Are we near the beginning?

Dearest Ones,

It is the beginning of a new month and one might wonder what it will bring as we approach the close of a tumultuous year—perhaps more gratitude for being alive and well? Gratitude is a thought form and a practice that brings more blessings into our lives and I hope all of us can spend generous amounts of time in that state this month.

While the post below contains quite a few gems about the nature and purpose of clearings, what struck me is the picture that accompanied the post (see below). I’ve seen it at various times for the past 3 or 4 years. Yet when I saw it this time, it felt so much truer than before.

‘The beginning is near.’

What did we enter, one might ask, as the month of November starts to envelop us?

Is this another womb, sort of a conduit, leading us to a drastically altered world?

I will keep the question alive all month, coupled with my gratitude practice; I will also sprinkle it with grains of compassion as I keep paying attention to the dialogue between my mind and my heart.

I encourage you to read the whole article. It made me reflect once again upon the reason why I chose to be born in the family where I spent my youth; a family that I picked consciously, I assume, as I knew it would be important for achieving my mission, and that has somehow ‘disintegrated’ as both my parents transitioned quite some time ago.

Please spend some time this month thinking about your parents, your upbringing and how it / they helped you to be the magnificent being you are today—even though this polished magnificence may have necessitated some fine tuning or hard work.

We are beings who are able to love, despite all the difficulties we might encounter, both at the personal level or while reflecting upon the unbalanced state of the world.

If there is one paragraph I would pick out of this teaching (it is so much more than a simple article), it would be this one,

“Love is the key to all things because Love, the realization of ONE Divine Consciousness, God, expressing ITself as the many, is the only reality–period. Love is not an action;, it is a state of consciousness that manifests as action but must include one’s self for how could a self exist outside of ONE?”

Let’s make November a month of transitioning into what needs and wants to manifest while exerting our beautiful heart into a grateful state of expansion.

Please remember that it is the heart—our heart—that will take us where our planet is going. It is the heart—our heart—that will decide the future of humanity.

Love & much Light,


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Topic: Are we near the beginning?

Time: Nov 3, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time

OCTOBER 30, 2022

Arcturian Group Message October 30, 2022 | Marilyn Raffaele

Welcome dear Ones. Once again, we wish you to know that all is proceeding according to plan. We repeat this often because, in the face of so many global and personal issues surfacing, many doubt this. Pockets of old but active energy continue to surface on all levels to be seen and cleared. 

Many things you thought would remain as they have always been are changing form or even dissolving. This is because consciousness, from which form manifests, is changing as the result of spiritual evolution. Earth was never meant to sink into its present dense and hypnotized state. Souls chose to experience separation but became lost in its seeming reality allowing it to became their state of consciousness opening them to manipulation. The experiment of separation was never meant to evolve into the dense hardened three-dimensional belief system it became.

Always remember that you are not physical bodies with a consciousness, rather you are consciousness with a material body that you yourself chose for this particular lifetime. Those born with or who at some point acquired a less than perfect physical body were aware of and chose the experiences of having that body before incarnation, either for their own learning or that of parents or others. 

For those living fully in separation consciousness, life experiences are usually random expressions of duality and separation. However very little is random or accidental once a person begins living from a state of consciousness increasingly more in alignment with their Higher Self. The Higher Self then begins to provide those experiences necessary for spiritual growth and clearing. Learn to look deeper at all your life experiences in the realization that, with the help of your Guides, you yourself chose your parents, gender, needed experiences and family dynamic before incarnating. 

A soul often chooses to incarnate into a family that will provide them with the opportunity to experience and reactivate some old energy they have been carrying and suffering from through many previous lifetimes but are now prepared to permanently clear. This is often true in family dynamics of abuse, rigid religious belief or traditions, and alcohol or drug addiction. Know that in every situation something more is taking place than what appearances testify to.

Physical aches and pains always indicate dense energy that remains active. It could be as ordinary as the energy of belief in old age and deterioration or simply the physical cells remembrance and expression of an injury or disease from a previous life. In your quiet time state your intention to gently and easily clear all old energy associated with the particular issue you may be experiencing in order that the already present reality can manifest.

The surfacing of old energies often brings a person to seek relief through three dimensional solutions. Know that these will always be temporary because they only trim branches from the illusion tree, leaving the root intact. Until the root (the underlying belief) is removed, the issue will continue to manifest in some form. You are ready and prepared to remove roots.

Go deeper, ask for guidance, and state your intention to fully clear all remaining oaths, promises, vows and any remaining energy from past personal actions (karma). Large pockets of old energy (example–having lived many lifetimes in the same belief system, especially those of a particular religion) often clear in increments and take longer; so do not be discouraged or think you have failed if you find certain issues reappearing after you thought you had moved beyond them.

Do not get discouraged or depressed about clearing experiences for they indicate spiritual evolution and graduation into a new state of consciousness. Learn to laugh at the absurd situations that clearings often bring to what may have always been a comfortable and familiar lifestyle. See them as being positive rather than negative, even when they are uncomfortable physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually.

Always remember that you volunteered to be on earth for these times with an awareness of what it would most likely entail. Trust that you are right where you need to be experiencing what you need to experience in spite of how things may seem to a three-dimensional world. Earth is a spiritual universe peopled only with sons and daughters of God and the belief that it is anything other than that constitutes the illusion of material sense.

You came to be the Light, love and energy necessary to transform and lift a collective consciousness stuck in illusions of duality, separation and two powers but which, consciously and unconsciously, is desperately seeking a way out. All souls on all levels of awareness seek to know and experience the reality of their being even though as of yet most do not know this.

Forgiveness of self is a powerful facet of love and must be integrated as part of the clearing process. When actions of the past are seen with new and enlightened eyes, it can and often does bring guilt and self-loathing. Understand that every person is only capable of living and acting through their attained state of consciousness. Forgive and love yourself in the realization that the words you may have spoken or actions taken in your previous state of consciousness were the best you could do at that time.

Make reparations if guided, but do not spend time in regret and guilt for these are negative emotions that reflect separation from your true Self. The belief in separation underlies every negative action in the world. If the person or persons you believe you have hurt in some way are on the other side, you can still speak to them, sending them love and light. If they are still in the physical, you can ask forgiveness or talk to them about what occurred but, if they are not receptive, simply move on and do the work silently and secretly. Spending an inordinate amount of time on some old event that was probably meant to teach both simply adds energy to the illusion. 

Love is the key to all things because Love, the realization of ONE Divine Consciousness, God, expressing ITself as the many, is the only reality–period. Love is not an action; it is a state of consciousness that manifests as action but must include one’s self for how could a self exist outside of ONE? 

Cease judging yourselves by three dimensional concepts of acceptability, worth and value. You must begin to include yourselves in the ONE or you remain in the old energy of separation beliefs. Every single person has made mistakes and done things that have hurt others but this is how the evolutionary journey works and you have moved on from the illusion-based state of consciousness you once had.

Learning to see self as SELF is a priority because, if you refuse to accept your place in the ONE, you will be unable to do it for any of God’s expressions. 

Know, accept and be love incarnate for nothing else exists.

We are the Arcturian Group

Via Marilyn Raffaele at 

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Abundance One, Gift of donation

This is a message from a friend who became homeless in England; please help if you feel called to support her. Thank you.

The beauty of a flower, reflected in each one of us

Dear friends,

It seems this note needed to be written.

The situation and events have been strong, it feels life is hanging by fingernails and until this storm of frequencies stabilizes, body is in a vulnerable state.

As the old financial flow has stopped and there has not been enough grounding, and my body/avatar has been travelling from one country to another and I am out of resources, relation as well as finance.

I am asking the Universe, fellow Earth travelers and my Ascension Light Family to assist if their hearts invite them to share from Abundance One, in form of a donation gift. 

I am leaving the shelter tomorrow with no £ and no place to go, except the streets, with no physical strength and ability to stand in the cold. 

I am grateful to divine love and timing, every breath is in freedom, in Now and yet, body is collapsing, my soul in surrender.

May divine will direct whatever is required and needed to support the life that I AM.

Please send your donation to:

In light and love, In gratitude 

Seraphim Joy Foundation

May 16, 2022

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Responsibility and stability

Good evening dear Ones,

It will be a brief invitation this week as I reflected this evening on the post (excerpt below) from the 9D Arcturian Council.

Perhaps you noticed changes, or more tension in the people around you, your loved ones or those you see on a regular basis?

As awakened fellows, we do have a responsibility toward those around us, both human beings and institutions—a responsibility to maintain stability, to be a rock, so to speak.

I am slowly getting acquainted with the school where I work and the more I participate in meetings, the more I learn about its culture, the more I realize that it is a left brain organization. An organization driven by the computer, tests, assessment tools and other types of measurement. And yet their primary stakeholders are human beings; not human doings. A student shared with me last week that what she was attempting to learn in a science class was ‘confusing.’ Perhaps as confusing as the world we live in, the world which is dissolving before our very eyes.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a left brain approach but I doubt that this organization will be able to adequately function once the winds of the Aquarian Age start blowing with full force.

And that may only reinforce the importance of stability—our stability—which is highlighted here, and which constitutes an important part of our mission as our planet goes through the process of shifting gears.

Let’s see what the remainder of the year brings, dear Ones, and make sure we buckle..

… just in case!

Love & much Light.

As stable as it can get!

“You as the Awakened Collective have that responsibility to those around you to maintain your stability no matter what they are going through, no matter what they are purging, no matter how hard it is for you to stay by their side. This is also incredibly challenging work that you have given yourselves. This is why you have chosen to awaken first, however, and to do the work yourselves. It was all to prepare you for these moments. You know you love the people who are closest to you in your lives and you know you love them enough to stay by them, even when they are experiencing the worst of the emotional purging, but you also have enough experience with that process to know that you were not at your best when you are doing that purging.

The people around you will not be at their best to such an extent that they may try to force you out of their lives. That is when you remember that your spiritual evolution is all about forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. You will help heal your loved ones by being that, rather than just knowing it as a philosophy or a theory. The final months of 2022 will continue to raise the speed of the energies that are coming in, and the speed of the energies coming in determines how long a person has to keep those negative emotions buried. 

You can expect to see a lot coming to the surface in November and December, as well as in the rest of October, but you all who are receiving this message can handle it. For those around you, it will be quite an ordeal and we encourage you to prepare yourselves and remember who you really are and what you are there to do during those most uncomfortable times that you have ahead of you of sitting with someone who is experiencing decades of negative emotion all at once. This will all be worth it as more and more humans prepare themselves for the shift, for full e.t. contact and for all the gifts and abilities that they have yet to uncover within themselves. You will be able to celebrate with those that you sat with during their time of greatest need.”

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Topic: Responsibility and stability

Time: Oct 20, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time

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For the sake of intensification

Dear Ones,

A few weeks back, I was questioning the nature of this incredible year we are going through, not really knowing what its nature is about.

One of our members responded and brought forward the idea of intensification.

While I am not clear on what could possibly intensify, it made me wonder,

Intensification for the sake of what?

And where is this intensification going to take us?

In a different vein, yet perhaps connected, I reflected on the decree that I recite every morning, which appears below—asking archangel Michael for assistance in the sealing of our heart as we prepare to receive a greater light and balance.

Intensification of the threefold flame is mentioned twice.

This decree might be very valuable for those of us devotees of the Light and who knows how it might benefit or protect us during the remaining seventy-nine days of 2022?

Will we be experiencing greater intensity?

Intensification in the sky

To establish a spiritual forcefield of protection around yourself, call to God and to Archangel Michael for a blue-fire shield of protection. Visualize a blue sphere of protective energy around your heart and offer this prayer:

Almighty God, I call for a mighty blue sphere of protective energy around my heart. I call for the maximum protection of Archangel Michael and the guardian angels. I call for the intensification now of the sealing of the heart in blue fire, in the grid of light that is the original blueprint for my heart—my physical heart, my heart chakra, the secret chamber and the threefold flame.

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Jesus, now intensify the original divine image of my Christhood within my mighty threefold flame. I call to you, beloved Archangel Michael, for the protection of the vessels of the heart in the many levels of being as I prepare to receive a greater light and balance. And I call for the protection of all who are devotees of the Light from all that hinders or would hinder the intensification of the threefold flame in their heart.

Whenever you give this decree, visualize Archangel Michael as a beautiful, powerful archangel. See him with his legions of Light accompanying you and sealing you and your loved ones in an invincible wall of blue-flame protection—ring upon ring of intense sapphire blue energy.

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Topic: For the sake of intensification

Time: Oct 13, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time

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Why is it that some people breathe peace and Love?

And some don’t?

I was inspired this evening by reading the words about peace below. They came from a blog called Heavenletters that I read once in a while.

They made me think about peace, as well as love, as well as willingness or motivation. Please read on after the quote.

“Peace is not something you plead for. Peace is something you give. It is that simple. You give peace. You send peace. You beget peace.

Peace is not a decision. It is an awareness on which a decision can be based, a decision to go by your essential nature.

You do not always feel love, yet you are love.”

This afternoon I was assisting 7th grade students in a science class. They were reviewing the questions of a test they took four days prior. Their regular teacher was away for the day and a substitute with apparent mobility issues was sitting behind the desk. She couldn’t go around the class and I did, as I usually do.

I help those students who ask for help or who are receptive. Shall I say, receptive to my energy?

At some point, I came across a young woman. She was diligently working on her test, reviewing each answer and answering the question as to why she got such or such answer wrong. I could sense her motivation, helped her out and spent time correcting the small English mistakes she made. Not using the correct tense in her explanation for example.

She was really “into the experience” and seemed appreciative for the assistance I provided. She made my heart smile. Her name is Ruby, by the way.

There is beauty in regularity

I asked myself, why is it that she seems so willing to learn while other students would prefer to play games or goof around, given the opportunity?

Of course, there are a myriad of factors that could explain her positive attitude, starting with the attention—and possible gentle push—she may receive at home. Yet, there may be something about her essential nature as well.

Recall the sentence above, “Peace is not a decision. It is an awareness on which a decision can be based, a decision to go by your essential nature.”

And so we come full circle, dear friends, with the question I posed. Why is it that some people breathe peace and love, and some don’t?

And why is it that some students are willing to learn from the mistakes they made in a test, and some don’t?

Perhaps our attitude toward peace and love has a direct connection with our willingness to learn—and to learn from our mistakes. I mean, the ones we experience in life—a life which, often, turns out to be a test!

What do you think?

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Topic: Why is it that some people breathe peace and love?

Time: Oct 6, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time

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The Ability to See—what we need to change

Dear Ones,

I have been reflecting lately on why some people come into our lives—especially people we would qualify as ‘difficult to swallow.’ Just think about your coworkers if you are working, your clients, or your close family.

Do these people carry a message for us, or are they simply the outward expression of their true nature?

I don’t believe there is a clear, black and white answer to this question, knowing our lives are made up of so many “elements”—past and present, visible and invisible—like a beautiful kaleidoscope.

That being said, it is always a good idea to venture into deep questioning, especially if we keep meeting the same type of people; or perhaps marrying the same type of spouses, in the case of repeated marriages.

Then, an excerpt I had been thinking about came back to the fore, perhaps as a sign for me to look deeper into the mirror that someone is offering me.

These words are part of a book entitled The Matter of Mind (by Master Djwhal Kuhl) and we used them in a September 2020 communion entitled, Seeing the Buddha in everyone.

At times, that “seeing” may be quite a challenge, don’t you think so?

Serenity personified

“One of the kindest gifts you can offer to your family and friends is to begin seeing a Buddha in each of them. As you practice this way of seeing others, you will notice that the practice benefits them as well as you. The place to start is with those who irritate or frustrate you. In the east, when someone arises in your field of experiencing who triggers you emotionally, you say “thank you!” because you know this one to be a manifestation of a Buddha. Why else would he or she go to all the trouble to show you where your emotional charges lie?

Most people are quite self-occupied, living in the realm of their own making. But when a Buddha comes along, the charged areas you have managed to hide can get quite a workout. You find out where they are and hopefully are motivated to heal them. Thus, you say “thank you!”

Such is the gift of a Buddha in your life! Clearly, what you get out of the adventure is wholeness. What the other person gets out of it is the very powerful, positive energy of you projecting him or her as a Buddha. Sometimes, it is just as simple as bowing to that person—inwardly, if not outwardly. Of course, it can be difficult for the ego to bow when you meet someone with whom you have a history of feeling frustration or irritation. What better opportunity to confront the ego and push through its forcefield into a clearer personal space? In other words, act like a Buddha!”

From The Matter of Mind, pages 12-13

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Topic: The ability to see

Time: Sep 29, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Seasonal beginnings

Dear Ones,

This week marks the entrance into or passage through a seasonal portal—that of autumn, in the northern hemisphere. What will it bring to go through this change in energy, knowing the southern hemisphere is moving into the opposite portal, that of spring?

It is worth asking the question, I believe and, talking about portals and beginnings, yesterday I came across an old saying by Lao Tzu that made me wonder,

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

It made me pause and reflect because I clearly sensed an ending—or a point of completion—at the beginning of August, around the 5th or 6th. And there was pain around it; quite a bit of it in fact. It seemed like a cycle was ending—both personal and possibly collective. This was the time right before the full opening of the Lion’s Gate.

As to a new beginning in the days that followed, I must admit that I didn’t sense much of it.

Could it be that this beginning was delayed until this week, as a powerful time of eclipses is looming?

Are we ready for yet another beginning?

Based on the newsletter below (an excerpt), it looks like we are soon entering a wormhole that will last until November 23rd. It will cover a period of two lunations and, interestingly, the New Moon of September 25 will occur at almost the same time as that of November 23—5:54 pm EST and 5:57 pm EST.

What could it possibly mean?

This may very well be a time for exceptional inner transformation. And, as we know, the fall season calls for harvest! Bountiful harvest as, I am sure, everyone sowed abundantly this year.

Are we ready for the new season?

“This week is truly off the charts, delivering an incredible balance point that equalizes and recalibrates the scales while fine-tuning the mirrored lens we’re looking through in this physical earthly dimension. Awakening our unique perception of reality, we realize the power to shift or transform anything that lies within. The Libra New Moon on Sunday (September 25) activates the entry point for the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage from September 25 through November 23. How we enter this dynamic portal matters and the Equinox calibration on 9/22 offers nothing short of a divine blessing with harmonic resonance as we approach the entry point of this epic journey.

As with any wormhole/eclipse passage, it is important to remember that anything goes and quantum leaps are possible in the blink of an eye. This path is not linear; we are off-roading and trailblazing beyond our normal orientation points of spatial relationship and linear timelines. If we judge, react, or pull back, we separate ourselves from the greater movement that is designed to transcend timelines and our perception of physical dimension limitations. The best way to journey into this profound passage is through the heart—surrendered, equanimous and free.”

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Topic: Seasonal beginnings

Time: Sep 22, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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The fragility of life

Dear Ones,

There are times when we are prompted to reflect on the fragility of life; especially when some folks close to us are about to transition, or are thinking about ending their lives.

My father-in-law seems to be close to the end at the beautiful age of 96. Interestingly enough, he is 3 weeks younger than the late Queen of England. And it looks like plans will be made for us to attend his funeral virtually. Southeast Asia is a long way from North America.

Synchronicities and signs—even about the end of life—are part of the scenery we enjoy. On Sunday, I was discussing with a friend the emergence of suicidal thoughts; I experienced some during the last two weeks of June, while staying in a hotel, and they got me intrigued because they felt so irrational—and yet they were really present, possibly as a delusion. Or as a sign, a pebble on the road, so that I could more easily relate to people in that situation.

And two days ago, our son’s school announced a suicide awareness session for 7th graders. The announcement is posted below and I truly believe it is a blessing that such sensitive topics are discussed in schools nowadays. Awareness is key, as we know.

That being said, we talked with our son last night and he doesn’t want to attend the session. For someone who just turned 12, immersed in his own fantasy world, it may be difficult to conceive of someone whose desire is to take his or her life.

These are my reflections on the end of life this week; I am sure you have your own, as we all go through the ebb and flow of our human beingness.

Love & much Light!

Life manifesting as a burning candle

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Topic: The fragility of life

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Dear Parent / Guardian,  

This school year, school staff are working to teach students about mental health and how to seek help if they are worried about themselves or a friend. We are using a program called Signs of Suicide (SOS). The program teaches students about this difficult topic and encourages them to seek help.

SOS has been used by thousands of schools over the past few decades. Studies have shown that it effectively teaches students about depression and suicide while reducing the number of students’ self-reported suicide attempts. 

 Through the program, students learn: 

●       that depression is treatable, so they are encouraged to seek help  

●       how to identify depression and potential suicide risk in themselves or a friend 

●       to ACT (Acknowledge, Care and Tell a trusted adult) if concerned about themselves or a friend 

●       who they can turn to at school for help, if they need it  

Students will watch age-appropriate video clips and participate in a guided discussion about depression, suicide, and what to do if they are concerned about a friend. Following the video, students will complete a brief depression screening tool. This tool cannot provide a diagnosis of depression but does indicate whether a young person should be referred for evaluation by a mental health professional. Follow-up calls to parents will be made if necessary.

We encourage you to visit for information on warning signs for youth suicide, useful resources, and some of the key messages students will learn. You can also view this parent video to learn more.

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What have we been chosen for?

Dear Ones,

This afternoon, I watched the Golden Child, a 1986 movie where Eddy Murphy’s mission is to rescue a Golden Child who’s been kidnapped in Tibet by a very dark guy.

A few words from Master Djwhal drew me to this movie.

“Perhaps part of the reason the Dalai Lama is so well received around the world today is due in

large part to Gandhi’s influence. I would like to draw your attention, and encourage each of you, to rent the film The Golden Child. Odd as it may seem, this is an Eddie Murphy film. While much of his work is probably not suitable for spiritual teaching, I believe this one is. As you watch the film, know that you are watching the coming forth of your potential self. The Golden Child lives in the palace of your heart and is literally awaiting your recognition and definition of him or her. I hope you draw much inspiration from this film, and may you come to know the Golden Child within.”

A captive golden child

In many ways, this is a battle between the forces of the dark and the forces of the Light.

Yet what transpires early on in the movie is the fact that Eddy Murphy is THE Chosen One for the job, and no one else. That is apparently based on a centuries-old Tibetan prophecy.

Sometimes, destiny strikes and it hits you right in the heart of Los Angeles, all the way from Tibet. Go figure!

What have we been chosen for?

It may not be a rescue mission, yet something we are uniquely equipped for.

Love & much Light

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Topic: What have we been chosen for?

Time: Sep 8, 2022 03:00 PM Eastern Time

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The freedom to love

Somehow, this concept of “freedom to love” came back to me this morning (Saturday) during my meditation time. It has knocked at my door recently yet I am not sure I was ready to honor it, as our family experienced a long period of ‘in-betweenness.’ Traveling between worlds, it seems, and abodes as well. It is good to be out of the tunnel, ready to embrace a new world.

So what is it that freedom and love have in common and why would someone want to associate them?

This is a question for all of us, really.

Do we feel freer when we are loved, or when we love?

As an unquantifiable, unmeasurable element, isn’t love free? Free for the taking, free for those who want to give it and free to those who ‘agree’ to receive it. The word ‘agree’ is important as I believe many of us in this chaotic environment believe they are not worthy of receiving love; or are not lovable, simply speaking.

Why would it be so?

What would the barriers, or unsurmountable obstacles, be that would prevent us from receiving Love?

It is a question for each of us, individually, and one has to spelunk inwardly to find out how he or she relates to Love. Please do not let these (possibly unconscious) barriers obstruct the path that guides us to the Divine.

Love, here we come!

Of course, there are various shades and degrees of love; love between humans, or between animals and humans, first comes to mind—and families, schools, institutions is where we start learning about and experiencing love; yet the older we get, and the more public we become, it seems that Loves gets rarefied. In a corporate or government setting, for instance.

What if Love were omnipresent in our lives? Just like the air we breathe?

Reflecting on those barriers, it seems that many of us have memories of unloving teachers; teachers who would criticize or punish rather than support or elevate us with a few kind words.

I still remember the name of my 11th grade math teacher. She was from Corsica and somehow it seems she picked every possible opportunity to give me a hard time. And there are others, beautiful beings, that take our education and growth to their hearts and generously give us all they have. I can’t think of too many though when I go back to my primary and secondary years of schooling. Perhaps you can?

So this is where it starts—primarily at home and in school where we implicitly learn the ‘rudiments’ of Love. Rudiments that shape a good bit of the remainder of our lives and a good bit of our personality as well.

Then, in this story we call life, where does the concept of freedom to love come into play? How do we decide if we are lovable or not? If we are going to love or not?

Is it a question of someone giving us permission to love ourselves? And others? That is a powerful question, isn’t it?

I will leave these questions in the open [for anyone to reflect] and look forward to a beautiful discussion on Thursday.

Love & much Light

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Topic: The freedom to love

Time: Aug 25, 2022 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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