The Peace that passes all understanding

Good evening dear Ones,

A similar message came this week, from two different horizons, yet part of the same sky.

The words that I remembered from a talk on Sunday are “the peace that passes all understanding.”

Not “that surpasses,” quite interestingly – a peace that “defies” human understanding.

Words which made me look into Philippians 4:5-7; a book whose existence I did not know until this morning. A different name for the inhabitants of Philippi.

4:6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. 4:7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

And the other side of the horizon is about bliss – as it was explained to me on Wednesday.

GA: At the beginning of the morning meditation, you mentioned bliss. Why bliss and what do you mean by bliss? 
DK: It is a kind of divine happiness that is utterly peaceful. In other words, the bliss of having a spiritual teacher is one when a person can utterly relax into the fact that he or she is safe with the teacher; that the teacher is not going anywhere; that he or she will always be there for the student.
Bliss in its earliest meaning was just profound peace. Most people today associate bliss with an ecstatic state but that is relatively recent; that’s certainly not something that I have experienced. There are states of meditation that are ecstatic, of course, but those are not considered bliss states because they are so excited. The whole system gets excited if there’s a rapturous feeling. 
Whereas bliss is just ultimate peace. Utter complete peace, no need to question anything, a sense of divine security, all anchored into this kind of peaceful presentation. This isn’t a state that is well known in the West; it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist here but often it is called something else. What is needed is maybe re-educating folks about what bliss really is.

Whomever the teacher, whomever YOUR teacher(s), let’s aim for a state of pure equanimity, a state of undisturbed peace.

What are the prerequisites, you may ask?

I will vote for Faith—Faith and Surrender.

Two ingredients which are part of the same unique horizon.

Topic: The peace that passes all understanding

Time: May 25 @ 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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The Pilgrim’s Inner Journey

Dear Ones,

I have been having reflections about humility lately—perhaps due to some lessons at work where I think I can do much more than what I have been assigned to.

Or it could be the recent re-discovery of the guide to Saint Gilles’s pilgrim.

Gilles was a man who was born in Athens, Greece, in 650 CE and undertook a long pilgrimage to France before settling in the south of France.

He is well known for living the life of a hermit and taking care of animals—especially a hind that was being chased by hunters.

Let’s keep walking within, dear Ones

Let’s keep enjoying each other’s company

Let’s keep journeying together

Guide to saint Gilles’ pilgrim — Guide du pèlerin de saint Gilles

Even if the road seems empty, long and tedious to you, it will lead you to enter into yourself. Don’t close this door. You will find there, one of these days, God—God who is in you, you will discover his truth. He will give you his life. Because he is the Way, the Truth, the Life.

Même si la route te paraît vide, longue et fastidieuse, elle t’entraîne à entrer en toi-même. Ne ferme pas cette porte. Tu y trouveras un jour ou l’autre Dieu qui est en toi, tu découvriras sa vérité. Il te donnera sa vie. Car il est le Chemin, la Vérité, la Vie.

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Topic: The Pilgrim’s Inner Journey

Time: May 18 @ 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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The light on the other side

Dear Ones,

I felt compelled to post an excerpt of a beautiful post I receive on Sunday. It is a channeled message from the Arcturian Group.

I offer a snippet below and yet the whole message is worth living & reading.

And the picture –of the light on the other side– is very meaningful as we enter crucial times. As I said a couple weeks back, the beginning is very, very near.

“Much of the world continues to believe that spirituality means doing–teaching, hands on, writing books, channeling, or meditating in a monastery or convent 24/7. These activities comprise a part of almost everyone’s spiritual journey but the important and often more powerful spiritual work is often done silently and secretly through being rather than doing.

Never believe you are doing nothing if you are not guided to outer spiritual work because you are doing spiritual work when you hold the Light in every now moment. Keep a part of your awareness always centered in truth as you go about your ordinary days. This powerful silent, secret, and sacred work constitutes the foundation and “heavy lifting” necessary for earth’s ascension process.”

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The beginning is very near

Dear Ones,

This is the impression that engulfed me this morning as I looked one more time at this astonishing picture.

What sort of beginning and how it is going to manifest—is still a mystery, but we seem to be on our way, aren’t we?

A greater civilization, infused with love, compassion and empathy.

These three attributes alone, fully ‘implemented,’ would turn humanity upside down.

To a point where we wouldn’t connect with a past that no longer makes sense.

The signs are here, dear Ones. Let’s pay close attention.

This morning, our son’s school bus was ten minutes late. This is not a big deal and everyone got to school on time. Yet it has never happened this year. In fact, for the past two days, the bus was two minutes early…

What kind of cosmic clock is ticking, from 2 minutes early to 10 minutes late?

Has anything felt “out of whack” in your world?

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Topic: The beginning is very near

Time: Apr 13 @ 4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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The power of an awakened heart

Dear Ones,

How are you this week?

It seems a bit of newness has percolated through our planetary dimension; perhaps a spring newness. Yet it is hardly perceptible. At least for me.

Christine Clemmer’s weekly newsletter (below) made me wonder.

What kind of a heart is required to manage the transmutation that our planet is going through right now?

And what might happen when these awakening—not only awakened—hearts unite for the sake of creating afresh?

We all have been working a long time, it seems. Assiduously and generously, from times immemorial, I would say. And yet some words that were communicated to me last week continue to resonate in my psyche.

It’s important to wait for the ‘fullness of time’ – the full-ness of time.

While it is fairly easy to conceive of a full container, what could it possibly feel or look like to have a ‘full time?’

And, at this juncture, how full do we think or feel our time is?

As you can imagine, the purpose of this invitation is not to provide answers; rather, it is to bring the process, and the timeliness of what we are experiencing, to the fire [or to the fore—I wrote ‘fire’ first].

I just Googled this expression—the fullness of time—and the question that showed up was,

“What does it mean that God sent Jesus in the “fullness of time”?”

And what does it mean that God sent us all in the fullness of THIS time?

May we all rejoice, dear Ones, in the approaching fullness!

PS: What is the etymology of fulness?

Etymology. From Middle English fulnesse, from Old English fulnes, fylnes, fyllnis (“completeness; abundance”), equivalent to full +‎ -ness.

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Topic: The power of an awakened heart

Time: Mar 30 @ 04:30 PM Eastern Time

“The light that shines from an awakened heart can permeate through the deepest threads of fears, doubts, and wounds from the past, unearthing and untethering the historic patterning and programming that has been embedded into the fabric of our skin, in order to shed layers and lifetimes and step fully into a new possibility.

When we start to realize the codes and algorithms – the patterns of information that run the show in our subconscious/unconscious muscle memory – we can access the power to rewrite the script, shift the algorithm, and access new information. New thoughts inspire new actions, producing new outcomes and embodied experiences. We are the ones with full permission and power to choose those codes and patterns, and to shift them on a dime. It requires discipline, awareness, and presence.

Regardless of what’s occurring around us or within us, no matter how long ago the old stories began or how deep the roots run through our biological and ancestral DNA, our power to interrupt and shift within is the golden key…the golden ticket and the rainbow bridge to a brand new possibility and new horizon.

If we don’t know what the patterns are that hold weight within our unconscious mind, all we have to do is wake up and pay attention anytime we find ourselves in a triggered, agitated, or frustrated state of being. Those inflammatory triggers or hot spots are brilliant neon signs in the moment of activation. If we can access the courage and curiosity, we can go deeper, look below the surface and explore the heart of the matter. When we get to the root – the heart of the matter – we find what really matters. Underneath anger, there’s hurt, and underneath hurt, there’s Love. We don’t get hurt by things that don’t matter, and we don’t get angry unless we care about something. It may not be about the surface level expressions or experiences in the moment, but if we have the courage to look deeper, we can find the code, and find the key for liberation and reinvention.

Getting to the heart of the matter is important. If we try to just ignore or “rise above” our feelings and emotions without examining the deepest resonance of authenticity (and the integration of wholeness within ourselves) we might miss the opportunity to take ownership and shift the narrative through an empowering elevation of mastery and freedom. Every trigger is an invitation to see ourselves, reclaim our power, and find the deepest meaning and highest calling of the soul.

At the root of everything, there is Love…and the highest calling in each moment is an active initiation to higher frequencies of Love. Above and below, we’re returning to Love in a way that ignites our full potential as Love in Action. Embodied Love, through the unified fabric of our past, present, and future. Integration is key as we move forward, evolving and transcending with every conscious step.”

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What if it were truly a new beginning?

Good day, dear Ones,

Lots happening this week with a spring/fall equinox, a new moon in Aries, signaling the beginning of a new cycle, and soon our friend Pluto starting to dance the samba in Aquarius!

What a whole host of events!

Reading the below, and knowing we’ve been ahead of the mark with our neat-work for a few months and years, made me think,

“What if it were—truly—a new beginning” for humanity?

One we’ve all dreamed of, in some corner of our psyche? And more importantly, one we’ve been working at so assiduously, with our hearts wide open.

Perhaps it is time to sit down, relax and watch life unfold on the big screen of the universe.

What do you think?

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Topic: What if it were truly a new beginning?

Time: Mar 23 @ 04:00 PM Eastern Time

“You need to be creating your own networks there on Earth with other humans who, like you, understand what you are really there to do, what you are really there to become. Build your networks, share your stories and your ideas. Encourage each other, even if someone else’s idea seems outlandish and impossible. Remember that everything is possible and that you are there to climb the highest mountains, to overcome the insurmountable obstacles, and to be love in the face of hate. 

You wouldn’t be there right now if you were not up to these tasks and more, so remember that when you are facing your despair. There’s always room for more light. There’s always something more that you can offer from deep within your heart and there will always be more connections to be made by those like you who want to be more like us and our colleagues here in the higher realms.”

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A just cause

Dear Ones,

What does it meant to fight, and possibly offer or sacrifice one’s life, for a cause?

Perhaps the battles we are fighting these days are less life-threatening than they were 779 years ago, are they?

I mention this time gap as I reminisce the good men and good women who refused to renounce their pure faith and decided to walk onto a burning pyre; that momentous event took place in the south of France, on March 16, 1244.

What are we willing to offer these days for preserving and upholding our beliefs?

I AM asking this question as I am suddenly feeling more hopeful—more hopeful for the path humanity has chosen to walk. Walking, perhaps aside from a looming global banking crisis.

The Divine, and the mysteries of the soul getting closer to its purpose, work in inexplicable ways, don’t they?

And so does the Divine Plan.

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Topic: A just cause

Time: Mar 16 @ 04:00 PM Eastern Time

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Nurturing a bit more compassion

Dear Ones,

How does it feel to be “simply alive” these days? Alive and well?

Human beings (our species, that is) have a tendency to take life for granted at times, don’t they?

The reason I AM asking this question is because I recently heard news of people facing difficult, if not life threatening, situations.

A person losing her house and her belongings to cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand, children living in unstable conditions, folks experiencing physical pains or challenges; others being offered the news of a terminal illness; and some others passing into another realm, sometimes unexpectedly.

The list was especially long this week—not sure why.

What I AM asking is that we together send out some compassionate thoughts out into the universe—thoughts that would benefit anyone—people we know, certainly, and also humanity at large.

We can all benefit from a bit more kindness and a lot more caring. And guess what? Love sticks and comes back to the person who sends It out.

In gratitude.

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Topic: Nurturing a bit more compassion

Time: Mar 9, 2023 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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How does truth look like?

Dear Ones,

On the path, we sometimes encounter—shall I say our mind encounters and questions—concepts that do not make a lot of spiritual sense.

I have to admit that truth is one of those concepts. One that never made a lot of sense to me.

Of course, we can distinguish between truth with a little t, and Truth with a big T. The ultimate Truth being closer to what I would call God or the Divine, which resides within us.

The Arcturian Group message’s excerpt below seems to agree with the position that truth is only a concept; perhaps one that doesn’t need to be consciously searched for.

What probably matters most is how spiritual we are.

By that, I mean, how kind to people in general, how generous in terms of our efforts to help others on the path, how receptive of the ideas of others, and how reflective. Just to name a few attributes.

These are ‘simple acts’ of daily life that do not require us to work with a guru; they require us to go within and yearn for that “ascended state of consciousness” the message mentions.

Yet, honestly, an “ascended state of consciousness” doesn’t make a lot of sense either 😊

Perhaps, the most important point in all of this is the “truth of who we are,” deep down. A being of Light, a being of sustaining humanity’s progress, that is someone who came to planet Earth to make it a better place to live on, one light ray—or one smile—at a time.

What do you think?

“Many serious truth students continue to struggle and put great effort into becoming what they believe they must become in order to be spiritual. They study, take classes, do rituals, get healing work, have readings, while continuing to believe that they have not yet attained because they don’t “feel” spiritual and their concepts of spirituality have not manifested.

Please understand that struggling and effort do not lift a person into a higher state of consciousness. It is individual readiness, as determined by the Higher Self, that does this. As you know, the first step is the intellectual knowledge of truth which may come from a book, another person or simply from within. The intellectual knowledge of truth is a mind activity, the awareness of something previously not known.

The next step is acceptance followed by a desire to embrace and integrate truth through study, practice and meditation. Many become aware of truth and are ready for it, but choose instead to ignore it in the realization that it would interfere with their present comfortable and well-established belief system. However, those spiritually ready, willing and able find themselves at this point unable to stop thinking about truth and are increasingly driven by a need to search deeper.

This is usually the start of a metaphysical phase in which the truth student seeks out different methods and techniques for attaining spirituality. They may join metaphysical groups, begin meditating if they don’t already, attend lectures, get psychic readings and engage in spiritual practices and rituals designed to bring them closer to God. This part of the journey may continue for many years and it is during this time that some begin to lose hope that they will ever achieve what they have believed to be spirituality. 

Let go of all struggle and effort to achieve what in reality is simply a concept. You may never “feel spiritual.” All the practices and efforts you have made, in other lifetimes and in this one, were moving you to where you could finally let go, rest back, and know; “That which I have been seeking, I already am.” It is your Higher Self, the YOU that never left full awareness, and not how many certificates of spiritual achievement you may have accumulated that determines when you are ready to shift to a more fully ascended state of consciousness.”

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Topic: How does truth feel like?

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For the sake of peace

Dear Ones,

This is a perpetual theme that deserves another visit.  

This week, in many ways, marks the connection between old and new wars.

George Washington was born February 22, 1732. He was involved in a lot of going to war, starting with the French-Indian War of 1754-1763.

Watching a documentary this week about his keen strategic approach during his later Revolutionary campaigns reinforced the point that war is rarely the answer—even when one country fights for its own freedom from tyranny.

A war—any war—is simply senseless.

Moving the clock 240 years (2023 – 1783), February 24 will mark the first year anniversary of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Has anything changed on the surface of planet earth, we may ask?

And have we made any advances in the field of ”human beingness” as the world experienced plenty of technological progress?

So once again, let’s get back to basics—the need for an entire world to live in peace and fraternity, and to foster harmonious relationships with all the species that occupy our environment.

It is as simple, as basic, a right—for an entire planet.

And as we know, before it spreads far and wide, peace starts within. Just like a good ‘peace’ of candy no child can resist.

Let’s create a few more waves of peace this Thursday!

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Topic: For the sake of peace

Time: Feb 23, 2023 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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