Remember that all attacks or modes of defensiveness are fear-driven responses by those desperately seeking to be loved

The illusion, your worldly environment built with the collective intent to experience separation, is collapsing! Humanity’s spiritual awakening is causing it to fragment and shatter into myriad irreparable components. Vast numbers of you have seen through the veil that appears to separate you from your divine Source, and it is dissolving like morning mist as more and more of the fear-driven dishonesty and corruption within all of your human societies right across the world is exposed by whistle-blowers and courageous investigative journalists. The electronic connectedness that enables people all over the world to communicate almost instantaneously with each other is the solvent in which the illusion is so effectively and rapidly being dissolved.

Your modern technologies, when sanely and lovingly developed, are of invaluable assistance in your process of awakening, and each day further new ones are being developed and brought into the public domain. Change, on a scale never before seen in your illusory and conflict-driven world, is happening in every field of human endeavor, and as a result there is absolutely no one on Earth at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution who is completely unaware of what is happening. Yes, there are still many in positions of authority who choose not to see, who refuse to be aware that change on an unprecedented scale is occurring planet-wide.

Do not concern yourselves about these frightened ones who are attempting to maintain the status-quo, the old order, in which a few with wealth, influence, and power continue to believe that it is their inalienable right to control the world and enslave its inhabitants. That mind-set or belief system, which depended on the human community’s acceptance of it as valid for it to work, is an aspect of the illusion, of the games that humanity has been playing for eons, that has now been shown to be totally unworkable, and those who continue to hold that vision are being removed from their authoritative positions and finding themselves no longer in power.

The old power structures, that kept you subservient to authoritarian elites, and thatclaimed to be democratic systems in which everyone was heard and honored, are being dismantled and those who operated them are being released from duty, much to their dismay.

New systems, honoring all on the planet and respecting and protecting each individual’s right to live free and abundantly, have been prepared and will shortly come into operation. Enormous preparations have already been made to ensure that a smooth transition into these new systems takes place quickly and effectively so that the current seeming chaos and confusion worldwide comes to an abrupt end as the old, outdated, and conflict driven methods of human interaction are exchanged for the new and harmonious systems for which so many of you have been hoping and praying.

The Tsunami of Love has done its work well, and every human now has within them the ability and awareness to lovingly embrace and engage with the essential changes to relationships at every level of society that the new systems will establish. You, the light bearers and light workers, have done amazing work as you have set and continue to set the intent each day to be loving in every situation, thus intensifying the effect of the Tsunami as it flows caressingly and continuously across the planet embracing every individual on Earth at this point in your spiritual evolution. There is no one on Earth at present who is not feeling and responding most positively to its influence.

Make a point of responding daily with joy and gratitude to the inner knowing you all share – that humanity is in the process of awakening, and that the process is not only irreversible, but is in fact gathering momentum. Then reconfirm your intent to make it happen through your unconditional love and acceptance of every soul on Earth, every soul without exception. Remember that all attacks or modes of defensiveness are fear-driven responses by those desperately seeking to be loved. Your intent to be only loving is the most effective way to melt the fear that has been endemic on the planet for so long, and now you can clearly see the inspiring results of those holy intentions in places that have for so long been riven by conflict and distrust.

In all areas of conflict across the globe families who have suffered appallingly are coming together from both sides of those conflicts to meet in compassion with the intent to understand one another and to heal the wounds that they have been inflicting on each other. Sharing their experiences of the horrific suffering that they have undergone with those who have for so long been their enemies shows them quite clearly that in conflicts no one wins, but that all suffer and to no avail. And those meetings are born from Love, from the intense need and desire for Love that conflict denies.

Truly, all want only Love. Conflicts have always arisen due to fear that instead of being addressed has been buried and denied. Fear is a powerful aspect of the illusion that holds you in its thrall and leads to preemptive attacks that strengthen it. Your wars on drugs, poverty, homelessness, and terror, as well as “police-keeping” military engagements in foreign lands, are like your family disagreements on behavioral issues – exercises in judgment based on ego-driven opinions by those who would retain power over others – but on a much larger scale. When conflicts expand, as they almost always do, the ability to connect personally is lost, and people then choose to support opposing sides in what they see as necessary conflicts to reestablish peace on their terms.

Finally you have realized that this never works, that conflicts always escalate, and that the numbers of those suffering also escalates leading to an increased sense of fear and anger, and inducing a desire for vengeance.

Love is fearless because, in truth, there is nothing to fear. When you surrender to Love fear diminishes, and as your ability and intent to be loving strengthens then fear falls away. Truly, as we have so often told you “no matter what the question is, no matter what the problem appears to be, Love is always the answer.” And humanity is now becoming increasingly aware of this divine Truth.

Individually you need to remind yourselves of this daily on waking, then remind yourselves again throughout the day, especially when situations arise that seem ready to explode into conflict. Fear arising is the ego’s attempt to control you and draw you back into the illusion from your personal space of peace. It thrives on conflict, and cares not that it brings you suffering and shame. By being your true Selves, beings of Love in a chaotic world, you disarm the ego leaving it speechless when its only wish is to shout and scream. In the absence of screaming and shouting, the desire for conflict subsides, peace arises, and Love embraces all present. Be Yourselves, enjoy life as it arises moment to moment, and your individual energy fields will meld creating a space that welcomes all who approach you.

Your loving brother, Jesus

ascended master jesus

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Sometimes by David Whyte


if you move carefully
through the forest

like the ones
in the old stories

who could cross
a shimmering bed of dry leaves
without a sound,

you come
to a place
whose only task

is to trouble you
with tiny
but frightening requests

conceived out of nowhere
but in this place
beginning to lead everywhere.

Requests to stop what
you are doing right now,

to stop what you
are becoming
while you do it,

that can make
or unmake
a life,

that have patiently
waited for you,

that have no right
to go away.

~ David Whyte ~

(Everything is Waiting for You)

labyrinth door

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Chiron – channeled by Martin Lass

There is a Gift in every Wound,
a blessing in every crisis,
a light in every darkness,
love in every emotion,
a silver lining on every cloud,
a lesson in every experience,
a Service in every part of Creation.



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You who are reading this message are not doing so by chance

You who are reading this message are not doing so by chance


Human consciousness is an ongoing spiritual evolutionary process that you collectively chose to undergo, and to which there are no limits. Limits are boundaries that you built around the illusory environment that you inhabit as human beings but which you are free, individually, to dismantle or move beyond. More and more of you are realizing this and choosing to move through them to an awareness of the limitless possibilities that creation offers you in every moment. Those who do come to an awareness that in Truth you are completely free! As more of you open to this wondrous Truth and acknowledge it you enlarge the gaps in the field of limitations from small individual pathways to an immense and interconnected highway that all of humanity can and will use to depart the illusion.

Passing out of the limiting environment in which you have spent eons seemingly controlled and restricted by unseen forces of enormous power, you awaken into an infinite field of unimaginably unlimited possibilities. This is what humanity is in the process of doing right now.

The worldwide chaos and confusion that is presently arising, is identified by humanity as an endless and enormous theater of operations in which global warming, tectonic plate shifts, extreme weather systems, interminable wars, unconscionable corporate and political corruption and greed are seemingly leading to an inevitable global catastrophe that will destroy the environment and most if not all of the life forms present on Earth including, of course, humanity. The problems humanity is facing appear almost insoluble.

This is not the case. What is happening is the removal of the blinders that hid from you the awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. As you start to see the interconnectedness of absolutely everything you cannot help also seeing the insanity of the way in which you have been attempting to live your lives separated from one another. Modern psychology has shown you that most people live ego-driven, that is fear-driven, lives in which each one appears to be the center of his own tiny universe, a universe on which the universes of others impinge causing pain and suffering for all. And much of that suffering is in fact the result of denied feelings that give rise to powerful emotions that are then projected onto others from whom they are reflected back whence they came, onto oneself.

Awakening is an opening to the awareness that all those seeming individual universes that humans appear to inhabit is in fact one fully integrated part of the infinite field of divine Love which is All That Is. A sensed or known awareness that there is no separation, that all are indeed One. God is the infinite field in which all of creation has its eternal existence in perfect harmonious cooperation where each and everyone lovingly honors and respects every other. There are no divisions, disagreements or conflicts because all recognize one another as one and the same, even though individuated and expressing themselves in an entirely personal and unique fashion. The differences are embraced with intense joy because they add magnificently to the ongoing creative intent, God’s Divine Will.

As you have been told so often, there is only God. Within the illusion you are limited by words and language and so you have many words for God. I use the word God here because it is familiar and comfortable for the channel who grew up in a religious and cultural environment that used, and still uses that word. You have to remember that words are but pointers with no intrinsic meaning, they are convenient indicators but unreal. I will continue to use that word purely for convenience, along with Source, Love, Divine Will, and the pronouns Him and Her, interchangeably.

To continue, there is only God. That is NOT a limit. It means that all that exists exists within God, and God is infinite – without limits, without boundaries, without end, without time, without space, all of which are limits! As some of your sages and mystics have suggested – God Is. No other attempt at definition is necessary, or indeed meaningful.

God can only be experienced. To experience God, infinite Bliss, all that is not in perfect alignment with Her has to be discarded, abandoned, dissolved, released. Humanity is presently in the process of doing that, and it can be very messy! All attachments to unloving intentions, thoughts, words, or actions have to be let go. All judgments of self or others have to be let go. Your hearts are the physical manifestations of your Oneness with the Divine, the physical aspects representing the center of your eternal being, and into them you have loaded, over the eons, fear, hatred, anger, resentment, shame, judgment, bitterness, and worthlessness, among others, as aspects of yourselves that you have then disowned and projected onto others because they are far too painful to take within yourselves.

But, they are within yourselves because all are One. However, the self in which they reside is the ego. The ego is an apparently split off or separate part of your Self. Your Self is eternally One with God, and with all sentient beings, and can never be separated from Her. To separate would be to cease to exist, and that is impossible because what God creates is eternal. Your egos are the small selves that you imagined into being to enable you to play the game that is the illusion.

Modern psychology uses the term “the inner child” to refer to the part or aspect of a human that hides behind the mask that a person presents to the world. It hides because during its childhood it was severely hurt and it does not wish to be hurt again. However, it continues to be hurt because it feels vulnerable and insecure having never grown to maturity, to real adulthood. Its scholastic, academic, and physical talents and skills allow it to present a mask of confidence to the world, but behind that mask a small and frightened child still resides.

Psychotherapy in many forms is used to help that inner child gain confidence and self-acceptance by enabling it to see that all its negative self-judgments are utterly invalid. The effectiveness of the efforts of competent and compassionate psychotherapists depends on the suffering the child has had to endure.

However, every human is offered, through life lessons of many kinds, the opportunities necessary to heal the inner child, and each of you has at least one spiritual guide who accompanies you at all times to assist you with this demanding process.

Over the eons there have been many lives, many experiences, much pain and suffering that has not been healed, and so in this period of humanity’s evolution, which is always ongoing and always spiritual, many have volunteered to incarnate solely in order to assist humanity in the release of this enormous residue of buried, denied, or unacknowledged suffering. It is most certainly far too painful for just one human to deal with. Enormous sharing of suffering is occurring, allowing it to be released in amounts that individuals can deal with when they are supported both in the physical realms by loving friends and wise and compassionate therapists, as well as by those of us in the spiritual realms who are also nudging you toward self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Very many of you have buried or denied pain, pain you feel at some level you either deserve, or that, being mature adults, you should be strong enough to rise above. But on this painful and horrifying battleground, which is intensely real and physical for some, from which you are picking yourselves up, you need enormous amounts of help. You cannot arise from it alone. Attempting to do so is to remain in the unreal state of separation from which there seems to be no means of escape. Often intense shame deters people from seeking help; shame disguised as anger, which is then projected outwards causing further damage. It is from states like this that the decision to take one’s own life is frequently made. But when that happens it does not resolve the issues from which the person is fleeing.

You who are reading or listening to this message are not doing so by chance, coincidence, or accident, but because you made the most compassionate and loving choice to be on Earth at this moment to assist in humanity’s awakening process, a process that includes and involves every sentient being who has ever experienced life on earth! You are here to help the multitudes who still remain utterly unaware that they are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

As you have been so often told each one of you, being in truth One with Source, are beings of enormous power, infinite power, because that is how you were created. That power is with you in every moment and for all eternity. Your physical forms are temporary vehicles composed from your energy fields of Love, and your earthly task is to hold the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation. That intent is extremely powerful and it is an irreplaceable and essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.

You cannot awake alone! Why? Because all are One! You could perhaps imagine yourselves as forming the channel that is guiding the separated energy fields of humanity back to Oneness with Source. Separation has never occurred, and could never occur, but because of the power you were given when God so lovingly created you you were able to establish a very real seeming physical environment in which to play your games, and eventually become frighteningly lost.

Know that you are most highly honored here in the spiritual realms, to which you will shortly return, for making the most wondrous and compassionate choice to incarnate at this moment in Earth’s history to assist in this mighty heavenly project whose success is divinely assured.

Your loving brother, Jesus


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I love the dark hours — Rainer Maria Rilke

I love the dark hours of my being.
My mind deepens into them.
There I can find, as in old letters,
the days of my life, already lived,
and held like a legend, and understood.

Then the knowing comes: I can open
to another life that’s wide and timeless.

So I am sometimes like a tree
rustling over a gravesite
and making real the dream
of the one its living roots

a dream once lost
among sorrows and songs.

~ Ranier Maria Rilke ~


rainer maria rilke

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The Violet Transmuting Flame

The Violet Transmuting Flame

(also known as The Freedom Flame)

Excerpt from The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak on the Seven Steps of Precipitation

By Thomas Printz

Pages 220-224

The tender solicitous love of the Father-Mother God of this Universe for Their children is perhaps most plainly shown by Their gift to those children of the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame. When consciously called into dynamic action in, through and around the individual, Its gracious presence and power are so far-reaching in Its merciful release from the penalties incurred by the discordant use of life’s energies that Its full meaning and blessing seem quite incredible to the average individual, especially when It is brought to his/her attention for the first time. However, those who are very sincere and wise will instantly and joyously seize this opportunity to “make things right” by the daily use of this Flame.

In a very short time, if It is persistently and consistently called into action at least three times a day, the one so using It will begin to feel a much “lighter” atmosphere about him/her, and many distressing conditions of body, mind, affairs and association will adjust themselves, and those annoyances will fall away as if they had never been.

Anyone can prove this for himself/herself, if he/she will!

Within every God-intelligence there is the power to master his/her own life! You see, life is energy—light essence—which flows constantly in rhythm from the heart of one’s own individualized “I AM” Presence. It flows into his/her physical heart and gives to that heart its energy and rhythm of beating.

In its primal state, that life is pure and perfect until it is used by the individual into whom it flows to make some form (determined by his/her thought) and then energized and made a living thing by the pouring of his/her feelings into it. When these creations are constructive, they make light, beautiful, happy forms in and around one’s aura, and they not only radiate their own blessings to their creator, but acts as magnets to draw like vibrations and forms from all they contact.

The opposite of this activity is also true and here, man/woman comes to a place where the daily conscious calling forth of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Divine Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy is so essential. Depressed and destructive thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions create such forms in the individual’s world also, and that individual, feeling resentment, injustice, pain, anger, etc. concerning them, fills those forms with the destructive rates of vibration and makes them live.

If the individual does not know how to protect himself/herself against such forms in the worlds of others (by the use of the Tube of Light), then since “like attracts like,” one is drawn to persons, places, conditions and things of similar vibration, thus increasing the distress originally caused by the destructive use of his/her own free will.

However, the tender, solicitous love of the Father-Mother God always provides a way out of all the difficulties into which Their children sometimes stray by a forgetfulness of the TRUE WAY, a desire to experiment with life, or just a general rebellion in the feelings against giving obedience to the constructive way of life and a determination to have their own way. The Violet Transmuting Flame is that way out, proving Itself absolutely reliable and helpful beyond all words to describe, to all who care to try Its use.


How Do You Use This Violet Flame?

At least twice each day (and three time is even better), go by yourself for at least fifteen minutes and make sure you are undisturbed during this time. Thoughtfully and sincerely use the statement provided below, endeavoring to picture the activity taking place just as and when you call It forth. Repeat the statement three times. Then keep your attention upon the activities of this Violet Fire, picturing It blazing all around you—rushing up from beneath your feet right up, in, through and around every cell and atom of the physical body, forming a pillar of Violet Fire about nine feet in diameter.

Without tension in the feelings, try to feel the power of this Violet Fire like a “blowtorch,” instantly transmuting into light every discordant thought and feeling form which you have ever created, drawn about you, or ever allowed to come into your world. Try it! It costs nothing to experiment with this wonderful God-friend of the ages. It cares nothing about your mistakes—Its only desire is to help you transmute them into light; bringing you comfort, peace and a sense of general well-being as It does so.

Give this Violet Flame an opportunity to show you what Its great loving heart of Mercy and Love wants to do for you. Use the above exercise faithfully for at least thirty days. Never miss one “treatment” and prove to yourself what a mighty assistance has been given you by your own God-presence—the Source of your very life.

Here is a suggested short decree for one’s use of the Violet Flame.

“Beloved Presence of God ‘I AM’ in me, Beloved Saint Germain—Cosmic Freedom to our Earth—and All Who serve on the Seventh Ray:

SEAL, SEAL, SEAL me and every individual belonging to Earth’s evolutions still unascended (whoever and wherever they may be), in a gigantic blazing pillar of the Freedom Flame of Violet Fire, in all transmuting Cosmic power, doubled each instant of each hour.

Let this focus be eternally sustained, all-powerfully active and ever expanding around each one, day and night, waking or sleeping; transmuting the cause and core of all destructive etheric records and all human mistakes, cause, effect, record and memory, into peace, health, happiness and the limitless supply of every good thing which God intended all He created to enjoy from the beginning.

I consciously accept this done—RIGHT NOW—with full power!


new violet flame


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Welcome message! – The School of Spiritual Learning

Dear Spiritual Friends,

Thank you very much for your interest in my new “spiritual initiative,” whose name came to me recently: The School of Spiritual Learning.

This is a Welcome! message to all of you, knowing we have participants scattered to the four winds, namely in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Again, the launch date is Friday, April 22nd, at 3pm Eastern Daylight/New York time.

April 22nd happens to be Earth Day, Full Moon day, as well as Wesak (the celebration of Buddha’s birthday) in the west.

You will hear from me in the next few weeks leading to the inaugural class.

For the moment, I would like to inform you of the following:

We will be connecting via a webinar platform, most likely Instant Teleseminar, which is very easy to use. You will be able to join via phone or via the internet (either listening mode or full communication mode).

I am also considering using an email program such as MailChimp to make communication smoother and easier to manage.

Finally, I would like to share with you the tenets or objectives of The School of Spiritual Learning. I will expand on them during the first class(es) because I consider them as foundational topics or areas.

  • Building Unity Consciousness, among ourselves and at various levels, as an example of what will eventually happen at the planetary level
  • Unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; primarily within each of us, with ripple effects into society
  • The three pillars, or Trinity, of Rosicrucian ontology: Light, Life and Love, which dovetail nicely with the Three-Fold Flame of Eternal Truth, composed of the Blue Flame (a sign of Energy and Power); the Gold Flame (a sign of Wisdom and Illumination); and the Pink Flame (a sign of Divine Love).

Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions or suggestions. I will be happy to read them and respond.

In Gratitude,




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