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Nurturing the Gift of Seeking is about a spiritual "destination," a journey within, a new beginning, that eventually takes us where we are meant to arrive. What matters is, first and foremost, our seeking spirit. Happy journey, dear fellow Sisters and Brothers!

Rupture or rapture? Or rupture AND rapture?

Dear Ones, A lot of strange, unusual things have happened in the past ten days. Not all of them unpleasant, yet some. Conversations that started as meaningful going nowhere and ending abruptly. People’s negative reactions, either virtually or on … Continue reading

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Are we healing?

And how are we healing? Dear Ones, Of the hurt we experienced in lives past, and in lives present? The comment from a friend, as well as a beautiful post from the Creator, that both came to me this morning, … Continue reading

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TIBETAN DRAGON SONG SUPER FULL MOON 11-11-11 On January 31st, the magnificent Full Moon will take to the sky at 11° Leo, activating an incredibly rare 11-11-11 dragon portal. 2018 is an “11” Universal Year and the Sun is currently … Continue reading

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What keeps us going?

Dear Ones, Much of inspiration is coming from mundane, day to day living and observing. This morning, I was driving down the hill on our way to school. I noticed a man, fairly young, on the opposite side of the … Continue reading

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Smelling the roses of the New Age

Dear Ones, The New Age is dawning. Perhaps we can all sense it, slightly hidden behind the upcoming solstice! But are we ready to smell and enjoy Its roses? We watched a beautiful movie today; that of Ferdinand, a touchy-feely … Continue reading

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Reflecting on religion and our search for the Sacred

A friend of mine, who usually doesn’t participate in our communions, said she would attend this Thursday; interested that she is in the path toward the inner Sacred. This made me realize that I need to put a little more … Continue reading

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Seeking the Sacred within

Dear Ones, I am coming to the end of a two week-trip to my homeland of France. Within this period, I attended three Catholic church services, came into contact with people of strong faith and attended a promotion-oriented masonic exhibit … Continue reading

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