Our Thursday gatherings

Every Thursday afternoon at 3:00 EST (New York time), rain or shine, a small group of spiritually-minded folks gathers virtually in what we call a “communion.” Based on a structured framework that includes a standard meditation at the beginning, a theme-related one at the end and the listening of some chant or music, we exchange, listen, share, comfort, hug and enliven one another—in one word, we commune.

This initiative started in January 2015 when Gilles Asselin was invited to host an internet radio show with VoiceAmerica. The show was entitled Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us. Its aim was to promote spiritual aliveness and encourage people to go within, where answers to our many questions and concerns often lie. The format—but not the aim—changed in April 2016 and it morphed into a webinar-type of gathering, providing greater opportunities for discussion, no time limitations and an enhanced technological capability for exchange (we use the audio portion of the Zoom platform, where you can connect via phone or computer). Some folks participate generously while others listen compassionately. The only requirement is to be Present when one shows up.

Themes vary from week to week and are planned at the beginning of each week by a small group of regular participants—the Pillars. These themes include, among many others, Forgiveness and Love; Practicing Courage; Walking the Path of Death and Rebirth; Surrendering; the New Human; New Earth Day; the Inner and Outer Bumps; Shining our Light bright and clear; and Rekindling our Sense of Mission and Purpose.

The spiritual oasis that we energetically create every Thursday afternoon is meant to be an inspiring representation of the world as we envision it, devoid of suffering, fear and complaint and full of joy, freedom of expression, laughter, friendship and, above all, Love and Light.

We use Facebook to promote our gathering and anyone is welcome to look us up there. Gilles Asselin posts the announcement on his blog, Nurturing the Gift of Seeking, and sends a weekly reminder every Wednesday with the Zoom meeting information.

A symbol of our heart to heart exchanges