Intensifying our Light

Let’s intensify our Light, dear Ones.

There is still a great need, a great demand for our Light, when one looks at the world we’re living in and the ‘horrible’ temptations that abound.

I was appalled last week when an ad kept showing up on top on my Facebook page three days in a row; an ad for exploring the different possible scenarios for another global war.

Who needs that? No one, honestly.

Who wants that: obviously some fear mongering individuals or institutions who might have political and economic interest in such a conflict; or who simply want to spread darkness all over.

It felt so sickening, right in front of my eyes, and having Facebook accept—and receive money—for such activities doesn’t feel healthy.

In response to what still surround us way too often, I’ve copied a few nuggets of advice that I read this morning. They go very much along the lines of what I would do, making sure I do not ‘waste my soul’ and energy in some unfortunate venture or website.

So please, let’s bring out our Light one notch up!

We can all do that.

Thank you!

“Allow your light to shine in each now moment of the day for this is what adds to the incoming frequencies of Light flowing from higher dimensions. Accept that you are the one you have searched for over lifetimes. The high resonating energy of each awakened consciousness is what will bring change, expose shadows and assist the un-awakened to wake up.
Honestly examine how much time and energy you spend thinking about negative issues and learn to be very selective with regard to networking, websites or groups that easily pull followers into dense energy under the guise of information. Many of you are beginning to recognize an energetic heaviness when visiting certain websites, news sources or even entertainments.

Be intuitively selective with regard to what you accept into your consciousness. Many sites that began as light fun and interaction with others have become platforms for promoting fear and separation.

Understand that, as your consciousness increasingly shifts to new levels, you automatically move out of alignment with some previous interests—online or in person. Attempting to make something from a previous state of consciousness work as it once did is futile and only serves to hold one in bondage to energy that is familiar but which has been outgrown.”

[and a little further down, the concluding words of the post]

… “Integrate each truth as it reveals itself to you and live from your highest attained level of awareness. At some point IT begins living ITSELF as you, without effort or study on your part. Most of you are either already there, or close to it, or you would not be drawn to or even understand these messages.

Let go dear ones. Let go and jump off that spiritual cliff you have teetered on for so long. Allow your Divine self to be your sword and shield.  Accept that you really are a Divine expression of God in material form and that you’ve never been a powerless human subject to all the manifestations of duality and separation.

I AM everything I have sought for lifetimes…there is no longer any need to keep seeking.”

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No one is in your life by mistake

I came across that expression this morning while browsing and, as you can imagine, it gave me some food for reflection.

What do you think of it, dear Ones?

Think especially about the people that you have happily let go, or that you would like to let go, and see what function they may be serving, or have served, in your life.

How did these folks help us grow, in their own ways?

Feel free to do the same with the ones you cherish, of course.

If you’ve watched the movie Forrest Gump, you know that plenty of people ‘fell’ into Forrest’s life–none of them were ‘mistakes’ and I wouldn’t deny the sprinkling of destiny that blessed his life. In fact, this movie is ‘full of destiny!’

That being said, when I saw these words, I couldn’t help connecting with the year 2004. For some intriguing reason, people or events from that very year seem to resurface since the beginning of 2020. And I can assure you these events or people were not mistakes. Yet, I am only seeing the tip of the iceberg here and still do not know why they are resurfacing.

As synchronicity would have it, I was amazed to read Judith Kusel’s message yesterday, where she mentioned this very same year: 2004.

How mystical!

Happy shifting, dear Ones!


“These are the core souls who have been involved with this planet since the beginning, first in Agartha, the Inner Earth civilization, and then in the later civilizations and mostly in the role of teachers and Higher Guides.  They serve at Universal levels and thus their souls have gained the Universal Knowledge which surpasses anything one can master on planet earth.

These souls have, up to now, lived in relative obscurity for they needed to do so and many of them lived quiet lives in the background, while anchoring in their soul mission and purpose into Mother Earth, especially since 2004.  Some have had immense shifts and thus stepped further into the merging since 2017 and will do so more and more in the next years leading up to 2021 and 2034.”


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The pregnancy of the moment

The pregnancy of the moment

The pregnancy of the moment, the pregnancy of the times, dear Ones.

What do these pregnancies mean, at various levels, and where will they take us?

It is interesting to think that a single moment, a period in time, could be pregnant?

Pregnant with what may want to manifest, what can possibly be apprehended, and yet what is not ‘real reality.’

Is this where we stand?

In many aspects, this theme is a continuation of last week’s communion, trying to fathom where this straight road may lead us and, at the same time, not trying to, so as to put all odds on our side.

Leaving It to the Universe.

Surrendering to the Divine in us, and in everyone, in everything.

We’re experiencing some very peculiar moments of history and yet we are not even sure of what is brewing.

Of what is growing in humanity’s womb.

A revolution perhaps?

A revolution of the heart, that is, and of the way we live and breathe.

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The road ahead is straight

The road ahead is straight

dear Ones.

It may be a long, long road; yet a straight one.

There is no way we’re going to get lost;

with so much assistance along the way!

That point being emphasized, I liked what I received from a friend shared a few days ago.

It may make sense to some, or it may not.

Personally, I haven’t been feeling any turbulence lately. And I certainly enjoyed reading the last sentence of the paragraph.

In the end, only the destination matters, doesn’t it?

“There is nothing easy about dealing with experiences related to Saturn and Pluto but the cathartic intensity they force us to endure aids in developing inner focus, determination and courage. At times, we must resiliently persist in the face of opposition; at other times we must learn to surrender to elements of life out of our control and nurture feelings of grief caused by loss. If we sustain effort through the challenges, by the end of 2020, we will have made significant progress toward major life goals—and put new, supportive structures in place that will endure for a long time.”


And I treasured this post as well; they complete each other.

“The Universe would like to gently remind you that there is a huge difference between giving up and surrendering.  Giving up is walking away in anger and frustration while dragging feelings of hopelessness along with you.  Surrendering is ceasing to fight a battle and releasing an experience to The Universe, feeling and knowing it will be handled accordingly.  Your gift of free will, which is always with you, gives you the opportunity to choose whatever is best.  The only other thing needed: allowing The Universe to assist you with its unending flow of Unconditional Love.”

~ Creator

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For the sake of loving oneself

Dear Ones,

I owe the inspiration for this week’s theme to Bruder Gerhard.

He asked me yesterday during our first communion of the year about a summary of our recent family trip to Malaysia. I couldn’t provide a meaningful answer on the spot, fogged that I was in the vapors of jet lag and enjoying a dire lack of sleep.

Yet, sleep usually brings ‘gentle answers’ and last night was no exception.

The answer to Bruder Gerhard’s question was crystal clear this morning, summed up in five [important] words.

The Importance of Loving Oneself.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have witnessed, from a distance, much anxiety, fear, paranoia, mental immobility, hypocrisy and criticism. The root cause, as if informing the way we live and breathe, is indisputable. I understand it so clearly now, in hindsight.

Two questions surge, very naturally.

What is self-love?

How do we love ourselves?

I will keep the latter one for the sake of our January 9th communion.

As to the first question, it has to do with how we conceive of—and therefore treat—ourselves. Consciously, yes, but most importantly unconsciously.

Our actions and words speak for where we are in life, spiritually speaking, and so many of us do not realize that (or are not conscious of the consequences of what they say and do), when it is so evident to those who witness our actions or hear our words.

I remember a blogpost I read some years ago where the author described an experience that he placed under the umbrella of self-love.

He (the author of the blog) was at the Philadelphia airport and had bought a cup of coffee for himself—a fancy one, the type that Starbucks sells.

As he sat to enjoy his beverage, someone bumped into his table and his cup of coffee fell on the ground. He thought for a few seconds, decided to love himself and bought another cup of coffee.

How many of us, in similar circumstances, would have gone back to the counter and ordered another cup of coffee?

This may not be the most poignant example of self-love, yet it is the beginning of an answer; one that perhaps puts us on the right track.

As we know, the Universe generously sprinkle Its pebbles on our path, through these incredible moments we call synchronicity. I was already mulling this theme of self-love for about an hour when I decided to pick my three tarot cards for the day.

The first one that popped up was the Ten of Cups.

Here is part of the explanation that I found for the card on the Labyrinthos website:

“To see the Ten of cups is to indicate a true emotional fulfillment—one where the lonely self-satisfaction of the Nine of Cups is shared with others to create a true sense of community and family. It is the crystallization of the innocent will of the Ace of Cups. After learning how to love oneself, the Nine of Cups matures into the Ten of Cups which, at its core, is about how true happiness stems from forging authentic bonds and connections with others.”

I will see you on Thursday, dear Ones, well into the new year!

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Innocence of a New Age

The innocence of a New Age or Innocence in a New age?

Honestly, dear Ones, I didn’t know which one to go with and I may be playing with them both—they seem interchangeable, like two good friends vying for the strongest demonstration of friendship.

What comes to our mind when innocence is mentioned? And a New Age?

A feeling of freshness, of purity perhaps?

Of bewildered discovery, with eyes wide open, for the first time?

Where I am, so suddenly?

I am bringing ‘innocence’ to the surface because, in a post that I read two days ago (Tuesday), Master Djwhal encourages us to become the “protectors of innocence.” You will understand what He means at the end of this introduction of our theme.

Mystically, I encountered the word ‘innocence’ twice in the two hours after reading Master Djwhal’s message; as if receiving a personal note, a piece of a roadmap for navigating the upcoming New.

For now, let’s delve into this concept and envision where we are heading in terms of our role in this Age in the process of being birthed.

Naturally, a child’s innocence comes to the fore, with her pure, beautiful and sometimes naïve apprehension of the world around her—one that is not spoiled; one that still lives up to the image she has made for herself—a safe, loving world; one she can trust, providing she received the proper nourishment and care in her first years.

So, when envisioning the notion of “protecting innocence,” why don’t we equate it with ‘protecting a child?’

How would we protect a child from the woes and wounds that society is inflicting, and has inflicted upon us from time immemorial?

How can we possibly ‘protect’ the pure vision of this child, while, at the same time, giving her the tools to face the sometimes harsh reality of living on planet Earth?

These may seem like simple questions; ones many of us would consider in the context of their childhood, growing up happily and mischieving a bit—or a lot! Or in the context of raising a child, a ‘task’ which requires quite a bit of wisdom and fortitude at times.

These may be questions that we will need to ask ourselves, sooner than later, along with the following one:

Who does provide the nourishment and care at the beginning of a New age? And who benefits from them?

Once we fully enter into this New Age, so many popular notions of the old will have fallen through the cracks; leaving us empty-handed, possibly, as well as fresh and ready to enjoy a brand-new reality.

In a nutshell, forgetful about the old age and … Innocent. Pure. Joyous.

Did I think Divine?


From Master Djwhal’s December 2019 teaching – The Light of the World.


“It is most important that you not become jaded or lethargic in carrying out the functional tasks of midwifing. Indeed, as facilitators for this sacred birth, you must all become protectors of innocence. There can be no doubt that this is an important responsibility and it is one I encourage all of you to take to heart.


You see, in the birthing a new age, the restoration and preservation of innocence is unquestionably one of the highest priorities.


We, your witnesses, are vitally aware of this fact. Indeed, during the latter decades of the Piscean Age, we have watched the systematic destruction of innocence through widespread access to child pornography, violence toward children and the cruel practice of sexual trafficking.


Going forward, so much of realizing the Aquarian potential depends upon the fate of innocence. As harbingers of a new age, you must neither ignore the fate of innocence nor neglect nurturing and caring for it. With worldly violence so prevalent that even young children are now given training for surviving mass shootings in schools, we must ask and answer some poignant questions.


Where shall innocence safely dwell on a planet that has crushed its very essence?


Who shall defend and protect innocence on behalf of, and in service to, Divine Mother?


What force in the cosmic holarchy can be applied to facilitate the awakening of a tiny planet seeking enlightenment?”

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Let it close, let it close!

Whatever wants (or needs) to close, dear Ones, let it do it!

Either collectively or personally.

The year will close ‘naturally’ in 29 days or so. And so will the second decade of the 21st century.

And a seven-year cycle will end on the winter solstice of December 21st. A beautiful sign of completion.

Closings generally mean new openings, and 2020 shall not be an exception, with all that the Universe has in store.

December may be a time to look back on a year filled with various events and activities, progress and upgrades, deepening wisdom and assiduous inner work.

The portion of the message from Master Hilarion is making sense to me as I look at what it is that I don’t want to take with me into a new era. Not necessarily what is listed but there is apparently still some debris to clear and cleanse. Not sure where it is coming from, but I am acknowledging what wants to manifest and doing the work that I ought to do.

Let’s close the year and the decade beautifully, dear Ones!


Many of you have been experiencing a replay of all that you thought had already been purged from you and have been wondering when you would be free of these.

Dear Ones, this is a completion for you. It might be likened to a Bardo experience that happens when a Soul departs from Earth. In your case, you have chosen to continue on in your Ascension journey while in your physical body – so you are experiencing a review of your life lived on the Earth up to this point in time. 

All is in Divine order and we ask you to be at peace about this occurrence. Just allow these thoughts and feelings from the past to pass through you – allow all the feelings of soul sadness, sense of loss, grief, injustice, indignation and anger to be felt, acknowledged and released. This will be a final purging. Take with you all the soul lessons that have been learned and let the rest go.”

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