A period of Rupture

Dear Ones,

As life goes on, we collect pebbles, breadcrumbs, or even signposts that may tell us where it is that we are going, both individually and collectively. I believe we put all these pebbles into a clear bag, consciously or not, and look into the bag once in a while. At times, those pebbles look like pebbles; at other times, when they resurface, they look like jewels shining with meaning.

You may understand what it is that I am trying to describe; of course, this ‘pebble metaphor’ is not innocent and I am now offering some context.

Right around the middle of November 2021, while working with a friend, I came to look into the Four Living Creatures that are mentioned, among other places, in the Book of Ezekiel and in the Book of Revelation. They are an Ox, an Eagle, a Lion and a Man, often winged, and they are sometimes accompanied by a white stag.

I know these creatures from reading the Grail story when they appear to the knights Bors, Galahad, Perceval and Perceval’s sister as they all venture into the forest. The crew suddenly comes across a white stag and follows the white stag and the Four Living Creatures into a chapel. A mystical ceremony then takes place, where the stag, transported by the Four Living Creatures, ascends through the ceiling of the chapel. I am posting an excerpt of the book (in French) I read back in the fall of 2019–not so much for the words, but for the energy that exudes from such a magical ceremony.

I also know these Four Living Creatures well because they appear on the tarot card The Wheel of Fortune (major arcana # 10); each of them is winged and they are studying a book. In the last major arcana card, #21, The World, they also appear, surrounding a young woman who seems to be dancing, but only their faces. Perhaps a sign of maturation.

On January 1 and January 2, 2020, in my tarot practice, I picked the Wheel of Fortune. On January 1, out of three cards, it came in the first place; on January 2, it came in the second place, right behind the Judgment card (major arcana #20); a card repeating itself two days in a row, especially for the first two days of a year, is sure to qualify as a pebble; yet it doesn’t mean it’s a diamond. Perhaps a diamond in becoming.

In mid-November, despite the fact that the Wheel of Fortune pick of January 1 & 2 came back to mind, I wasn’t drawn to reviewing the notes that I took. I only went back to the Grail story. In the past two days, these Four Living Creatures made a discreet comeback, through a discussion I was having with another friend. And this time, for whatever mystical reason, I went back to the notes I took early January 2020.

The feeling was different, from a consciousness perspective, and I could sense that this period covering 2020 – 2021 signaled a Rupture. A very clear Rupture with what happened prior and possibly a doorway, or a portal.

I had another pebble in my bag, since May of 2021; a metallic brown BMW that passed us on the road and positioned itself right in front of us. Its license plate being RUPTURE. You can imagine that such a license plate didn’t go unnoticed and I placed it near the top of my bag of pebbles, awaiting further meaning.

Interestingly, what I feel about these past two years, is that they have been squashed. Often times, when think back, I have to ask myself, ‘did it happen in 2020 or in 2021?’ and have to review other events of either year to bring answers to my questioning.

Does that mean we ‘forgot to live’ in one of these years or is it because the past is becoming blurry?

I am left wondering about what might happen next, in this new World of ours, where the Four Living Creatures may be playing another role; perhaps a more conspicuous role.

Galahad greeted by angels

Pages 748-749 of the Grail Cycle II

Ils suivirent donc le cerf et les quatre lions jusqu’à une vallée où ils aperçurent, à la lisière d’un petit bois, une chapelle où un vieux prêtre se préparait à célébrer la messe. Le cerf y entra, puis les quatre lions. Les compagnons mirent pied à terre et les imitèrent, curieux de savoir ce qu’ils allaient faire. Or, au moment de l’offertoire, il leur sembla que le cerf se changeait en homme et prenait place devant l’autel sur un siège magnifique, tandis que les fauves, eux, se métamorphosaient l’un en homme, l’autre en aigle, le troisième en bœuf. Seul le quatrième conservait son aspect de lion. Mais à tous les quatre avaient poussé des ailes qui leur auraient permis de voler dans les airs. Et, de fait, la messe allait s’achever quand ils s’emparèrent du siège sur lequel était assis le cerf et, le soulevant, l’emportèrent à travers une verrière sans briser celle-ci ni l’endommager. Alors une voix retentit qui disait : « Voilà de quelle manière le Fils de Dieu entra dans le sein de la Vierge Marie. »

Les trois compagnons et la jeune fille se jetèrent face contre terre car la voix avait suscité une telle explosion de lumière et de sons qu’ils avaient cru voir la chapelle s’écrouler. Lorsqu’ils revinrent à eux, le prêtre était en train d’ôter ses ornements sacerdotaux. Ils s’approchèrent de lui, lui contèrent ce qu’ils avaient vu et lui demandèrent s’il pouvait leur en donner l’explication. « Ah ! seigneurs ! » s’écria le vieux prêtre, « Soyez les bienvenus ! A ce que vous me dites, je vois que vous êtes du nombre des vrais chevaliers qui mèneront à bonne fin la quête du saint Graal après en avoir souffert les peines et les dangers. Vous êtes de ceux à qui seront révélés les mystères et vous venez d’en voir une partie car le cerf blanc qui s’est changé en homme est l’image de Notre Seigneur qui, revêtu d’un corps terrestre, devient un homme céleste après avoir triomphé de la mort. Voilà pourquoi il apparaît sous l’aspect d’un cerf immaculé car le cerf se renouvelle incessamment, perdant chaque année ses bois qu’il recouvre l’année suivante. Quant aux lions qui le gardent, ils sont les évangélistes chargés de répandre son message d’amour et de vie. Or, si nombre de chevaliers ont aperçu le Cerf Blanc entouré de ses quatre lions, aucun jusqu’à présent n’avait été témoin de leur métamorphose. Enfin sachez encore que désormais plus personne n’en pourra plus avoir la vision. »

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The Quadrants of Evolution

Good morning, dear Ones,

Interestingly, after reading the Book of Revelation two days ago, I seem to be moving, geometrically speaking, into a different shape. From a triangle to a square. Not knowing for sure what this “Foursquare” piece means, esoterically. And hence a bit of exploration.

Exploration about what this could possibly signify in terms of a new world that may want to manifest at some point, in the near future.

Why is it that a new world would want to form as a quadrant?

Of course, there are four directions, four elements, four seasons, and certainly many other fours, that divide and unite the world in four equal, balanced parts; but for what purpose?

While hopping from page to page, I came to this picture of a mosaic that sits encrusted into the floor of the cathedral of Siena, Italy; dating back to the year 1378.

Mosaic cathedral of Siena

Could the quadrants stand for the four stages of a person’s life? With a pinnacle of some sort on top? But for how long, I would ask?

And could the turning of the wheel be, as well, a symbol of one’s spiritual ascension?

With a scribe chanting and recording a different story, four stories, all along the way?

What do you think?

Where are we along the wheel in our evolution as a species?

Gilles Asselin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: The quadrants of evolution

Time: Jan 13, 2022 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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What world is waiting to be born?

Dear Ones,

The times we are living may be special indeed and we may want to ponder what it is we are witnessing; high witnessing that is.

Last week, I shared in our communion the feeling of darkness that one embraces in the womb; it feels dark, impenetrable, yet familiar and nourishing.

Last night–the night that follows Christmas–I had a dream that a friend of mine was about to give birth. This is someone I have known for almost 40 years and who ‘took care of me’ when I arrived in unfamiliar territory in April of 1984.

I was about to take him to a clinic, at any moment. We were waiting.

How uncanny this message is!

Interesting what I came upon just now (three hours after writing the above), as if confirming what I sensed, or am sensing.

Always remember that new worlds/realities/life emerge from within. The door to the unlimited fabric of creation unlocks from inside. Your ability to tap into higher states of consciousness allows you to cocreate with the Divine. Here and now, you are a portal for sacred creations, unique soul expressions that honor life/spirit. Not egoic desires and manifestations, but soul dreams that hold the potential to bring higher realities into the light. Let your unique energetic signature sketch your soul impressions into the board of Existence. May they shine bright on the highest exhibition that contemplates the highest good of all beings. Your existence is meaningful, for you are an artist of/for life in partnership with all that is sacred and divine.

“As above so below, as within so without.”

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A fleeting consciousness

Dear Ones,

We all spend time in the past, reminiscing it, or in the future, trying to mold it. And perhaps we do that more than we should. Who knows?

We often hear of the importance of the NOW moment, but what does it really mean?

Recently, I was writing a note to a spiritual friend in India; that reminded me of the mind-opening trip I took to that fascinating country some 39 years ago.

How does this have anything to do with consciousness? Knowing that a part of me (an old consciousness?) knows this country, and yet India has changed so much in the past few decades.

This morning I took another walk in a forest-like park that I enjoy. Some eight days ago, I came to a bridge that was “calling me.” I stood on it, extended my arms and mystically, three birds appeared; two red cardinals and one brown. What a magnificent ballet it was!

As I approached the bridge, I rekindled that sweet memory; perhaps my intention was to honor the bridge one more time.

What felt very uncanny then is that I didn’t realize I had crossed the bridge until quite a few feet past it.

Where was my consciousness as I crossed the bridge?

Was I lost in thoughts at that very moment?

Perhaps I wasn’t meant to register this moment of crossing for the benefit of some other moment?

Did the Divine have anything to do with this?

All these questions do not seriously matter; yet consciousness and being conscious do.

Perhaps there are big moments of consciousness, when we are ‘utterly’ present, as well as smaller ones?

Or is it that consciousness is always fleeting, like a bird we can never catch yet that feels so close to us?

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For those of us who govern

That is, dear Ones, for All of us!

I always thought that the most difficult job in the world is that of being CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of one’s self. I truly do and, as we all know, that entails risks and responsibilities. And hopefully, there is a conscious pilot in that CEO plane!

Why this unusual title? Let me give you some background.

This Saturday, I became aware, through the friend of a friend, of a guided meditation taking place every Saturday morning at 11:30 New York time.  Its aim is to align the country of the United States with the Divine Plan.

I am planning to attend this meditation for the first time on Saturday.

Please have a look at the attached document.

I am not suggesting we do this meditation on Thursday; rather that we use it as a source of inspiration in our lives.

I especially like this portion of the document:

“Recognizing the reception of such energies, send them, via conscious projection, to and through all of those disciples and groups in the world who are specifically related to the function of Governance and International Law through group leadership in the nations and to manifesting a new Center of Synthesis in its right time and place, in Divine Law and Order.”

While our Thursday gatherings do not seem to be associated with any function of Governance or International Law, who knows what effect our Light can have upon the vibrations of those leaders in the world, regardless of the level at which they operate?

And, as I write, I cannot put aside the fact that today, December 8, 2021, Olaf Scholtz became the new chancellor of Germany.

In one word, dear Ones: Let’s govern (ourselves) and use our Light well!

PS: feel free to ask if you’d like a copy of the meditation.

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Acknowledging one another’s divinity

One another’s divinity, dear Ones, as well as our potential for expansion. Unlimited expansion, that is.

As we enter the last 30 days of yet another capricious, tumultuous year, these are the thoughts that came to mind.

Can we honor each other’s dignity, whatever that means depending on the person (a smile, a benevolent approval) or the context (planting a tree in honor of someone) and, in the process, allow for the expansion of the Universe?

Could the two be related?

Our expansion and the Universe’s expansion?

Can we apprehend the divinity in self, and the divinity of the universe?

A symbol of our divinity

I was tickled by the following passage from the Arcturians, yet it dovetailed magnificently with a meditation I have been doing on a regular basis; these meditations are about the chakras, these energetic centers that populates our ‘beings of Light,’ and that keep spinning upward and upward–even though most of us cannot visualize them on a regular basis.

“Take advantage of these powerful times because they offer opportunities to be the Light that will bring change while at the same time shining a path for those confused and in fear. You need do nothing or say nothing other than perhaps a smile, a hand on the arm, or a look into someone’s eyes that says; “I know and acknowledge you who really are.” 

Your acknowledgement of another’s Divinity, in spite of outer appearances, can lift or even heal them if they are the least bit receptive (able to align). Some are simply not ready or are choosing not to move spiritually forward; and that is fine because free will allows everyone to move at their own pace. However you, who are spiritually awake, have already chosen to evolve or you wouldn’t be where you are now or reading these messages.”

Below is the passage that caught my inner ‘buzzing’ in the crown chakra’s meditation.

“Feel the pressure of worlds, galaxies, even universes, awaiting manifestation. The Universe, with its 4.5 billion years of history, is pressing on the boundaries of its own potential future. Feel the pressure of infinite possibilities seeking manifestation.”

The potential of the universe, similarly to our potential, is unlimited, unbounded. Can we go at it, support it and reach for the stars?

Our inner stars, that is the energy swirling in our bodies of light, as well as what we perceive as outer stars.

Happy spinning, dear Ones!

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The ability to see what we receive

Dear Ones,

As you know, this is a special week in the US with a big family celebration. I have been joking that Black Friday is preceded by White Thursday, whatever that could possibly mean.

Commercialism has become ‘as ridiculous as ever.’ One department store we shop at is opening at 12:01 am on Thursday and 5:00 am on Friday.

That being said, I wanted to write about what I mentioned last week during our conversation. Our ability to receive.

At times, our hearts are closed and we cannot receive — hence the beautiful quote from Parker Palmer that I shared and the importance to “give time some time.”

At other times, it is a question of being able to see what we are receiving–as ‘things’ are often not as they appear.

Sometimes, what seems like a difficult episode is in fact a passage to a higher level of beingness.

I am reminded of a strong feeling of guilt I experienced as a teenager. One that I’ve worked with in just about any direction; at this point, I believe it may have been a ‘gift of some sort’ that allowed me to do the inner exploration that was needed for me in this life.

A friend of mine in the East agreed with me and even said it is a sign of ‘authenticity and tenderness’ once it becomes healed.

How could this be possible when the first taste of that emotion is so bitter?

To end, I would like to share the intention that came forth two days ago:

“May our hearts open in gratitude for what we receive.”

“May we be able to see what we receive in the first place.”

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates and Happy Thursday to everyone else!

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Honoring our wholeness

Dear Ones,

Some beautiful words came back to me this week. They are from Parker Palmer and have to do with wholeness; and yet they first came through the reflecting path of woundedness.

Note the similar sound in the first three letters: Who & Wou

Who are we? And how do we function, out of this woundedness?

We all have been wounded, in some small ways and perhaps in some big ways as well.

Does it matter in the end?

I believe it does, depending on the reasons why we ‘moved’ to this earth in this lifetime; yet it ought to be a personal answer.

I remember the maths teacher I had in 11th grade. For whatever reason, she didn’t like me and had a tendency to give me a hard time. I still remember her face, her island of origin (Corsica) and her last name (Scaliola), but not her first name.

Did she destroy my confidence somehow?

Or did she help me build resilience?

In retrospect, I cannot even give an answer and it doesn’t matter. Yet I can tell it is not a pleasant memory and it stuck with me.

Again, this is a small example, a small bump on the road we call ‘life.’

They are bigger bumps, much bigger ones; I would call them life-affirming events, and we all know what they are.

Yet I believe that, when all is said and done, what matters is how our heart resonates with the event. Does it shut down, or does it take it in to transform poison into elixir?

You will see what I mean when you get to Parker Palmer’s quote.

What is hidden must come out, and must be addressed if it is our goal to become whole.

Pain especially cannot be ignored. We cannot go through life while playing the ostrich game, our head in the sand.

There is a season for everything, it seems, and the colder months in the northern hemisphere might give us a chance to reflect and regenerate. So that we are born afresh when the sap comes in, when our hearts open up again and yearn for the new.

Beauty in its wholeness

“Quakers took a stand against slavery early in American history partly because one man, John Woolman, was willing to hold the tension between reality and possibility. But it is important to note that the entire Quaker community was also willing to hold the tension until they were opened to a more integral way of being in the world. They refused to succumb to the impulse to resolve tension prematurely, either by throwing Woolman out or by voting to allow the slavery-approving majority have its way. Instead, they let the tension between reality and possibility break their collective heart open to justice, truth and lo

There is an old Hasidic tale that tells us how such things happen. The pupil comes to the rebbe and asks, “Why does Torah tell us to ‘place these words upon your hearts’? Why does it not tell us to place these holy words in our hearts?” The rebbe answers, “It is because as we are, our hearts are closed and we cannot place the holy words in our hearts. So we place them on top of our hearts. And there they stay until, one day, the heart breaks and the words fall in.”

From A Hidden Wholeness, Parker Palmer, p. 181.

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The meaning of friendship

Dear Ones,

A dear friend of mine approached me yesterday and made some comments about friendship. I thought it would be a lovely theme for a Friday meeting, don’t you think so?

How do we form friendships and for what purpose?

I’m sure many people–including myself–do not think about this question. Friendships happen, some last a long time and some don’t.

Four cones in a discussion

We may think that it’s harder to form friendships later in life and that may be true. Yet when the Divine enters the picture, it can be astonishing.

In August, in the middle of our month-long stay in a hotel, we (our son and I) met a man from the Amish country and his son. His was visiting for business and his son tagged along. It so happened that his son and ours were the same age and they played together in the pool. I then brought a chair next to his and we started a lovely, friendly journey. Before we parted that evening, we prayed together by the pool, holding each other at shoulder level, to find a home for our family.

He invited us for dinner at his home and, as synchronicity would have it, we had planned a trip to Pennsylvania the following weekend. We visited him and his family and had a delightful time, getting to know his wife (originally from the Netherlands) and his three other kids. Interestingly, we exchanged food in the process. We brought four jars of French marmalade, one for each of their children; and took home a jar of home-made pickles. After dinner, we sat for a long time by the fire while the kids ran in and around the corn patch and the open space.

It was–and still is–a beautiful adventure into a new friendship and I am not sure how it happened. Grace was obviously an important element.

There is a saying in French that, in order for friendships to build, there needs to be what we call “hooked atoms” (atomes crochus); which would form a shape similar to the Yin and Yang. It is a concept close to what we call “chemistry” in English. Good, or right chemistry.

Perhaps chemistry and atoms play a part in who we meet and connect with. At times, I am not sure it does as things ‘simply’ happen.

What is your take on friendship?

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A majestic post!

“If you want to realize the power of Source Energy flowing through you, then you first have to allow everyone else to be where they are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. You have to love them as they are and see them as necessary pieces of the giant puzzle of which you are all a part, of which we are all a part. Then you can relax, because you can let go of all of your resistance, all of your tension, all of your anger, all of your hate, and you can be aligned with Source and exercise that power.

And we know that so many of you have already been doing this, and so we are really wanting you to realize the truth of your impact so that you will continue and so that you will expect to see the changes outside of you that you have already initiated inside of you, and we also want to reach the stragglers who still feel that their resistance is where their power lies. Remember who you really are, and that you are there to realize that power of Source and be in that flow, and you will be living in the world you want to be living in before you know it.”

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