Innocence of a New Age

The innocence of a New Age or Innocence in a New age?

Honestly, dear Ones, I didn’t know which one to go with and I may be playing with them both—they seem interchangeable, like two good friends vying for the strongest demonstration of friendship.

What comes to our mind when innocence is mentioned? And a New Age?

A feeling of freshness, of purity perhaps?

Of bewildered discovery, with eyes wide open, for the first time?

Where I am, so suddenly?

I am bringing ‘innocence’ to the surface because, in a post that I read two days ago (Tuesday), Master Djwhal encourages us to become the “protectors of innocence.” You will understand what He means at the end of this introduction of our theme.

Mystically, I encountered the word ‘innocence’ twice in the two hours after reading Master Djwhal’s message; as if receiving a personal note, a piece of a roadmap for navigating the upcoming New.

For now, let’s delve into this concept and envision where we are heading in terms of our role in this Age in the process of being birthed.

Naturally, a child’s innocence comes to the fore, with her pure, beautiful and sometimes naïve apprehension of the world around her—one that is not spoiled; one that still lives up to the image she has made for herself—a safe, loving world; one she can trust, providing she received the proper nourishment and care in her first years.

So, when envisioning the notion of “protecting innocence,” why don’t we equate it with ‘protecting a child?’

How would we protect a child from the woes and wounds that society is inflicting, and has inflicted upon us from time immemorial?

How can we possibly ‘protect’ the pure vision of this child, while, at the same time, giving her the tools to face the sometimes harsh reality of living on planet Earth?

These may seem like simple questions; ones many of us would consider in the context of their childhood, growing up happily and mischieving a bit—or a lot! Or in the context of raising a child, a ‘task’ which requires quite a bit of wisdom and fortitude at times.

These may be questions that we will need to ask ourselves, sooner than later, along with the following one:

Who does provide the nourishment and care at the beginning of a New age? And who benefits from them?

Once we fully enter into this New Age, so many popular notions of the old will have fallen through the cracks; leaving us empty-handed, possibly, as well as fresh and ready to enjoy a brand-new reality.

In a nutshell, forgetful about the old age and … Innocent. Pure. Joyous.

Did I think Divine?


From Master Djwhal’s December 2019 teaching – The Light of the World.


“It is most important that you not become jaded or lethargic in carrying out the functional tasks of midwifing. Indeed, as facilitators for this sacred birth, you must all become protectors of innocence. There can be no doubt that this is an important responsibility and it is one I encourage all of you to take to heart.


You see, in the birthing a new age, the restoration and preservation of innocence is unquestionably one of the highest priorities.


We, your witnesses, are vitally aware of this fact. Indeed, during the latter decades of the Piscean Age, we have watched the systematic destruction of innocence through widespread access to child pornography, violence toward children and the cruel practice of sexual trafficking.


Going forward, so much of realizing the Aquarian potential depends upon the fate of innocence. As harbingers of a new age, you must neither ignore the fate of innocence nor neglect nurturing and caring for it. With worldly violence so prevalent that even young children are now given training for surviving mass shootings in schools, we must ask and answer some poignant questions.


Where shall innocence safely dwell on a planet that has crushed its very essence?


Who shall defend and protect innocence on behalf of, and in service to, Divine Mother?


What force in the cosmic holarchy can be applied to facilitate the awakening of a tiny planet seeking enlightenment?”

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Let it close, let it close!

Whatever wants (or needs) to close, dear Ones, let it do it!

Either collectively or personally.

The year will close ‘naturally’ in 29 days or so. And so will the second decade of the 21st century.

And a seven-year cycle will end on the winter solstice of December 21st. A beautiful sign of completion.

Closings generally mean new openings, and 2020 shall not be an exception, with all that the Universe has in store.

December may be a time to look back on a year filled with various events and activities, progress and upgrades, deepening wisdom and assiduous inner work.

The portion of the message from Master Hilarion is making sense to me as I look at what it is that I don’t want to take with me into a new era. Not necessarily what is listed but there is apparently still some debris to clear and cleanse. Not sure where it is coming from, but I am acknowledging what wants to manifest and doing the work that I ought to do.

Let’s close the year and the decade beautifully, dear Ones!


Many of you have been experiencing a replay of all that you thought had already been purged from you and have been wondering when you would be free of these.

Dear Ones, this is a completion for you. It might be likened to a Bardo experience that happens when a Soul departs from Earth. In your case, you have chosen to continue on in your Ascension journey while in your physical body – so you are experiencing a review of your life lived on the Earth up to this point in time. 

All is in Divine order and we ask you to be at peace about this occurrence. Just allow these thoughts and feelings from the past to pass through you – allow all the feelings of soul sadness, sense of loss, grief, injustice, indignation and anger to be felt, acknowledged and released. This will be a final purging. Take with you all the soul lessons that have been learned and let the rest go.”

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Sharing the essence of who we are

Dear Ones,

In this US Thanksgiving/Thanksreceiving week, the post I read this morning made me reflect on how we affect others—positively, that is.

Energy, and therefore gratitude, goes both ways, doesn’t it?

We want a giver and we need a receiver!

The interconnectivity between all of us has increased; or perhaps it is that we are noticing it more easily as the old world falls through the cracks and barriers dissolve.

How do we influence people around us, even without words?

So that they start looking within and questioning, not only the world around them, but also their conditioning.

There ought to be a way, a path that is walkable, that is practical.

This excerpt provides some answers; and yet there may be others.

In fact, there are a myriad of ways to shine our light and sow our love. In the deepest recesses of anyone’s mind.

“We are connected to each other and to the earth and stars by a web of energy. This web is real and so what affects one will, in turn, affect all around you. As you raise up your light, you begin to radiate like a tiny sun, as a Christed one who radiates light into your environment, affecting friends and enemies alike. Those who are more sensitive will be the first to notice the difference in how you carry yourself, how you react to events around you, how you manage to find beauty and delight in all things. They will be attracted to the light, even though they might not understand it yet on a conscious level. And by allowing themselves to be attracted, they will commence on the first step toward their own enlightenment.”

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Another bubble follow-up

Dear Ones,

As one might expect, once we start moving the mud, particles come up in the water. Which makes it easier to see and dissolve them.

This means that another initiation bubble came up this morning.

The Swiss precision still there. Which means totally inevitable.

Could I foresee the consequences of what I did in my normal way of living?

Most certainly.

Did it make any difference?

Of course, it didn’t and the scenario played along my journey. That’s the way the path is laid, and this is what I call for.

Did the bubble burst?

I can’t even tell.

Which means, the scenario aside, different bubbles may have different effects.

For one thing, it didn’t create any irritation within. The risk, well-delineated, was more for rampant guilt, which wouldn’t make things any better for anyone. Providing that I would be sending guilt energy into the Universe.

And the antidote, well-cherished, is the mantra I shared yesterday.

“I give thanks for everything and I have no complaints whatsoever.”

I give thanks especially because it opened up a new door in me; one that I had not foreseen.

The desire to send healing Light to extinguish people’s anguish. Anguish of any kind, including the one I am familiar with.

Was this desire hidden behind a mental barrier?

One that suddenly broke down, because of the determination I made to “fully surrender to the Divine.”

It is the thought that has penetrated my awareness.


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A bubble follow-up

Dear ones,

I wrote on Saturday about those lovely initiation bubbles coming into my life. They have been part of my environment for a long, long time. The one that flew at me that day burst and it taught me quite a bit. Knowing these bubbles come at me all the time, in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Another one flew at me this morning; a massive one in some respect with an issue that usually irritates me to the core.

And, believe it or not, this morning’s initiation bubble didn’t burst. It didn’t affect me as it usually does. And I was able to let it go fairly easily, leaving the final decision in the hands of the ‘decision-maker.’

With all my experience with these flying bubbles, I can tell hundreds of them could have been avoided, only if….

Only if I knew that this would happen because of what I did. Nothing out of this world; just mundane living leading to the firing of a bubble.

What entered my mind fairly quickly this morning is that this November 12th bubble would have never existed, had I not asked our son not to watch TV before breakfast. He would have not returned to his room, the birth location of the bubble; because of what happened there a few minutes later.

Again, day to day occurrences—nothing big, assuredly—and their ‘small consequences’ in the chain of life and learning.

During all these years when these ‘occurrences took place,’ I truly believed that the Divine had something to do with them. Knowing it was so beautifully orchestrated and, at the same time, so easily avoidable if …. The scenario repeats itself with what I would call ‘Swiss precision,’ despite the varying circumstances.

Yet, what dawned on me a couple hours later in my yoga class is that it is not the Divine (a Divine ‘out there’) at work, but Gilles Asselin’s Divine; or my Higher Self, or my I AM self, if you will.

My Higher Self knows exactly what I need and knows best how to nurture and shower me. Yet, if I continuously respond the same way, it will continue to offer situations where bubbles will be fired, one after another.

That became crystal clear.

I made the determination this past Sunday to “fully surrender to the Divine,” in my daily living environment, my very own crucible. It is time, isn’t it, after this myriad of bubbles?

I didn’t know where it would take me and boy, the road can be arduous—yesterday felt like a day full of setbacks—and the ‘attachment to attachments’ is a pattern which is hard to break.

The attachment to attachments I am talking about is a mental pattern(s) we have engineered—perhaps a very long time ago, often unconsciously—to take care of the bubble once it has burst; or in case it bursts. Especially when the bursting of the bubble is painful. It is usually a mental pattern that we project in the future and that creates damages. It is not a healthy pattern.

But, as we understand, despite the arduousness of the path, it is the direction we are moving toward that matters; it matters certainly more than where we are now, even in the middle of an ocean of bubbles!

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The little initiations of everyday life

Dear Ones,

I am sure you know what I am talking about here when I mention the word ‘little initiation.’ Those little moments when life graces us with a challenge, a fear, or another emotion—often prompted by an external event or a person.

On my personal path, it seems I can encapsulate these moments into something tangible; they pop, they fire their energy and they move on. The pattern is fairly consistent and it seems there is nothing I can do to prevent them from happening. There is an element of surprise, of unknowingness which is both divine and spiritual.

When reflecting on those moments this morning, the image that came is that of soap bubbles—bubbles that are flying at us in all their innocence and purity.

That is, until they burst. And in order to burst, they need to be touched, or pierced; or perhaps they simply need to land.

The questions that came then are,

How we can go through these initiation bubbles unaffected?

Or is it a better strategy to blow them and let them go their own way?

I believe it depends on the kind of bubbles we are talking about. Some of them may be inevitable, as resilient stones laid on our spiritual path; others may only want our best growth and inner attunement, despite the appearance, the color or the size.

I am writing this, not pretending that I know how to handle or gently push those bubbles aside. As I came home this morning, after my yoga class, an initiation bubble came flying toward me, fueled by unknown and unseen circumstances and, guess what?

It burst.

So why not rejoice at the sight of these ‘inevitable’ bubbles and consider life for what it is? A beautiful initiatory ground.

In the spirit of the practice of Thanksgiving—in North America, that is—I

would like to share a mantra that came back to me yesterday. I knew where to find it, tucked that it was in a Djwhal Kuhl teaching of November 2011.

“Today I give thanks for everything and I have no complaints whatsoever.”

Shall we, dear Ones, include our initiation bubbles in this ‘everything’?

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Choosing what we feel – and think!

Choosing what we feel, or the ‘adventure’ of this first week of November, is not about denying or masquerading our emotions.

It is neither about feeling good or adequate. Knowing that life is “what it is” and that it usually throws a lot at us, in just about every shapes, tones and colors.

It is about realizing that, in every moment, we have a choice. The choice to follow our ego and feel victimized, or abused, or deceived, or the choice to let go and give our soul the rein.

Naturally, there are situations and contexts where we are truly victimized, abused or deceived—and that is the moment when we need to speak up and defend ourselves.

What I am referring to is clearly illustrated by this beautiful passage from the Arcturian Council, dated Saturday, November 2nd.

“People often wonder if they are truly awakened because they still have their challenges, their issues, their moments that could be described as very egoic. And we want you to know that once you are awake, your journey has really just begun because now you are conscious, now you are aware that you have a choice. You can choose to know your Divinity or to feel very small and insignificant. You can choose to feel empowered or to feel like a victim. We want to help elevate you out of victimhood status so that you can know yourselves as creator beings. We want you to know that you are in the driver’s seat now, in your lives and in the shift in consciousness.”

And thus being awake often means being aware that we have a choice, again; a choice in terms of how we look at ourselves and how we conceive of ourselves—the victim, the receiver, or the ‘conspirator of good’, the giver of positive energy.

That choice was offered to me a few moments ago. I could have felt insulted by what happened around me, because of something I did casually. Yet, as soon as I realized that choice possibility, I let go of the lower route and chose the ‘conspirator of good’ seat.

It is an easy choice once we are ‘sufficiently’ aware, I believe. Although, as we all know, awakening is not a question of “quantity.” Often times, a challenging situation will present itself and our ego will jump at the opportunity to make us feel bad, or feel victimized.

This choice awareness requires discernment as well as spiritual vigilance, knowing our ego is always happy and willing to set “tricks and tests” along our spiritual path.

May our journey of “growth and discernment” be a magnificent one, dear Ones!

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