Accessing the Power of Love intro video

Hello dear Ones,

I prepared an introduction to the Accessing the Power of Love course I AM offering this month (August 2022).

This is an 11-minute video where I talk about the course and mention two love-related anecdotes.

Please have a look at the description of the course at:

Looking forward to exploring and harnessing the Power of Love with you All!


Life’s loving reflection
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Welcoming the Lion’s Gate energies

Dear Ones,

The energy of the passage through the Lion’s Gate is pulsating and will soon reach the surface of the Earth, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Can you feel these energies? Do you sense some sort of an intensification?

Personally, I cannot. I do not. Smiling.

And I am not concerned because I rarely felt anything around August 8th.

A friend of mine said this year’s energies might mark the end of an era; I cannot tell but that wouldn’t surprise me because 2022 hasn’t revealed its signature to date. Perhaps it is time for it to do so and leave solidly in the past those ‘treacherous’ years, 2020 and 2021.

I’m copying below the last few paragraphs of Patricia Cota-Robles’s newsletter. I find it interesting that she mentions two lions guarding the Gate: The Lion of Yesterday and the Lion of Tomorrow. I couldn’t help thinking of the picture that my friend Anne sent me on January 22nd this year.

Yeshua, sitting on a throne, surrounded by two lions.

“I Come in the Name of Love.”

The Power of Love is monumental, dear Ones. Let’s access it!

Here is the Power of Love

Now, in August of 2022, we are once again on the threshold of the opening of the 5th-Dimensional Lion’s Gate which will reach its pinnacle on August 8th. Throughout this incredibly powerful year, day by day we have been guided through various Activities of Light that have prepared Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth at an atomic and subatomic cellular level to safely receive the monumental influx of Light we will experience as our Father-Mother God Breathes the Earth and all her Life through the annual passage of the 5th-Dimensional Lion’s Gate.

The Lion’s Gate is guarded by two magnificent Lions that represent the Lion of Yesterday and the Lion of Tomorrow. As the Earth passes between these Lion’s it indicates that Humanity is moving beyond any control or manipulation from our past or our future. Rather, we are aligning within the Eternal Moment of Now as we join Forces with the Heavenly Realms to Cocreate the New Earth.

This year as we pass through the Portal of the 5th-Dimensional Lion’s Gate every person’s integrated I AM Presence has been given permission by our Father-Mother God to liberate the Heart-based patterns encoded within the Divine Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge in our Twelve Solar Strands of 5th-Dimensional DNA. This will pave the way for the I AM Presence of every person to liberate us into the Harmony of a Higher Order of Being which will greatly expand the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.

Through every person’s I AM Presence we will now be able to intuitively receive the Divine Promptings, Ideas and Concepts from our I AM Presence, the Company of Heaven and our Father-Mother God much more clearly. All we have to do is go within and listen. The Beings of Light have affirmed that as this profound Truth resonates in every person’s Heart Flame, we will remember how to Transfigure our physical realities into the Love-based patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth. The most powerful way of doing that is within the Eternal Moment of Now. So as we pass through the Lion’s Gate on August 8th, pay attention to the intuitive guidance of your I AM Presence. Miracles are waiting to be co-created by YOU.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles

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Love as a transformational element

Love is back, dear Ones, faithfully, through a newsletter that a friend kindly forwarded.

Love as a transformational element.

“I AM the Power of infinite Love” is part of a Violet Flame mantra I recite every day. While I may not register the effect of this recitation in the conscious part of my mind, I am positive that it produces a ‘something’ far beyond the boundaries of my being, somewhere in the ethers. Activating an unknown part of myself, one that carries us upward and forward.

How can it be otherwise when we request the assistance of divine wings?

A Full Moon, called a Buck Moon (*), is almost upon us. As the paragraph below encourages us to do, may we all benefit from its unlimited energy and reclaim our own power!

“When we’re willing to challenge our current limitations to find the defining edge of potential, we access the power within to shift.  If we’re waiting for someone else to come along and rescue or intervene, now is the time to take care of ourselves and be the one we’ve been waiting for.  We have it in us, we always have.  The time is now.   If we’ve been looking for permission, for some neon sign to tell us that we have what it takes to own our greatness and step into our power, may the Full Moon empower us All to fully reclaim the divine power within.”

* In July, the Full Moon is the Buck Moon, named after the new antlers that emerge from a buck’s forehead around this time of the year. It is also called Thunder Moon or Hay Moon.

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From Christine Clemmer’s Newsletter

Week of July 11-17

Transformation also requires the activation of Divine Love.  Love is a force of nature, a fierce presence and bolt of lightning.  Love strikes fast and deep, and awakens truth in the blink of an eye.  Love creates sacred space, even when the waters rise and situations get turbulent, unsteady, or uncomfortable.  Without needing to control, Love strikes a chord like a universal gong that releases old attachments and false narratives, releasing patterns of suffering and limitation, ultimately liberating and setting free.  Love awakens, Love heals, and Love has the power to shape shift through divine alchemical transformation.  When we trust the messenger and facilitator of Love, we can allow all things to transpire while feeling empowered and supported in a higher vision and higher context.

When we get attached to outcomes and experience, judging what we like or don’t like as good or bad, we can interfere with the greater unfolding of what’s being birthed and delivered.  When we try to change what we don’t like in order to make things more comfortable, bearable, or agreeable, we can interfere with the wholeness of the experience that includes messages, insights, and wisdom available from the current moment, exactly as it is.  When we try to disconnect or check out from our current experiences, we can cut ourselves off of the greater gifts that are manifesting through the current moment.  Learning to find comfort in the temporary discomfort is important.  Learning to view our experiences through an equanimous lens is key.

Equanimity is the art of sitting with current truth, exactly as it is, staying present and open hearted without flinching or reacting.  Without needing to control or push back.  Without resisting or craving.  As we strengthen our capacity to sit with truth, more truth emerges, setting us free from the old patterns of cravings, resistance, grasping, and avoiding.  We become the powerful presence of a sacred tree of life, deeply planted through the heart, rooted in sacred ground, and connected through the cosmos.  We have access to everything, and our lens of vision can open to see truth in all things.   Looking through the lens of the heart, we see through the eyes of Love.  Love as a force of nature that activates and facilitates alchemical transformation of the highest order.

We don’t need to try to change the world around us, however when we learn to see the world from an awakened lens of Love, everything we see can be liberated and transformed before our very eyes.  When we recognize the world as our reflection, and see the opportunity to be the unwavering resilient presence of Love for ourselves and each other, the active electrical current is free to flow through the darkest spaces of unfamiliar mystery and hidden untapped dimensions, awakening potential and elevating that potential to a higher manifestation.  Equanimity doesn’t numb us out from responding to the events around us; equanimity dials us into a higher frequency of communication and aligns our channels with Truth, so that our response is in integrity with Love.

When we make it our priority to dial into the frequency of Love within ourselves, as a daily practice, we activate a grid system of Love and Truth on the planet.  Love is the agent of alchemy that awakens, heals, transforms, and liberates the darkest of spaces, on behalf of All.  As we continue to dial into Love, and calibrate our personal system with the frequency of Love, we can channel new possibilities and cutting-edge solutions far beyond what the mind alone could generate by reaching, grasping, or controlling.

This week’s Full Moon in Capricorn offers a full-blown reflection and reconciliation of the lessons learned through our current challenges and situations, and the opportunity to elevate to a higher lens with intention and purpose. Anytime we offer ourselves and our situations up to a higher power, we allow a higher vision to manifest and take shape, from the heart of the universe.  When we access our personal power to choose to elevate to a higher power, we expand the potency of our intentions, actions, and results…on behalf of All.  

Wednesday 7/13 begins with a Mars Varuna stepping stone, Neptune Ceres manifestation, Sun Juno manifestation, then the Full Moon at 22 Capricorn, followed by a Black Moon Sirius communion, Venus Eris resource, Mars Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Uranus resource, and Venus Neptune stepping stone.  The Full Moon occurs at 2:37pm EST, with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres in a bridge with the Moon and Pluto, manifesting with the North Node and Uranus.  This is a full-blown deliverance from the divine womb of creation, manifesting an awakening of the highest order, and our undivided attention is being called forth to bear witness, hold space, and allow.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the sign of Divine Power, where the divine intention is activated from a higher power, or Source/ Universal lens of consciousness.  Our relationship with power and authority is being activated, and our relationship with the inner guru/ inner teacher.  As we gaze into the full moon, we can see the reflection of our greatest lessons learned through every challenge and point of tension.  If we choose to be empowered, we can see the opportunities to elevate our context through a higher intention, giving purpose and meaning to our experience of current events that we’re navigating.  We can literally move mountains when we surrender through our greater I AM presence, letting go of the need to control, and choosing to allow a higher purpose to unfold.  When we embrace our lessons and welcome the moments of challenge, we grow and evolve.  What we resist, perpetuates, until we learn the lesson, receive the message, and move forward to higher ground.

The Moon is at home in Cancer, and can feel like a foreigner in Capricorn, which means a Capricorn Full Moon can be a somewhat uncomfortable lens of accountability and reconciliation that’s necessary, but oftentimes avoided.  When we come back to our intentions, and take responsibility for our actions (and non-actions), we can see what we need to see in order to elevate to a higher game.  We can see where we try to control situations and outcomes, and the emotional turbulence that causes in ourselves and others.  We can see where we try to force our agenda into scenarios, and the resistance that occurs when another feels suppressed or repressed.  And we can see the impact of repetitive patterns of disempowerment and the price tags that ensue through the whole.  Excellence is refined when we hold ourselves and each other accountable for our thoughts, words, actions, and our overall commitment to ourselves and each other.  If we ignore the opportunity to learn and grow, we remain in the same status quo, repeating the same cycles and stories again and again.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is currently retrograding through Aquarius, manifesting with Venus and Arcturus.  There are new narratives, new guidelines, and new structures coming online through the heart, and when we trust the higher lens of vision from the heart, we access multiple dimensions of consciousness that reveal cutting edge progressive solutions and innovative ideas that take us far beyond where our ego minds could ever imagine.  The social structures that contain limitations, imbalances, and outdated models are ready for an upgrade and refresh.  The power of reinvention comes from awakening a higher vision, being fully committed to that vision, and letting the heart lead the way.  When we override or suppress the conscious wisdom coming online from the heart, we shut down progressive movement that can feel like decades of back-peddling.  When we honor and support the momentum of new growth and elevated consciousness, we nourish a revolution of Love that takes us into a new chapter of evolutionary potential.  Aquarian consciousness is unapologetic, and doesn’t wait for permission.  That kind of revolutionary movement is vision driven and fiercely potent.  The greatest shake ups awaken the status quo and usher a new possibility into the stream that benefits All.

Capricorn deals with rules, regulations, codes, and structures, and our relationship with the ones in charge who establish those rules.  In 5D, it’s important to recognize the higher octave of divine power and choose to be empowered in our choices and committed actions.  If we desire change, we must be willing to live in accordance with that higher vision, and take committed action in such a way that manifests the new template within ourselves, and beyond.  If we feel victimized by the powers that be, we will act from a disempowered state of consciousness, which will only perpetuate the patterns of disempowerment in ourselves and on the planet.  We must elevate to a higher state of being, accessing a higher power within us, and make conscious choices from there.  Saturn will hold us accountable, as the divine teacher, debriefing and reconciling the experiences we’ve lived through and the narratives we subscribe to.  If we don’t like the current stories we’re living in, it’s important to remember that we can choose a new story, and access a new narrative and belief.  When we’re willing to challenge our current limitations to find the defining edge of potential, we access the power within to shift.  If we’re waiting for someone else to come along and rescue or intervene, now is the time to take care of ourselves and be the one we’ve been waiting for.  We have it in us, we always have.  The time is now.   If we’ve been looking for permission, for some neon sign to tell us that we have what it takes to own our greatness and step into our power, may the Full Moon empower us All to fully reclaim the divine power within.  

“Everything in the Universe is within you.  Ask all from yourself.”  ~ Rumi

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Love as a state of consciousness

Love is resilient, dear Ones, and Love is loving!

Week after week, it seems to be coming back.

What caught my attention in the second paragraph below is that the author speaks of love as “a state of consciousness.”

Love is an energy that spreads and uplifts us on a global scale, with both its minuscule and grand implications. Love is certainly the most powerful force in the universe, one that allowed life to take root on our planet.

But it seems quite a shift to consider Love as a state of consciousness. Is it because a state does not feel active enough?

What do you think?

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The inner workings of Love

We wish to speak once again about love and remind you that love is all that exists because it is the energetic connection flowing in, through, around, and between the infinite expressions of ONE Divine Consciousness. Love affects, is a part of, and influences everything. Love is the omnipresent harmony of ONE, but on earth is interpreted through windows of duality, separation, and two powers forming love’s many, many, ego based false creations. 

“Love” is often used to physically, emotionally, mentally control, or abuse another and is frequently an excuse to fulfill ego desire through activities involving guilt, force, dishonesty, or false victim-hood, as well as hundreds of other self-serving actions. More often love is seen only as being an emotion rather than a state of consciousness. Concepts of love as just being sex, romance, and attraction constitute a large part of the three-dimensional illusion.  

The reality of Love is oneness, the connection eternally flowing between all expressions of the One manifesting ITself as the many. In the world you can observe higher forms of love as service that is not governed by ego based “do gooding” for adulation and praise, in the non-judgmental acceptance of the choices of others, and in those always ready to assist another who may need, not simply want, help. (Important to make this distinction) The inability of the three-dimensional consciousness to comprehend Love as Oneness has resulted in the distortions of love presently alive and well on earth and continually promoted through film, television, books, etc.  

The intensity of Light energy now pouring to earth is awakening many to a deeper sense of dissatisfaction with regard to many commonly accepted concepts about love. The result is going to be seen in changes to beliefs regarding relationships of all kinds. Previously accepted and limiting concepts of about love in general are beginning to change as a higher sense of love and its expression begins to permeate the collective. 

The majority as of yet does not know that the reality of love is oneness and those only able to accept love and relationships in narrow and often religiously based ways will fight change while continuing to judge, and condemn those able to understand love in its broader sense that is more in line with the truth of ONEness. 

Rest in oneness and simply BE — an observer who knows that in spite of appearances, God is the only power and reality. When you live, move, and have your being in this realization, the Light of your consciousness touches every other consciousness able to receive and align with it.  

Because there is only ONE, you are doing what you came to do simply by being your highest Light. Never doubt this.  

We are the Arcturian Group

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The Power of Love

Dear Ones,

It is one of those weeks when I want to keep it simple, yet meaningful.

As synchronicity would have it, I came across a channeled post addressing the nature of Love.

These two lines sum things up for me and connect with the ‘salt of the earth.’

“It is a simple, yet challenging thing to conjure love in a world seemingly encased in fear.

Yet this is why you are here.”

They made me think about the exchange I had today with Ahmed, a young man who works in a hotel and who came all the way from Afghanistan less than a year ago. I couldn’t help but put my hands together in front of him (as a sign of reverence) once I learned of his origins—and most likely struggles. He replicated by putting his right hand on his heart.

Love is fertile and doesn’t need words to express its power. A simple smile can lighten things up and break seemingly insurmountable barriers.  

Please read on.

Love spreads…rapidly!

“Love is a powerful antidote to the mechanism of fear and reduces its impact on your life once engaged.

Your society does not need a soft and frilly attitude to destructive ideas and/or actions. It needs a commitment to love in all of its forms.

Love does not often appear with pink hearts and butterflies. This is a negation of love’s force, a camouflage for its power. You have been fooled into thinking of it as a weakness when, in truth, it is your strength. With this brilliant tactic your controllers have succeeded in hiding from you your most powerful and effective weapon.

Let us look at what love does:

It erases differences.

It mends hearts.

It rescues the downtrodden, the weary, the injured, the lost.

It fortifies souls.

It instills remarkable strength.

It saves the broken ones.

It inspires the crestfallen ones.

It expands all that it surrounds.

It sees truth.

It is eternal.

It fuels inspiration.

It heals.

It seeds creation.

It is a simple, yet challenging thing to conjure love in a world seemingly encased in fear.

Yet this is why you are here.

The frequency of love eradicates fear. It does so consistently and eternally, eventually.

It is a deep knowing of love that assists you here.

It is a deep acceptance of self that initiates this love.

As you ponder these things, start with self. For all of creation begins there.

You have come to eradicate fear and are at the stage of self-acceptance. For in that pure act of love, fear dissipates. As it does so, you will see your “enemy” with clarity.

The fear weapon, now dissolved, no longer attracts more fear. In this way, love is made manifest.

Think on these things, my dear, dear human.”

The One

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A simple secret 🙂

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What is my Salt?

Dear Ones,

As the Divine messenger would have it, I came across this evening a post that I published over 3 years ago, in March of 2019. Yet it feels fresh and, I must say, has matured quite a bit during this time period.

Here is an excerpt of the post with the questions I would like to reiterate today.

“Hence my questions this week, in the light of what appears below in the quote from Matthew:

What is our salt, dear Ones?

And what function does it serve in the midst of the times we are living?

Himalayan Salt – as Above, so Below

We can certainly think of salt as a grounding force; possibly a foundational one, laying at the very bottom of the earth. Then, how does salt connect, metaphorically speaking, with the Light that Yeshua is encouraging us to shine?”

Matthew, 5: 13-16

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

14 “You are the Light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house.

16 In the same way, let your Light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Here is a link to the full post.

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Opening ourselves to the Light

Good day, dear Ones,

After a few weeks of witnessing darkness in action—not really sure why it manifested so suddenly and forcefully—the following paragraph caught my attention. What a beautiful contrast peering through the clouds of somber daily news!

“Open yourselves to the Light dear Ones. Allow the fresh air of that which is new and higher to have a prominent place in your thinking rather than continuing to constantly compare the present with the past. Despite what many believe and hope for, the past is not going to return exactly as it was because the energy that formed it is no longer the same. Consciousness is the substance of form and the collective is in the process of opening to a new and higher state of consciousness.”

Opening ourselves to the Light means to open ourselves to what is to come and to what is going to bless us in the weeks and months to come.

How do we do that, and how do we prepare ourselves?

How do prevent our ego mind from thwarting our good disposition?

Lately, I have been asking archangel Jophiel to help me prepare to receive divine Love. I see divine Love and Light as part of the same spectrum.

At times, a V-shaped container comes into my awareness, with a bit of violet light, and I take it as the possible inner recipient of that divine Love that I am asking to receive.

I believe we all have our symbolic images when it comes to receiving inspiration or messages from the Universe? Providing we are …. asking…

The last question that percolated, just now, is as follows:

What does this Light, which is pouring forth onto the Earth right now, which is transforming the world we live in, wants me to create?

The Light is coming in

If anyone needs one more source of inspiration, one more metaphor, I would like to share a paragraph that struck a beautiful chord the other day, depicting the journey of the Knight in search of his or her own Grail. It is excerpted from the commentary on the Gospel of Saint John by ascended master White Eagle. The title of the book is, The Living Word of Saint John.

“Every soul at some time must take its stand for truth, must stand forth as a warrior and fight for what it knows to be right and true. Sometimes it may have been described to you or seen in your meditations: a knight in shining armor, holding aloft the sword of truth. This shining knight symbolizes your higher self or your guide. This guide of your soul may come to you clothed in many different ways. He or she may adopt the astral body of anyone of his or her previous incarnations or may wear the garment of pure spirit—shall we call it the heavenly raiment of flashing light and beauty? If you will visualize your guide in this way, you will attune yourself to the planes of pure spirit, and to do this must be your object each day if you would tread the way of the disciple.”

Location 1373

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Have we been looking in the wrong place?

Dear Ones,

This is an early call as Memorial Day is almost upon us in the US. A friend sent me a virtual card. This is a card-generous friend, yet this card surprised me a bit since I wasn’t born in the US.

Yet both my grandfathers were affected by two wars and I could see, in the one grandfather that I knew for 13 years (my maternal one), the ravages that war can do. To the body, to the mind and the spirit. My grandfather’s life was destroyed and hatred, of just about anyone, was streaming in his blood. He had been a prisoner of war for four years and worked in a plant.

We know that wars accomplish nothing, but destruction and desolation, and yet some human beings cultivate and activate the war gene. Is this a symptom of an inner war, an inner desolation, in the first place?

The expression that came to mind, when it comes to the US, is that of “it’s like pot calling the kettle black.”

I like the French equivalent, possibly more telling. “It’s like the hospital making fun of the charity.”

This expression means that a person, while not being able to look at her own life, is looking at, and perhaps judging, another’s life. This may be due to a lack of inner awareness and the fact the person is looking in the wrong direction.

A sunlight phenomenon at the chateau of Montségur, summer solstice 2017

The card that my friend sent me was soothing and beautiful. It had everything to do with nature and beauty, and very little with war, or even democracy. Here is my response to her.

“It’s a beautiful card, dear Sister.

Not sure it has much to do with Memorial Day and the many wars the US has fought; the dawn’s early light, a field of poppies, a red cardinal and a blue bird whose name I don’t know; deer in the distance, absorbing the rising sun.

Seems to me that this is the realm of Nature’s wonders. Not exactly the way human beings have turned (or torn) the world up and down.

Time to return to Nature, to our primal roots.

I have been reflecting lately on how to heal the rift in US society and the words of St. Francis of Assisi came to mind,

“Lord, please make me an instrument of your Peace.”

Isn’t it paradoxical that the US is willing to protect democracy outside its borders, at a very high cost at times, and yet can’t find “inner peace” when it comes to everyday life, and everyday schoolchildren?

Have we been looking in the wrong place?

The outer world is not what needs fixing, so to speak. It is the inner that deserves our care, our attention and our love. The learning is ancient, prophesized by many, and yet we seem to have forgotten about it.

Love & much, much Light,


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The sanctity of life

Dear Ones,

After one more horrific shooting in a school in the US, I feel drawn to write about the “sanctity of life.”

It is a notion that is ‘First Nature’ to many of us on the path, starting with respect for our own life, and yet it doesn’t seem to inhabit everyone’s conscience.

The two meanings I found are close to each other:

-the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly.

-ultimate importance and inviolability.

Sacredness of life goes hand in hand with the very notion that we are an extension of the Divine, however we would like to consider what/who the Divine is. Perhaps the Divine is showing in the sweet dandelion that sprouted on our lawn last week. After all, it thrives from the same life force and sun energy that we do.

Life as it evolves

If we truly believe in our divinity, deep down in the pores of our psyche, and exemplify it through our thoughts, words and actions, why would we want to desecrate another’s divinity?

I’m writing to the choir here, I know, yet the choir can certainly help soothe humanity’s wounds.

The issue, as I see it, is hatred and possibly, in the first place, self-hatred. Hatred and destruction brood in so many areas of our society, starting, I shall say, with games for children. I am not saying that our children are taught to hate, yet they learn early on that life is a game that can be easily halted, with a gun, an explosive or any other weapons. At times, just for the thrill of killing. What shows up on a computer screen can be so easily transposed to the world we live in—the real one.

The antidote to hatred that we all possess is our unlimited capacity to love. Even the most wicked person or entity on earth can and does love. Don’t we say that the greatest villain loves and protects his children dearly?

The importance of loving was echoed this morning by the post of the Creator that I received. Continue Loving, continue what everyone can do in every second of her or his life. That is so simple, yet so powerful, and there will come a time when this Love that we nurture in our hearts will form a great ocean, engulfing every pain, misery and anger in its majestic flow.

My dearest One,

I know that it may seem as if your Earth plane is spinning out of control and, for every act of kindness and love, there are ten acts of violence and destruction. Do not let this dissuade you! Very soon, the balance will shift. Keep sending Unconditional Love, giving from your heart and practicing kindness. It may seem as if you are only one but you need to know that, for as alone as you feel in those moments, there are an infinite number of “ones” adding to the collective consciousness and this is what will tip the scales. 

Continue loving, giving and practicing. The change will come! ~ Creator

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Becoming whole

Dear Ones,

This morning again, I took a walk in the Ellanor Lawrence park close to our house. This is where I dropped our little pumpkin last Wednesday as it was showing signs of decay. I checked to make sure Mother Nature was doing her work, and She is. Our pumpkin is indeed moving on to a new life, one seed at a time.

A free pumpkin!

These days, I have been reflecting on the idea of bridging opposites and becoming whole, or possibly One. These two words were echoed by a plaque on a bench in the park. Perhaps these nine verbs are key ingredients for becoming whole?

Run, meditate, stroll

Pause to nourish your soul.

Share, hope, love, laugh … become whole.

The Ganeshans

A lovely place to pause and refresh ourselves

Connecting to nature, and to what is larger than us, is certainly beneficial so as to ‘go beyond’ our limited selves and our narrow view. Yet, while this is all good advice, my idea of becoming whole has lately centered around the prospect (and the practice) of uniting, or bridging, opposites. We experience quite a few of these opposites in our lives and they may vary from person to person.

My practice of bridging relates to the conscious and the unconscious, to what lies beneath the surface level and may influence the way we breathe more than we think.

Here are a few words from psychologist Carl Jung:

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

It will direct your life,

And you will call it fate.

I see a clear connection between the unconscious and the feminine, on one side, and the conscious and the masculine on the other. These two energies work according to different modus operandi, one being more subtle, gentle, possibly working in the background; the other being in the open and possibly more brash, assertive and adventurous.

Think for yourself about a time when you use one versus the other, and another time when you might be using both–a delicate balance, which is not always conscious.

A tarot card that resonates when it comes to feminine energy is that of the Moon. In the Rider-Waite deck, the Moon card shows a crawfish swimming upstream in a river, aiming for a summit in the distance. Knowing the crawfish cannot go backward, it may tell us something important about evolution–our own and that of humanity.

While I do not have any specific advice for bringing those two energies together, besides a strong and regular practice of going within, and of questioning “life” as we experience it, I have been doing for some time a meditation aimed at just that. Bringing opposites together and making them work hand in hand.

It requires quieting the mind, visualization and possibly naming of the feminine and naming of the masculine as they appear. Names do not always come forth, yet an image usually does. The other day, I could see and feel a red round shape to the right and a blue one to the left. An initial mental rocket, breaking through a ‘cloud of softness,’ came between these two wings and formed a butterfly. Incidentally, in a creative session, I drew what looked like a butterfly. This is how some of our inner functions work to unite what may seem at odd in the first place. Knowing a butterfly cannot fly, or even take off, with one wing.

What may look like a butterfly, or the eyes of a dragonfly!

We are all butterflies, aren’t we?

Similarly, I believe it is important for us that we make full use of both energies and that we do not favor one over the other. Given, of course, the context we find ourselves in, which may require more of one energy.

Why am I sharing this?

In the first place, so that we can reflect and know better who we are, and how we function.

Second because I believe that a gentle blend of these feminine and masculine energies is what will carry us forward in the times that are ahead of us. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, the pourer of divine Water, and water is in essence a sign of the feminine. It flows, as opposed to the rays of the sun, that shine and possibly burn. Hence a clear contrast with what humanity experienced for some 2,000 years and a fresh focus on relationships and cooperation in the decades to come.

If I needed a confirmation for what I was devoting my time to, it came in the form of an article written by my friend Lisa Rising Berry on May 16th and entitled, It is Time to Make the Unconscious Conscious. You will find a short excerpt further down. She clearly indicates that it is time for us to “be prepared.” Prepared to receive these new energies that are being sent to Earth and that emanate from the Divine Mother. Or whatever divine feminine ‘container’ we could imagine.

Hence the importance of “being whole,” of being “balanced within,” in order to receive.

“This topic is very near and dear to my heart because we are currently in the energy that requires the unconscious mind to change. I have been speaking about this time period since I started writing articles in 2014. I was able to see this time coming and I would tell people that they needed to prepare. “But a body have you prepared for me” – HEB 10:5-7; Psalm 40:6-7. I know most don’t want to hear quotes from the Bible; however, this one is applicable to this period of time we are in. It is the current energy that we are in that our bodies need to be prepared for. The ME in the verse is the energy we are in and the question you need to ask is did you prepare your body to house this energy?” To be even more specific, it is the Body, Speech and Mind that need to be prepared.  The Body is in reference to the physical body, which is connected to the brain, the duality of our experiences here. The Speech is how we create and reprogram the unconscious or subconscious mind. The Mind is the heart, which is singularity and contains our true nature of mind that we are trying to access. The heart is the seat of the soul and houses both the consciousness and subconscious mind. What determines if our Mind is conscious or unconscious is the vibratory rate of the combination of our Body, Speech and Mind.”

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