School of Spiritual Learning

Welcome! You will find below a list of recorded classes, starting with the inaugural one, on April 22nd, 2016. You can also read the initial announcement about the School, published on March 24.

Recording of Classes

October 19: The beauty of Nature and the nature of Beauty

July 13: Surrendering into Responsibility

April 27: The New Human

April 6: Active compassion

March 2: Receiving with Grace, Giving with Gratitude

February 16: The opening of our human eyes

February 9: Clearing our emotional body

February 2: Tapping into Zero Point

January 26: Staying in the Heart space

December 22: Being a crucible for healing and peace

December 8: Strengthening our connection to our Higher Self

November 18: Midwifing transitions

October 27: A call for reconciliation, inner and outer

October 19: Rekindling our sense of mission and purpose

October 13: Diving into the Akashic with Sister Lillis Owens

October 6: Reawakening the wisdom that lies deep down within us

September 29: Seeking the Universe and its power within us

September 15: Widening our Circle of Light

September 8: Shining our Light bright and clear

August 25: Chasing meaning in Montsegur

August 18: What if we practiced Courage every single day?

August 4: Demonstrating Courage on the path

July 28: Forgiveness and Love: two peas in the same pod?

A beautiful, long gathering. What a shared experience!

July 21: How does Forgiveness work?

A most beautiful meeting with an unusual depth of listening and sharing!

July 7: The power of prayer

June 30: Walking the path of death and rebirth

June 23: Opening up a door in our lives

June 16: Trusting the Universe the way a young child does

June 9: Seeing our fears for what they are

June 2: How do we fill our shells out?

May 26: Surrendering into the infinite within us

May 19: How do we create space in our lives?

April 28:  Investigating the workings of the mind

April 22:  When self-awareness rhymes with cultural awareness

Announcement regarding the launch of the School of Spiritual Learning

Dear Spiritual Friends,

Some of you have at times expressed interest and/or listened to my radio show ‘Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us.’

I would like to thank you for your support, your presence, which I value deeply.

My contract with the network—Voice America—ends by mid-April and I decided NOT to renew it.

For two reasons.

First, I do not get the ‘relationship nourishment’ that I seek and need, meaning no one calls and no one emails me. And second, the format of the show does not allow for building community, or Unity Consciousness, if you will.

Starting Friday, April 22nd at 3pm New York time, I will be offering a new weekly program, or a new ‘class.’ Each class will be about 75 minutes long and I will send ahead of time a summary of the topics to be addressed.

I will be using a type of webinar platform which will provide, if desired, an opportunity for interaction. I understand that not everyone can attend at the specified time; the program will be recorded and anyone will be able to listen 24/7 by simply accessing a link.

As soon as possible, I would like to use a mailing list, and not any kind of messaging system, which can be very limiting.

If you are interested in this spiritual initiative, let me know and please send me your email address, at

Thank you very much.

In gratitude,


Divine feminine divine masculine

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