The oversoul or I AM Presence and the soul choose the path for each individual, what is to be experienced, what opportunities or challenges to be confronted, at least in general.

For each, there is a choice now: to leave, to flow with the tides of change, surfing on the edge of the wave or to be the wave, to be the pioneer, the wayshower, the gatekeeper for those who follow. Each of you has their own traveling papers as it were, internal codes to be followed as they open up within. Do not be surprised if those who appear to be asleep around you suddenly wake up, even as those codes come online. It is so for the plant as it patiently lies in the ground in the form of a seed, waiting for the warmth of the sun to activate the codes that will start new growth. Then, as the plant grows, it continues to change its shape, transforming until culminating in a flower or fruit, only to change into a seed, again.

Cycles and spirals of cycles are upon you all, in an ever increasing tempo. Yet, you can discover calm and serenity within even as you dance to the sound of your own drumming heart, even as you step forth first hesitantly and then with greater confidence, the ancient sacred dance of evolution. The dance will take you both out of your limited sense of self and into your unlimited multidimensionality. It is time to declare your independence from limitation, from social conditioning, from having to listen and obey the voices of others. It is time to regain sovereignty over your own being, over your body, and over the future of your world.

Control is meant to come from within and to act as a guide not a deterrent to creativity. The masculine energies are meant to give structure while the feminine energies flow, spiral and curl, expanding and contracting as the tides move across the planet. With a balance of these energies within your own being, an acceptance of both the dark and light aspects of your own self, there emerges a new willingness to allow others to be true to their own inner voice and guidance, as well.

Humanity is coming into a period of beginning to understand that it is a collective being, made up of individuals, but living together on a planet that has a special place in the Universe. Together you are creating and building the first step for the entire Universe to step upon, as each level and dimension of being rises in level. Your skies will be enlightened by two suns. Your climate will be moderate the world over. There will be no polar ice caps or great frozen wastelands or even deserts.

Arid places will bloom, again. The seas will rise, some islands will be inundated but other lands will rise up above the seas as volcanoes channel the energies of the expanding planet. Your planet is a dynamic changing being as are you. Accept the possibility of change in your life and look forward to the opportunities that come your way. There is no way that you can fail upon your journey. We have seen paradise return to the earth as we live in the eternal Now and can see all things as they play out simultaneously. You contain the same ability to see in this manner within each of you. Open to an awareness and acceptance that you are both a simple individual and a grand being of light, grounded and powerful, capable of great things, wonders and potentials.

Right now, there are those who dismiss our words, either out of fear or a desire to hold onto what is known. This attitude of denial will no longer be possible. The voice of the collective is coming awake; it is the roar of a lion and will not be ignored. The powers that controlled your world no longer can hold back the tide of change and transformation. Their time is over; it is your opportunity to declare your freedom from domination and to allow yourself to respond to the call within. Discover what it is that brings joy to your heart and follow that siren call. It will transform your world if only you trust and have faith that within you lies everything you need.

The explorers go first, breaking trail and forging new pathways. Next, the pioneers arrive, building community and forming new groups who will explore together ways of living in harmony with nature and her cycles, rhythms and flow. Next will come the weavers, those who will weave together new ways of being in community across the entire planet.

Teachers and students will exchange roles, leaders and followers will do so also as the needs of the collective and individual change and evolve. New patterns will emerge to form a beautiful fabric of a new society, one that engages everyone, and brings abundance, opportunity, beauty, grace, wisdom and strength to all, no matter their location or place upon the planet. No one person will be greater or less than another; all will be special in their own way, supported by the collective and encouraged to explore their own gifts both for their own benefit and growth and that of the community at large. It will be a new world and it exists within your heart and dreams already.

Step forth, lightly, upon the spiral dance, beneath sun and moon, following the trail laid out by your ancestors and the elementals, by the ascended masters and star warriors. You are in the process of embarking on a whole new way of existence, one that is free from worry and fear, one that is free and independent from control, one that is both ancient and timeless. We stand with you, guiding and lending you our support when it is called forth, but each of you must take the first step on the way to becoming more of your Self.

See the spiral steps before you and do not hesitate to listen within as the heavenly songs of angels call to you, engaging your attention and intent to embark or continue on the journey home. We will be there to welcome you home, dear ones, our brave brothers and sisters who willingly forgot who they were for one moment in eternity, in order to bring a world back into the light. Our blessings go forth to all.

I AM the Great Divine Director and serve the Will of the Mother / Father God of your local Universe and the Creator who is all things, both seen and unseen.

Go in peace. Namaste.

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

A Message from the Great Divine Director – June 1, 2013, by Tazjima

I AM the Great Divine Director, also known by the Hindu peoples as Ganesh, one of the sons of Siva. I am known by many names, but have always worked for the forces of evolution upon this planet, for the benefit of her people. Know that I do not belong to any one culture or religion, but that I serve all humanity in my alignment and service to the Will of the Mother / Father God and the Creator.

These many past days our scribe has demonstrated God’s will in her life by again committing to her path, to its importance and position in her life. Know that you are constantly tested to see if that commitment is still held, although all experience is useful for the shard of the Creator that you are. However, those who would lead, teach and demonstrate to the awakening masses must first be willing to commit their lives into the hands of their Self, the internal connection to Source, in order that the connection be of the highest, purest possible.

The temptations and distractions of the departing third dimensional paradigm has caught up many a light worker if only temporarily, as was the case of our scribe. Still, the pattern of following her inner guidance was too strong to ignore. She was willing to listen to the subtle messages of her body, knowing that they originated in her Higher Self. She was willing to submit to going in the direction that the messages intimated, to cross that narrow bridge through the remaining heavy layers of the astral body surrounding her own auric field and the planet and to go on, reaching the other side, the higher plane of beingness. She was more than willing to release all need to conform to the wants and needs of another over her own inner convictions and feelings, a difficult choice at times for many who hesitate to take their first steps on the path of return.

The astral plane of this planet, made up of all thoughts ever thought but not acted upon, is in the process of breaking up. Thus, the waves splashing across her feet (see Dream Land, posted 31 May 2013) were unable to catch her up and toss her into the troubled waters. That and her own determination guided her across the narrow bridge, dark in her dreams, but symbolizing the antahkarana or Bridge of Light, that connects the human consciousness to that of Higher Self and Source.

Everything in your life is presented as an opportunity for learning or re-membering that you are a bright facet of the Creator, who volunteered to come here and forgot all about your mastery, beauty, strength and gifts. In these days of transition, from the kali Yuga (or Dark Age) to the Satya Yuga (Light or Golden Age) it is perhaps easy to become confused about the meaning of one’s path and commitment to growth and re-emergence into a fully-fledged being of Light. Self-judgment, self-doubt, distrust of one’s feelings and guidance, self-denial and remaining issues of self-hatred and condemnation haunt the footsteps of many of the light workers who have come here to bring the heaven to earth. Perhaps you simply do not feel that you can adequately fulfill your role. Perhaps you feel that you do not deserve love and forgiveness, having dwelt in the land of darkness for so long.

Know, dear ones, my brothers and sisters… for that is what you all are, you are ALL Masters. Every one of you, both those who play the dark roles and those who play the light ones; all of you are masters extraordinaire. There are many who would condemn us and our scribe for saying this, but sometimes those who act as villains in your life, such as our scribe’s father and her disappointed suitor, these ones are your greatest teachers. In the higher dimensions, each of you chose the roles that you would play and how you would come together, if only for a short time, to play out those roles, offering opportunities for growth as a result. There are no “enemies” that exist in this world, only teachers, only You, the great collective of humanity, as one entity.

As each of you, especially the light workers, those who are more self-aware than the populace in general, as each of you opens to this self-awareness and begin to reconnect to the Source of your being, you will let go of the need to condemn self, whether that self takes on your own image or that of another human being. Soon, you will no longer have a need to see enemies all around you or danger in the air. You are returning to the awareness that you belong to a unified field of consciousness, that you have never left this field, but have only stepped away from it in consciousness for a short time. Your awareness of Self has been blocked by self-imposed veils of forgetfulness; those veils have been torn asunder and are swiftly dissolving for all humanity, even the most intransigent of beings, the former “controllers” of this planet.

Beneath the attacks and vile deeds, the manipulations of corporate interests to control whole governments in an attempt to control the entire planet, these beings have taken on the darkest roles in the “game” of duality. And now, as the rest of humanity begins to awaken to the horrors and the misdirection taken by the world as a result of the guidance of these beings, they are now suddenly taking on a new role, not of directors behind the scenes, but of being the newly exposed targets of a growing anger, rage and a desire for vengeance emanating from an awakening populace. This is a new and generally uncomfortable role for anyone to assume, especially for those persons whose arrogance and contempt for society at large thought themselves far superior and unique from the struggling masses. They are to be greatly pitied, for their role, although chosen voluntarily before being born into wealthy and powerful families, has taken them into areas far afield from the connection to their own inner beings, to Source. Yet, even these ones, who have temporarily taken on the mantle of great evil, can turn to the light, learn to love themselves, especially when the light of others is shined upon their activities and they are shown forgiveness and understanding from those they formerly sought to destroy.

Destruction of other is destruction of self. To condemn another is to condemn self. You are all a part of the collective of Humanity, one being, who, for the sake of experience and learning has been divided up into seemingly independent and lonely individuals. As you come into self-awareness and learn to love yourself, you naturally open your heart to receive the guidance of your Higher Self. Your connection through the union of heart and higher mind, binds you to the path on the journey home to self-mastery. All experiences that you undergo are presented to you to reinforce your self-mastery, to act as opportunities to see how you will think about yourself, whether you perceive the experience as being positive or negative or merely neutral. You are constantly given the opportunity to learn to lift up your own feelings, out of the mire of the astral plane with its conflicting emotions, and to focus on being who you already are, a master of life, a lover of life, a being of grace, strength, beauty and wondrous gifts.

Your acceptance of self becomes an acceptance of the beauty and grace that dwells within all individuals who surround you in your daily life, your family, children, friends, co-workers, and even those whom you have called your enemies. The grace that you discover that dwells within will begin to radiate outward to those who meet you during the day. None of you exists as a truly separate being; you are connected by subtle energies at all times.

You have perhaps forgotten that as a baby you could read auras and see angels. You have perhaps forgotten that you can hear the guidance of your guides and mentors who are always at your side. Perhaps you have forgotten to base your decisions and actions upon what you feel within, not what others tell you to believe. You knew this as a child before you were subjected to the conditioning of the older children and adults around you. You have perhaps forgotten that you are loved greatly by all of us, who stand as brothers and sisters, committed to guiding you back into self-awareness.

All of you have the gifts that you require to carry you further on your journey Home; you just need to open up these presents, unwrap them, and again take up the mantle of mastery that you temporarily dropped when coming into this world, into physical incarnation. You need to learn how to step out of the time loop of third dimensional consciousness and back into the eternal Now, the present moment time, where, in each moment of present time, you are again as pure and unsullied as you were when first you arrived here on this planet straight from the Realms of Light.

Original sin does not exist; it was a fabrication of lies to bind you to the earth plane so that you could be controlled by forces and beings outside your own body, outside your self-awareness. Break free from whatever early conditioning that has warped your sense of self and regain your freedom to determine the direction in which you wish to carry your life. Your true being is pure, strong, beautiful and beloved by the angels and Ascended Masters. That is true of every living being that exists physically in this world, as well as for human beings.

Some of you have never forgotten your ties to the higher worlds. You have always known that you were different. You have always known that you had a mission; that you had come into this world for a purpose. Many of you lost an outer awareness of the connection and the mission as you allowed yourself to become conditioned to the demands of your world, the noise of those who sought to mold you to their expectations. Some of you had the strength to resist the conditioning, choosing to live alone or separate so you could keep the flame glowing in your heart; others fell into a temporary forgetfulness of the higher planes, but all have followed the call of Soul, in one manner or another until coming out the other side and re-emerging into the light (or awareness) that you are greater than the sum of your physical parts.

Now the cycle is turning, from a dark age into one of light. The planet is returning permanently to its original blueprint, as one of the twelve sacred planets, a lighted water planet and ark containing an astonishing abundance and diversity of life. Those of you who have dedicated and daily re-dedicate your lives to being way showers, guides, teachers, mentors and active participants in the new world, you walk and lead the rest of your brothers and sisters through the demonstration of your faith and trust in Self, in the Source, in the Creator, in your Mother / Father God.

Even acts that appear to contradict one’s immediate understanding of self can be turned around and presented as a lesson for others to absorb and benefit from as an example of being true to self and to the greater Self, the collective of humanity. Our scribe saw this in the growing self-awareness of one of her friends, as she told her of recent experiences, of mistakes and of her decision to be true to self, to acknowledge what truly was hers and what belonged to another.

While you may belong to the collective, each of you is a unique individual or facet of the diamond of creation; so each of your paths takes you in seemingly different directions than those of your neighbor or even those who are closest to you by blood, your family members. You are under no compulsion to do things exactly in the manner in which you have been taught by parents, teachers and other mentors. In fact, you need to step out of the conditioning and beyond the guidance of what is outside your consciousness and listen to what exists within. In this manner, you begin to walk the path of self-discovery, along the path that has been created by your Self for your own unique journey Home. Along the way, you will discover that you are suddenly in the company of others, those whose interests and missions are similar to your own, but even then you will need to follow the signature beacon that is yours and yours alone back until you are completely prepared to re-immerse yourself into the collective pool of consciousness that exists in the higher planes.

Your journey is designed to strip your auric field of all that is not of yours, what you are as you ever exist in the higher planes. The outer garments of the astral body will be stripped away, your four lower bodies become united as one unified body and you are revealed in a glory of colors, as your body of clay dissolves and your Light Body again comes fully online here in the physical plane. Then you will have the choice to move onto even higher planes of consciousness or to remain behind as a gatekeeper and way shower to those who come behind you. Such is the journey ahead for all; when that transition point is reached is up to the individual. There is no judgment on our part; we support whatever decision you make, whether to remain as a third dimensional human being or to re-member your connection to the higher planes, your native existence in the worlds of Light.

Self-respect and respect of the journeys that others have chosen to undertake is important as the chaos of the transitional period continues to dominate the outer world. Seek the peace that lies within your own inner sanctuary, within your Heart and within your Higher Mind. There you will find the needed clarity and calm to make your next steps, in whatever direction you choose.

Understand, also, that some of the guidance given to you through the heart will confuse and confound your rational mind, the ego, as much of the guidance that emanates from the higher planes exists in a state of paradox; i.e., that which is true today may not be true tomorrow. The ego was designed to protect you and to keep you “fitting in” within the rigid structures of the third dimensional paradigm and becomes anxious when you seem ready to slip the confines of the artificial cage. Now that the structures have been dissolved, many stand at the entrance of their former cages, paralyzed by indecision and fear, thence the chaotic and unbalanced state of many individuals who do not yet have ahold of the lifeline of awareness, the connection to heart and mind. It is this very fact that demonstrates the importance of focusing on your own self-awareness, purpose of being, and inner guidance, so you will not get caught up by the commotion and noise playing out all around you. There will be times when you need to be willing to act without thinking and step forward in an act of faith onto that invisible bridge that will carry you across the abyss. And so that you can act as that guiding light, if only for one other individual, so they might also find and take hold of the lifeline and begin the journey within and back to Home.

See yourself as the beacon of Light on the headland, standing tall above the fog and mists of the stormy astral sea. Your example, your light and love, your gentle smile and inner strength and commitment to your own journey will shine forth and encourage those who now struggle to release themselves from self-judgment and self-condemnation. Your love for self and for your own source of strength will be and is communicated through the connection between subtle bodies, between the auric fields that you past through during the course of the day. Not for you is the choice to act as one who has chosen to withdraw physically from the world, as an anchorite, a nun, or a denunciate. No, you must walk through your daily life, displaying your light and auric colors to the world. Your light body is displayed through your actions and choices. It changes as you grow in self-awareness, becoming more “real” and brighter.

As you connect to Source with greater self-awareness and consciousness, so too does the presence of your Light Body grow in strength. Some day you will step forth as a living being of light, present in your Light Body, looking like a human being, but in reality so much more. You will be and are a living demonstration of what it takes for a being, one who has voluntarily dropped their mastery to step back into self-mastery and to regain the Coat of Many Colors, your Light Body, your mantle of mastery of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

Go forth, dear ones, and discover the steps that will carry you Home. We eagerly await your return and the celebration of our reunion with those who volunteered to come to assist in bringing a darkened world back into the higher planes of existence. We act as your guides and mentors, as your cheerleaders, but you must walk the path on your own. Re-discover the strength, beauty and grace that exist within each of you. You each act as mirrors to one another. Be a clear mirror and reflect that great beauty that exists within to the one in whose face you gaze.

May the grace of the Mother and the strength of the Father ever be with you in your daily life. Namaste.

I AM the Great Divine Director and I go now, only to return on another day with more counsel and words of encouragement.

Thank you, beloved Great Divine Director.

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher.

All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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