What is dissolving?

Dear Ones,

That is the question that came this morning as I read this beautiful post from the Arcturian Group. Things from the past seem to be coming back, unresolved issues that is, and something stuck may suddenly find a way to where it was meant to arrive at.

It could be an emotional, psychological, or spiritual process. Something is moving.

This is part and parcel of what we experienced during our communion last week, totally out of the blue, because of a comment I made early on about strange noises in our house. Helping a soul reach the Light and celebrating her newfound freedom.

This is an unprecedented phenomenon; one I knew about since I learned of it in a seminar; yet never participated in it.

How beautiful it is to wear a “costume of Light,” working “on the spot” when our assistance is needed!

I can relate to the first paragraph below, the ground shaking under my feet and just about anywhere. Chaos grumbling. There is seemingly a tearing apart phenomenon at work, the extent of which we cannot realize or touch with our human eyes and fingers.

But does it really matter?

As long as IT is dissolving…

There is not much we can do to secure our footage but trust the process and have faith in our inner God identity, our I AM Presence. It knows where we are going and is acting like a lighthouse for humanity.

Gratitude for being conscious of the dissolution, as much as we possibly can, is essential.

I wish us well and I am ever grateful for these Fireflies –also called hu-man beings–getting together assiduously every Thursday afternoon. Our light will never tire, rekindled and refreshed that it is in our community.

Love & much, so much Light!


“Be not afraid dear ones as you witness the chaos that seems to be accompanying the ascension process on all levels–personal and global. Everything at this point is a necessary facet of earth’s collective shift beyond the creations of duality and separation that have held it in bondage for eons and which no longer serve.  

The physical issues that many of you are presently experiencing are for the most part, clearings–the releasing of long held frequencies from old injuries, diseases, and experiences in past lives as well as this one. These clearings often choose the path of least resistance, a weak area of the physical body through which to flow. Allow the process, clearings are necessary but temporary. 

…Be patient, for all is proceeding according to plan. All is as it needs to be at this time. Live each now moment from your highest level of awareness which will allow more to unfold. Living in the past or the future does not allow you to receive what you are ready for or need. Living each now moment makes life simpler and easier.  

If you find yourself worrying about something in the past or future, bring your awareness to the realization the you are Divine Consciousness having a human experience and that harmony, completeness, and wholeness are the reality. Take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take while at the same time always remembering that the sky will not fall down if you make a mistake.

As you spiritually evolve you find yourself with less and less in common with those around you who have chosen to remain in the old energy. Be true to yourself, trusting that you are right where you are supposed to be learning what you need to learn even if your life does not seem to fit in with three dimensional concepts of how you “should” or “need” to be.  

Be what you know you are. Let go and BE.”

We are the Arcturian Group


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Our rightful place in society

Dear Ones,

Yesterday I inadvertently came across a beautiful story that had been sitting in my computer for over ten years. I knew it was there somewhere as I enjoyed it from the very moment I read it.

It is the story of a camel and a mouse. One of the stories of Rumi.

What do these two animals have in common?

And why would they come together?

These are legitimate questions, but wait until you read the story and realize what is going on.

It is a story which made me reflect on our “rightful place” in society, or in the world.

As a human being, I mean.

Are we meant to listen and absorb the wisdom of others?

Are we meant to teach and enlighten?

With wordless words?

Or is it a mixture of both?

Or is it something else?

Happy reading dear Ones!

See you on Thursday at 3pm New York time.

The camel and the mouse


A mouse caught hold of a camel’s lead rope
in his two forelegs and walked off with it,
imitating the camel drivers.

The camel went along,
letting the mouse feel heroic.

“Enjoy yourself,” he thought.

“I have something to teach you, presently.”

They came to the edge of a great river.
The mouse was dumbfounded.

“What are you waiting for?
Step forward into the river. You are my leader.
Don’t stop here.”

”I’m afraid of being drowned.”

The camel walked into the water. “It’s only
just above the knee.”

Your knee! Your knee
is a hundred times over my head!”

Well, maybe you shouldn’t
be leading a camel. Stay with those like yourself.
A mouse has nothing really to say to a camel.”

“Would you help me get across?”

“Get up on my hump. I am made to take hundreds like you across.”

You are not a prophet, but go humbly on the way of the prophets and you can arrive where they are. Don’t try to steer the boat.

Don’t open a shop by yourself. Listen. Keep silent. You are not God’s mouthpiece. Try to be an ear, and if you do speak, ask for explanations.

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Being the Light, shining the Love

Dear Ones,

I wanted to introduce something different this week. An intention for all of us to be the Love & to shine the Light.

That is, to harness the power of OUR Love & to shine OUR Light, high and bright.

Hence the following intention as an invitation:

“Our intention this week is for Love & Light to penetrate and dissolve any darkness, despair or depression within us or the people of Earth.”

Perhaps you can think of someone (or a few folks) who will benefit from this intention. And that may include you!

Letting the Light into our hearts

I leave you with a few words from a post that resonated two days ago. It talks about the Light; a light that shone within one individual that showed the Way to so many of us.

“You are there to heal, to shift, and to operate as the light in a world that needed you, a world that beckoned you forth from the very comfortable nonphysical realm in which you were previously dwelling. You came forth to be the light, just like the one called Jesus Christ. The light that shone within him is also within you and everyone else, and that was another part of the teachings of Jesus, and it is the one that everyone needs to be focused upon in order to heal, in order to become the vision that he held for all of you.

You have so much strength and power within you when you shine that light, and you connect yourself to Jesus, or as many of you refer to him as, Yeshua. And that light is what will carry you into the fifth dimension, because it will alter you from the inside, melting away anything that obscures it and shining a light on whatever your fellow humans need to see or recognize. This is the way, and it is the way that Yeshua taught all of you. The time is now to implement those teachings and bring about the great changes that will result in the shift in consciousness there on planet Earth.”


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The intersection of suffering and compassion

Dear Ones,

This morning, I was listening to a 2015 lecture by master Djwhal entitled, “Suffering, the gift nobody wants.”

A few words toward the end had caught my attention earlier on as I listened to the lecture. I will post them at the bottom of this post.

The question that came to me was about the “intersection” of suffering and compassion.

In others words, how does suffering allow us to develop a heart of gold, a heart of compassion?

And possibly, another question which has to do with the reason for our suffering.

A small yet meaningful example came to mind.

Some thirty years ago, I went through some very difficult times while studying in Wisconsin; possibly the most challenging time of my life.

A few years later, I learned that I in fact went through what is called a Dark Night of the Soul. Fair enough; it was good to have an explanation, in retrospect, and know that some other folks have walked this somber path.

In April of this year, a woman approached me via email. She was going through a difficult time because of the loss of landmarks (and strange attitude of her neighbors) she experienced during the pandemic. We spoke on two occasions for more than one hour. After our first conversation, I had the feeling that she was going through a Dark Night and mentioned it to her. I also sent her a list of questions that I thought could be helpful to reflect on; and finally gave her a couple of book references, one of them about St. John of the Cross, the 16th century Spanish priest and mystic. It looks like all of this was beneficial and this person was grateful.

I am sharing this ‘mystical encounter’ because we never know how we might help people down the “road of our life,” especially when they are struggling on the path.

Having experienced this strange episode gave me the foresight and ‘expertise’ to look at this person’s life with what I would call “wise eyes.”

Knowing we so rarely understand why something happens to us, and who is it that we are going to encounter on this path.  Besides angels and our loving spiritual guides, that is!

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, dear Ones!

“Suffering, the gift nobody wants”

The Buddha’s teachings on impermanence, compassion and emptiness are as profoundly pertinent today as they were a couple of millennia ago.

Indeed, they offer precisely what is needed to eliminate suffering and engender a truly meaningful life.

What’s more these teachings are imperative I would say, those for liberating the mind and for the further civilization of planet Earth. How wonderful for all of you that these great wisdom teachers have mapped out the rules for transcending suffering. Indeed, the foundations they laid will serve aspirants today as powerfully as they served your spiritual forebears.

And further, this precious journey will ultimately culminate in the realization of omniscient mind. What is required of you is simply the spiritual courage to undertake the journey with a mind bent on the welfare of others.

With these and a solid method of practice, a successful journey is categorically assured.

Remember, you are merely following the steps of the great Ones before you. As they succeeded, so surely will you.

My parting advice is that you learn to release all resistance to the awakening mind of enlightenment. As you do so, you will come to embrace awareness so vast it will dissolve all mental blocks and impediments. In the end, you too, will find that half the ocean can indeed dissolve into the dew drop.

In closing, I will leave you with a solstice blessing.

Shantideva’s Love prayer, from Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life.

“As long as space endures, as long as sentient beings remain, may I too abide to dispel the suffering of all sentient beings.”

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Creating with the Energies of Love

Dear Ones,

Some 10 years ago, I came across a beautiful book entitled, Awakening the Energies of Love, by Anne Hillman.

I will never forget that book because it revealed to me, in hindsight, the “spiritual growth reason” why I left a religious organization some four years prior. You may agree with me that, at times, there are experiences we are not fully aware of, guided by some mysterious hands; that episode of mine in 2007 was one of those moments. A long period of both confusion, driven by an unconscious knowing, and liberation, if that makes any sense.

I will post below a portion of my blog bio where I quote the passage that serendipitously ‘opened my eyes.’

I believe these Energies of Love have been awakened for some time and, now that we are over the hump, what are we going to do with the said Energies?

Eclipse season is upon us and this Thursday, June 10th, at 6:53 am New York time, will mark the second of its kind; an annular solar eclipse.

In the solar phenomenon that takes place in front of my eyes every evening (in the above or attached photo), I can clearly perceive a membrane surrounding the setting sun. A very alive membrane, with perhaps, as the golden balls whirling around demonstrate, some Love acolytes.

What a perfect time to create when we are fully supported by the Sun of Understanding!

Hence the questions,

What will this solar eclipse allow me to create?

Both within and without?

Out of love.


Still perplexed about the ‘why’ behind my decision, I one day came across the following passage in a book by Anne Hillman (Awakening the Energies of Love). I suddenly understood what had happened and peace dawned on me.

“It wasn’t until my mid-forties that I mentioned my dilemma with the church to a colleague who’d once been a Dominican priest. He told me the story of a beautiful tree in the center of a garden, surrounded by a high stone wall. He likened the tree to a person searching for the sacred, and the wall to the boundaries defined by her religion.

He concluded by saying:

The tree needs to grow out of the garden. Its branches need room to expand and spread wide. They need to reach far outside the garden’s walls, for they cannot be contained by the wall’s limits. But the tree always remains rooted in the garden.”

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The June energies

Dear Ones,

Everywhere I turn, I read that the June energies are transformative and supportive beyond measure; they will push forward and will help us achieve the ‘inner metamorphoses’ we are currently working on, at times unconsciously.

With a solar eclipse on its way, and the summer solstice approaching, and marking the longest days of the year in the northern hemisphere, that is not surprising.

It is time to blossom into our summer, dear Ones, so that we can fully express ourselves.

I leave you with two excerpts. One from the Arcturian Council and the other from Master Hilarion.

Happy June!

Solar phenomenon at Montsegur, June 20, 2017

“We are so very happy to be able to give you our perspective on the energies that we can feel coming in for humanity and planet Earth in the month of June. In many ways, June is a month of new beginnings. It is a month of you being able to receive energies that will assist you in making the big changes that you want to make in your own lives. These are very supportive energies that are coming, but they are also energies that are meant to stir things up.

…And that is something else these energies will help you to do; they will help you to lower your guard, to let go of your resistance to change. These energies will help you to release blockages that prevent you from living more in the flow, and being in the flow means making adjustments, making changes, and knowing when the timing is right for those changes. You are the ones, always, creating every aspect of your lives and your realities, and when you want and/or need change to occur, there are those who can help around you in the nonphysical, and they do. We all help as much as we can, but ultimately you have that free will, and that free will gives you a choice.

…You will feel these energies coming up from Mother Earth, but also coming down from the heavens, as the help that you have all been requesting is being delivered in the perfect timing and in the perfect packaging. And of course, the more you connect with the Earth and sky, the easier it will be for you to receive. Use your bodies; use your ability to ground, to be silent, and to quiet your minds, and you will maximize the efficiency and the power of these energies of June 2021.”


Beloved Ones, I come on the wings of Love.

Life as you have known it is changing from moment to moment. Those of you who are on an accelerated higher frequency path are beginning to experience massive changes in many facets of your lives.  Every part of it is in flux as the new frequencies do their work of dislodging everything and everyone that is no longer a fit to whom you are becoming –your Eternal Divine Self– who will allow no external force to take you off path. It is simply a time to step back and let go of the steering wheel. [i.e., trust Spirit] You cannot go backward but only forward as the metamorphoses take place. Use your own judgment–you are the best barometer of what is right for you. Doing something externally is not always the answer and a long period of introspection might be needed first before making a decision.


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Turning oneself around

Dear Ones,

The theme this week is very much along the lines of “patience” and “resilience;” two key attributes that we touched upon in the past two weeks.

This morning, as I reflected on the ‘lack of love’ that some of us experienced in our childhoods, an image from the cartoon Zootopia came to the fore.

An image about someone turning himself around, and beautifully, I shall add.

That someone is the fox Gideon Grey. Early on in the movie, Judy Hopps is attacked by Gideon who’s stolen movie tickets from her friends. She fights valiantly, gets the tickets back and inherits a big scratch on her face.

Years later, when she’s feeling desperate about the situation in Zootropolis, she returns to her roots and visits her parents in the fields they are tending. They are fruit merchants and Gideon Grey has become a great pastry chef and one of their partners. What a turnaround!

Upon seeing Judy, he apologizes. “I had a lot of self-doubt and it manifested itself in the form of unchecked rage and aggression. I was a major jerk.”

What does it take to turn oneself around?

Attributes of honesty with oneself, courage and determination come to the fore. I am sure there are many more, that are like little helpers along the way. Once we determine to move forward along our path, with whatever endeavor we have in mind and with eyes wide open, we often find unexpected ‘companions’ to help us out.

Here is a wonderful quote from Goethe.

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative or creation, there is an elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too… whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it.  Action has magic, grace, and power in it.” 

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Another attribute to cultivate: resilience

Dear Ones,

As I thought this morning of another attribute we could use for gardening and watering our life, resilience came.

Gently and quietly. Just as a seed that decides it is time to sprout and see ‘what’s up there.’

In some ways, resilience could be construed as the ability to withstand bad weather and reach higher. Just like a beautiful plant seeking the light of the sun.

Resilience is a quality of the human spirit; one we shall cherish and one we shall teach and share.

Mystically, as I searched through my computer for posts mentioning resilience, the two that showed up mentioned the Master Saint Germain, in one way (a book) or another (a channeling).

How interesting!

Let’s bask in our resilience this Thursday, dear Ones.

Photo credit Jo Gordon

Master R began to speak in a low rumbling voice.

“Welcome initiates of the Holy Temple. We’ve come here to listen and see. All of you who walk the path of pathlessness have lost something or someone dear to them to get here. Even if that is your self. We are under no illusions. The path from the dark places to the light requires great courage, perseverance and resilience. 

Diary of a Yogi by Guan Shi Yin

Rejoice, dear Humankind! Congratulate your brethren who have continued to fight for their right to live in dignity and freedom! Join with them in your hearts, with compassion for their suffering and awe for the resilience that is the human spirit. The spirit of cooperation and Love is rising, and you, Lightworkers, are the ones who will nurture and support the impulses toward Love and Freedom you see around the world.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 27, 2014

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Cultivating patience

Dear Ones,

At a time when spring is in full bloom in the northern hemisphere, I came across a beautiful quote (see below), in both French and English, that made me reflect on the importance of “Patience on the Path.”

Patience being one of the essential requirements of the pilgrim, along with humility and perseverance.

I am saying this especially because I have a tendency to realize and understand ‘things’ in retrospect. And perhaps I am not the only one.

On April 27th, I experienced some symptoms that were reminiscent of the cold I usually get once in a while when I get very tired. Except that I did not have a sore throat, which is a key ingredient in the mix.

Why was it missing? I asked myself, not understanding this sudden karmic episode.

It is only a week later, on a very limpid day, that I received most of the answers and connected inwardly to the very life my symptoms were associated with. There was a feeling of liberation and that may have been a liberation from karma!

Master Saint Germain would certainly say so!

I wish you well, dear Ones, and look forward to our cultivation this Thursday!

“Be patient”

When you plant seeds in the garden, you don’t dig them up every day to see if they have sprouted. You simply water them and clear away the weeds; you know that the seeds will grow in time. Similarly, just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart. Abandon impatience and instead be content creating causes for goodness; the results will come when they’re ready.

Martine Batchelor, Buddhist teacher and writer

« Soyez patient »

Lorsque vous plantez des graines dans un jardin, vous ne les déterrez pas chaque jour pour voir si elles ont germé. Vous veillez seulement à les arroser et à enlever les mauvaises herbes ; vous savez que les graines pousseront en leur temps. De la même manière, faites simplement votre pratique quotidienne et cultivez la bonté de votre cœur. Abandonnez toute impatience et à la place, contentez-vous de créer les causes du bien ; les résultats viendront lorsqu’ils seront prêts.”

Martine Batchelor, enseignante et auteur bouddhiste

Cultivating, cultivating our inner soil

Gilles Asselin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Cultivating patience

Time: May 13, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 816 1609 1283

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The freshness of a new month

A simple theme this week, dear Ones,

as we start another month with many flowers in full bloom. The beauty of spring is real in the northern hemisphere.

What does freshness mean to us and how do we carry it in our hearts?

And where is it going to lead us?

Perhaps a bit more inner exploration this month?

Looking forward to exploring together this Thursday!

Love & much Light.

Photo credit: Brittany Root

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