Gilles’s life path

In a field of pumpkins, fall of 2014

Gilles has a passion for learning, teaching and spirituality, as they relate to life paths—his own, in the first place, and that of others whom he’s destined to encounter.

A life path that took him around various countries, the two most significant being France, his country of birth and primary acculturation, and the United States, the place where he has been living and working during the latter part of his adult life.

After a seven-year French-African “accident” in accounting and financial auditing, Gilles embarked on a transformational, yet challenging, transatlantic adventure. This adventure started in the state of Wisconsin where he studied Business and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the graduate level. It is a developmental journey that Gilles is still pursuing to this day, although in a different realm and a different state.

Gilles is now on a consciousness-driven heart path. Encouraging people to go within, introspect and navigate the sometimes-tumultuous waters of life. Twenty-one years of teaching cultural self-awareness and assisting people in deciphering intercultural patterns and inevitable misunderstandings created a strong bridge leading to this activity.

His gear started shifting in early 2015 with the opportunity to host a one-hour weekly internet radio show, Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us, with a private organization.

The lack of interactions and relationship-building opportunities during the show inspired him to transform his offering into a web-based gathering that he calls a ‘communion.’ The purpose remains the same, to nurture and support the spiritual traveler in everyone of us. A few people gather every Thursday afternoon for ninety minutes and discuss various topics of interest to any human being seeking understanding of self and personal growth.

In the simplest terms, Gilles defines spiritual development as the desire to go within, reflect, listen and hear whatever may come; as well as heal any dysfunction we may have inherited and connect with a greater whole.

All in all, it amounts to continually nurturing the beautiful human flower that is seeking the light.

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