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Seeing and spreading the good

The excerpt below from today’s Arcturian message made me reflect on the good—the good that we are, the good that we breathe and the good that we share, just by being—and sometimes, I shall add, by doing! Picture courtesy of … Continue reading

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The balancing of the seasons

Happy spring, happy autumn, dear Ones! Somehow, the theme of ‘balance’ and ‘balancing’ showed up this morning as I thought gratefully about the new and fresh season we are entering.   The balancing of the hemispheres, northern and southern, on … Continue reading

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A stream of coalescing pointers

Dear Ones, I am not into predictions or mediumship; yet when something comes my way, with a certain degree of insistence, I tend to listen and pay attention. This is what happened yesterday. As I was resting in bed, a … Continue reading

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Evolving toward loving relations

Dear Ones, This morning, I came across an excerpt of The Reappearance of the Christ, a book channeled and written by Alice Bailey right after the second world war. In it, she keeps emphasizing the concept of ‘right relations,’ which … Continue reading

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