The regenerative power of life

Lately, I was brought to reflect on life and its disappearance through two stories, which made me question the regenerative capacity that we all possess.

The first story, which I learned yesterday, is that of an infant boy. His mother was taking care of him at home and put him on her bed, lying on his back. When she returned a few minutes later, he was face down and lifeless.

What happened? And why would a soul decide to leave our planet so soon after his arrival?

As I commented, it is hard at times to explain the unexplainable. And yet this soul, which left our world some two weeks ago, may already be in the process of regenerating itself, of looking for new life.

A beautiful rendering of life

The second story relates a pumpkin. A tiny pumpkin that was sitting on our kitchen counter for a long time. Yesterday, I noticed some grey spots at its bottom, indicating that it had taken on a new journey. Instead of dropping it into a bin, I brought it to a park this morning and set it amid the grass, next to a tree, behind a bench honoring a woman with a Polish-sounding name.

And I reflected on life and non-life.

Is death, or the incoming of death, the absence (or near absence) of life?

And can these two seemingly opposites unite at some (imperceptible) level?

I am a big proponent of awareness. Without it, it seems difficult to climb the spiritual mountains ahead of us.

I have been into the color orange lately, thanks to a meditation that includes our sacred (or sacral) chakra. As a guiding sign, I usually notice two or three orange things per day. Another of these ‘unexplainable’ occurrences is an orange streel light in our neighborhood, at 9:00 in the morning, when all the other street lights are dark. The pattern, is there is one, repeats itself day after day.

This morning, as awareness would have it, it took me some 20 minutes to realize that the tiny pumpkin I had nested into the grass was a bright orange one.

Life and non-life work in very mysterious ways, don’t they?

A different level of awareness, yes!

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We Carry the Grail

From 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine

By Joan Norton and Margaret Starbird

Lesson 14 — We Carry the Grail, Hopeful Cup of Life

Pages 82-85

A book for all of us

Margaret Starbird — The Holy Grail

What is the Holy Grail? Although there is no absolute definition of the Grail, many medieval legends tell us that it is the cup or chalice that once contained the precious blood of Jesus. Intrepid knights, clad in shining armor and mounted on strong steeds, thundered through the forests of Europe seeking the lost Grail, performing daring deeds along the way. They were looking for an artifact, the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, the cup in which he instituted the Holy Eucharist. “This is the cup of my blood.”

European legends posit a real artifact, a drinking cup, as the object of later searches because it was sadly, even tragically, lost. One poignant refrain claims that the Grail was lost because its guardians were found to be unworthy. The wasteland ensues from its loss. In one legend, the Fisher King, ruler of the stricken domain, is himself suffering from an incurable thigh wound that can only be healed when the Grail is found. How pathetic is his plight! Meanwhile, his realm falls into ruin; rain fails, plants shrivel, people starve. What is the true nature of this loss?

In the prelude to Chrétien de Troyes’ twelfth-century poem about the Count of the Grail, there is a story of a domain where nine lovely maidens guarded the sacred wells, each equipped with a golden cup in which they offered water to passersby. But the lustful king raped one of the maidens and then, following his dissolute example, the other maidens of the realm were similarly defiled and the kingdom became desolated.

It seems that the Grail is very connected to the honoring of the feminine principle embodied in women. When women are defamed and defiled, the domain becomes a wasteland. This principle is reflected in societies all across the planet. The masculine principle, when it is not properly in partnership with its feminine counterpart, becomes hedonistic and violent. Who has not mourned the loss of the Grail—a powerful symbol of our connection to the Divine Feminine?

In Christianity, the lost Grail is embodied in Mary Magdalene, the sacred vessel who, as the mother of Jesus’ child, “once contained the blood of Christ.” The Grail is not an artifact: the woman is herself the sacred chalice, tragically lost. Only when we embrace Her can we heal the wasteland.

Only when we embrace Her can we heal the wasteland.

Healing from within

Reflections and Sharing

When we each hold our inner feminine nature as sacred, in divine partnership with the sacred masculine, we will be carrying the Grail in our own lives. From this pattern of inherent Wholeness in Christianity, we will be able to heal the wasteland and perhaps our Earth will come alive again.

          As Margaret has explained, the Holy Grail vessel is a metaphor for the womb of Mary Magdalene carrying the royal bloodline child of Jesus. As vessel containing the blood of new life, Mary Magdalene becomes an image and a symbol of the Sacred Feminine half of God. She becomes the Christian story’s female principle, its Sacred Complement in divine partnership. She becomes the Goddess in the Gospels, as Margaret says. Renewal takes place through her.

          As we have seen, there are other indications that Mary Magdalene was understood in her time as the embodiment of the Goddess: she was assigned the title of the Magdalene and given a sacred number code in writings about her, both of which underscored her special status in the eyes of her beholders. In the Middle Ages, a legend developed describing her ascension body and soul accompanied by angels into heaven.

          She was Christianity’s Holy Grail vessel, a symbol for the eternal truth and ageless wisdom of the feminine God. In our time now, we know that only a purposeful relationship to the living energies of the Divine Feminine can heal the world, in sacred partnership to the Divine Masculine. The Grail legends call this “healing the wasteland” by finding and holding the cup of life.

          Mary Magdalene, Bride and Beloved, we love and acknowledge you as the Holy Grail, Divine Feminine, vessel of change for a better world.

A beautiful heart – the art of birthing with the heart

Cup of Abundance

Breathe in very slowly…

Feel the strong connection you’ve made with the energies of the earth…

As human beings, we are the Holy Grail, the feminine and the masculine united…

We have a heart, a vessel with the mysterious capacity to love…

It is from us that the world learns to nurture…

Breathe deeply now…breathe down into your feet…they rest upon Mother Earth, whose nurturing capacity we depend on…

Breathe…feel Mother’s Earth’s continual receptivity to us and her devotion to us…she continues to nurture us in abundance…

Her great and mysterious flow of physical well-being is inside us as well…

The feminine energy of abundance is our own Holy Grail-self…

Breathe…feel your body resting so safely…

We are vessel for physical life…yes, sometimes it is an idea…and sometimes it is the mystery of creative energy…

Feel your own receptive energy to the new life in yourself…

We are capable of showering it with love until the right time for its birth…the right time for others to know about it…

Breathe deeply again…

We are so capable of devotion to what we love…breathe…

What is it right now that we are in love with?

What is it right now that wants our creative energy and our nurture?

Remain quiet for a few minutes with the image of the Grail and see what is calling you.

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For the Love of the divine Mother

Dear Ones,

I have been reflecting lately on the love and gentle power of the divine Mother. In many cultures, particularly in the West, her influence has been erased or hidden, yet she remains a vibrant and soft force always there for us. Even a transformative force we seldom call upon.

She came to me yesterday morning, discreetly, somewhat unannounced. I keep precious pictures in a folder and one of them is a card that a friend of mine picked during a reading earlier this year. It popped up as I was looking at other pictures and it remained lit on my computer screen, even though I was away for 40 minutes. A persistent message.

It is the Ace of Water. It shows an orange seahorse holding a pearl in its spiraled tail.

A magnificent seahorse

In other decks, this card is called the Ace of Cups, with water flowing from a chalice and a dove descending and lilies at the bottom. How symbolic!

I associate the divine Mother with the cleansing and purifying quality of flowing water; think of baptism if you will. Think of her soothing hand caressing all affected and tired areas of our life and our planet. She has a sweet quality which is hard to forget, once we are touched by Her grace.

What is your representation of divine Mother?

And how does she, or did she, touch your being?

If she hasn’t yet, perhaps it is time to invite her!

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May we go deeper than Love

Good morning dear Ones,

As I was reviewing a post that I wrote in the fall of 2014, I came across a poem that was attached to the post. It is asking us to “go deeper than Love.”

Go Deeper than Love

Go deeper than love, for the soul has greater depths,
love is like the grass, but the heart is deep wild rock
molten, yet dense and permanent.

Go down to your deep old heart, and lose sight of yourself.
And lose sight of me, the me whom you turbulently loved.

Let us lose sight of ourselves, and break the mirrors.
For the fierce curve of our lives is moving again to the depths
out of sight, in the deep living heart.

D. H. Lawrence

(excerpt from Know Thyself, Know Thyself More Deeply)

Deep Love it is

How do we go deeper than Love is quite a question, isn’t it?

I was reflecting on this injunction this morning and our friend Faith came to the fore. Could Faith be part of the answer?

Just like Love, Faith is an attribute we can apply to ourselves and to others. We can have faith in our potential, in our gifts, and we can have faith in someone else. Knowing faith and trust are very close companions.

Yet, when we take a ‘trip of faith,’ jumping into the unknown and trusting the Universe, does that mean we are also on a Love ride?

Please feel free to play with Love and Faith and see how they apply to your lives.

Perhaps, at some points, they intersect and go their own ways?


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An irresistible force

Dear Ones,

I usually wait till the last day before a communion to feel any ‘announcement.’ Today turned out to be a fruitful day, in various ways.

The mother of one of our members passed away yesterday. Her name was Joann and she lived in Kentucky. Another member is traveling up north at the moment and happens to be in Kentucky for a few days.

What would be the probability of two members meeting –even spiritually– when we are few and scattered geographically? There ought to be something that unites us, an irresistible, perhaps unseeable, connection.

I did some volunteer work this morning at our son’s school. It was Picture Day and I enjoyed seeing the children again. It had been a long time since parents were allowed in the school to help out.

I was blown away by the power of this force that I am talking about; a force that sticks like strong glue. I saw most of the children as they entered the gymnasium and greeted them with a hand gesture, or a kind word. For the younger ones, I enjoyed their freedom of being as well as their fresh enthusiasm. An hour later, I happened to look into the cafeteria to see who was having lunch. A group of 7-8 years old who saw me in the morning started waving at me and being animated. A little boy stood up, came to me and offered me a few dried fruits from his carton box.

If you haven’t figured the force I am talking about, the t-shirt of a little girl waiting in the hallway for her friends, before returning to class, said it so very well.

“Love is all you need.”

Let’s water that force, dear Ones
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A little bit of diffidence

Good afternoon, dear Ones,

I learned another word this week. Diffidence.

A word that was widely used in the 1800s and that gradually came out of fashion, it seems. How did that happen?

I was listening to a teaching by Master Djwhal (titled Doorway to Mystical Aliveness) where he mentioned a passage in the Bhagavad-Gita where Arjuna asks Lord Krishna to see his divine or cosmic form.

Upon Krishna’s agreement, Arjuna experiences quite a journey into a mystical world one can only apprehend with a divine eye.

Here are a few words about Arjuna’s experience.

“Gazing upon Krishna’s myriad and very mutable images, Arjuna saw all the gods, sages and a multitude of beings, even what he termed “celestial serpents” as well as Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma seated on a lotus. He beheld the “lord of the Universe” everywhere with infinite forms and having many faces, bellies, and eyes but throughout it all, he was unable to decipher a beginning or an ending in Krishna’s universal form. One aspect of his vision was that he directly apprehended the scope of eternity, which by any standard, is quite remarkable.

Further he not only grasped the utter boundlessness of Krishna’s divine nature, he also realized that Krishna’s vast consciousness is what all must ultimately realize. Arjuna saw the entire universe arise in the many shifting images that flashed in his mind. The sun and the moon appeared as Krishna’s eyes and the fire emanating from the lord’s mouth appeared to scorch the entire universe. Of course, he is speaking in visionary language since it was an inner experience and not something that another person standing nearby could have witnessed.”

Lord Krishna

And here is the paragraph that mentions ‘diffidence.’

“The images that Arjuna received effectively terrified him but they also brought him into alignment with Krishna’s utter power. Were these images less forceful, that alignment may not have happened. Arjuna was broken open in the course of his vision. His arrogance was washed away by the vision as was his diffidence before Krishna.”

Diffidence aside, or diffidence washed away, the question that remains,

How do we get to see God or Krishna’s infinite power?

What is the path one shall venture into?

Any ideas, dear Ones?



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Soft and hard disruption

Good morning, dear Ones,

In our communion last week, Robert shared that, in order for humanity to evolve, we need to go through phases of disruption.

Disruption, disturbance, and death – these are 3 ds that come to mind.

Robert’s words made me reflect on what we experienced in the past 27 months or so.

A long phase of ‘soft disruption’ that has not ended yet; the pandemic claims lives and works silently, surreptitiously. Almost unannounced. How many were surprised to have caught the virus, not knowing where they could have possibly been exposed?

A war works very differently. It is a case of hard disruption. It destroys buildings, kills more rapidly, injures deeply and creates craters, both physical and emotional. I would like to add another ‘d’ here–devastation.

Why is it then that humanity is going through a combination of soft and hard disruption? What is this intoxicating cocktail meant to produce?

I have been reflecting on this strange combination and must say that there ought to be a reason why soft is followed by hard–especially when both phases are so close to each other, almost staggered.

What do you think?

Soft feminine and hard masculine?

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What world for tomorrow?

Hello dear Ones,

How are you today?

My thoughts this week turned to the world of tomorrow–that we are indeed building today, brick by brick.

After this tragic war in Ukraine, the world might look and feel different, split more than ever between various geopolitical blocks; one being the friends of Russia (be they a country or a group of people) and another being what I would call the WE–the world that includes all of us, regardless of who we are, where we live, how much money we make, what gender or ethnicity we define ourselves with.

In the words of my friend Anne, this would be the “one world.”

“We, the human race, have evolved to being CONSCIOUS that we are one world.”

We are making progress toward this WE-ness all over the world and there are signs sprouting here and there, even within territories where you wouldn’t expect them. Here are two snippets from the New York Times of March 23.

Again, this marks a growing concern and more love for human beings, for the We, regardless of who and where these beings could be, and this is a hopeful and hope-filled sign.

Yet, where is this going to take us?

In a world that may seem a little unbalanced, or tilted, at times….

A sign of peace and bounty, under the stewardship of the sun

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For the sake of Uniting the Parts

Good day, dear Ones,

When one is living in a country where she or he wasn’t born, it usually gives him or her an edge to look at the ‘discrepancies’ within that culture.

In the language spoken certainly, and in the society.

For a long time, I have been wondering why is it that the United States has a name like no other country in the world. I mean by that, a name composed of an adjective and a noun, and not a proper name – like let’s say Nicaragua, Zimbabwe or Mongolia.

I know there is history behind the name of the US, which I am very fond of, yet it doesn’t explain it all.

It doesn’t explain to me either why the Great Seal of the US, which was adopted by Congress in 1782, still contains 13 stars in the circle above the eagle, 13 olives in the branch in its right talon and 13 arrows in the bundle in its left talon.

Yes, there were initially 13 colonies that formed the Union but the number grew larger till 1959 when the last two were incorporated.

Another element of the US society that had me puzzled for long is the death penalty. Why is it that some states allow the capital punishment and others don’t? Doesn’t this constitute a major inconsistency for a country that wishes to be united?

And how do we make sense of the Parts in this situation?

As if the Universe wanted to wink, there was a mention in the New York Times today of the death penalty being abolished in New Hampshire. How mystical!

Lives Lived: Renny Cushing’s father was murdered. Yet Cushing crusaded against the death penalty in New Hampshire and eventually helped abolish it in 2019. He died at 69.

Historical, cultural evolution is truly an interesting phenomenon and it looks like some parts of a system may evolved faster than others.

How do we Unite them all then?

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An éclaircie of humility

The world feels a little strange these days; not only the world at large but also my world, my surroundings. Some of the things I observe seem to be far beyond the norm, or out of the normality.

As a species, we are experiencing something unique, a special moment in time, although it is hard to put a qualifier on it.

Last night, a brief conversation with our son brought what I would call an éclaircie; a respite into this bizarre world; an éclaircie is what happens to the sky between rain showers. It clears up.

Interestingly, the word éclair means ‘lightning’ in English.

What our son taught me brought such a humble moment–a moment when we realize we don’t know everything–even if that something (a word) we learn is small and inconsequential.

I have been living in the US for about three times the age of our son, and yet he mentioned a word I didn’t know.


Such a strange word, and such a strange sound, especially when it is not part of our knowing.

I don’t see any connection between my first sentence and an udder; yet who knows?

It is beautiful to experience such a moment when life takes you by surprise, isn’t it?

It confirms that we can’t know everything and it is ‘udderly’ reassuring.

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