Transmuting the energies of separation

How—or rather, why—dear Ones, do we separate ourselves from our divinity, and each of us from Oneness?

How do we create the mental/psychological rift that allows us to judge another, regardless of his / her situation and level of evolution?

These questions, as well as some others pertaining to how we build community, have been on my mind lately as I witnessed ‘separation in action’ in our environment.

Community, which may well be the opposite of separation, starts with getting to know one another, beyond the superficial platitudes of everyday living.

This is how the rift disappears, so to speak, as we discover how human the person is, how ‘just-like-us’ he or she breathes, moves and struggles in the world.

The excerpt from this week’s Arcturian Group message offers some examples of separation; yet these ‘separation traps’ abound in the world and it is up to us to exercise self-reflection, wisdom, and possibly compassion, when we encounter them.

That being said, how do we offer compassion to a system which indeed creates separation?

I am talking about a ‘big machine’ system here, one of those we would consider obsolete by tomorrow’s standards because it doesn’t put humanity at its center; serving, at times, the interests of special stakeholders; at other times, existing for the sake of efficiency.

What do you think, dear Ones?

And how do we transmute these energies of an old age, personally and collectively?


The three-dimensional belief system based in duality and separation has created gods, saints, and royalty.  It has taught for eons and still teaches that some individuals, as well as a nebulous male god in the sky, are better than you and must be looked up to and even worshipped. In reality, these designations simply represent facets of separation, the belief that those who have attained some “man ordained” qualification, either by birth or experience, are more valuable, wise, loveable and “holy” than everyone else.

A “saint” is nothing more than a person who has fulfilled certain three-dimensional concepts of spirituality.  Many of those declared saints were not awake to real spiritual truth.  Because you are creators, a person who spends 24/7 thinking about and concentrating on the stigmata, or some concept of a God experience, will easily create it for themselves.

This is why it is important to let go of all concepts regarding what spirituality must look like in order to be authentic. Allow your personal evolutionary process to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self knows what is right for you and when, which may be totally different than someone else’s experience.

Three dimensional titles mean nothing in the larger scheme of things because even though there is individuality, all life is in and of the ONE and only life. This does not mean that you cannot give honor and respect where it is deserved, but to worship and seek to emulate some saint, famous person, or three-dimensional concept of God at the expense of one’s own divine nature is idolatry.

Most souls do not incarnate for the purpose of becoming famous or to attain that which will make them valuable, loveable, or important to others according to three dimensional standards. However, most incarnating souls forget and lose sight of their purpose when entering into the denser energies of earth.

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Where are we going?

This is a question, dear Ones, and this is not a question.

We are going anyway.

The “where” is not the primordial part of the question.

It feels more like the ‘energy of the week,’ if you will.




And for me, the energy has been manifesting as ‘restlessness.’

Not restlessness in the form of impatience, but rather in the sense of not having a taste for much, and yet being able to function just fine.

This is a surface feeling that certainly denotes much—and yes, much in terms of where we are heading.

Perhaps a birth is forthcoming and a cork will soon pop up.

Who knows?

And who knows where we will be as a collective by this Thursday, 10-10-19?

Knowing the Zoom link address for this week is: 10 – 700 – 01 – 700

Here is the link to the Facebook invitation:

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Seeing and spreading the good

The excerpt below from today’s Arcturian message made me reflect on the good—the good that we are, the good that we breathe and the good that we share, just by being—and sometimes, I shall add, by doing!

Picture courtesy of Serena Devi

And, to the same extent that we cannot change what we cannot see, we cannot spread the good unless we see and acknowledge our own good. The good within.

It seems simple and easy to teach; yet so many of us either look in the wrong direction (outside of us) or await the blessing of another being of some sort, be she or he a guru or a master.

It’s all within, dear Ones, the gold that makes us who we are.

The gold that makes us shine.

Let’s share another moment of goodness this Thursday.

Communing is such a precious activity.

“We are all Source Energy Beings. All of us are, and while Source is everything, Source is fundamentally love. And therefore, so are all of us. When a person is not aware of this, and when they are unable to access it and feel it, that person can do all sorts of things to try to have some sense of who they are as an individual and to have that be experienced by others as powerful, lovable, wise, talented, and a whole host of other desired traits.”

“Most humans are looking for that external validation, rather than looking to give it to someone else, someone who certainly needs to be seen as good, lovable and gifted in some way. If you make that your intention for each interaction that you have with another person, then you are going to be a part of a movement that will change the world. Some people need to be reminded of who they really are and who better to remind them than you who have this knowing inside of yourselves—the knowing of who you are as Source Energy Beings.”

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The balancing of the seasons

Happy spring, happy autumn, dear Ones!

Somehow, the theme of ‘balance’ and ‘balancing’ showed up this morning as I thought gratefully about the new and fresh season we are entering.


The balancing of the hemispheres, northern and southern, on planet earth and also the balancing and complementarity of the two hemispheres in our brains.

The balancing of the amount of daylight we are receiving at this time of the year.

The sign of the Zodiac we are now in, the Libra, with its balancing scales.

Even a balancing hourglass came to my life as a symbol not long ago; except it was inverted, with both larger parts touching at the base.

It is indeed a time of great balancing, of great pulsing, so that we can move forward with total equanimity and responsibility. Looking at life the way it is and appreciating it for what it is.

Nature and its delicate sense of balance shall help us in this inner process.

Don’t you think and experience so?

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Note: I will post this astrology newsletter in the Discussion section of the invite.

Here is a first paragraph to whet your appetite!


THE SUN ENTERS LIBRA very early on Monday (12:50 a.m. PDT), marking the equinox and a change of seasons. This is the halfway point through the astrological year, and is a powerful time for ceremony–especially with the intention of creating more harmony, balance, and beauty in your life.



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A stream of coalescing pointers

Dear Ones,

I am not into predictions or mediumship; yet when something comes my way, with a certain degree of insistence, I tend to listen and pay attention.

This is what happened yesterday.

As I was resting in bed, a date hovered above me. It was a strange sensation. Something had been dropped, if you will.

I didn’t know what October 14th stood for and, to my surprise, I realized it is the day when Columbus’s arrival into the New World is celebrated this year. I was truly flabbergasted because I clearly remember Columbus Day 2018, which took place on October 8th.

Does that mean Columbus Day, in the United States that is, is a flexible day? Not quite. It simply falls on the second Monday in October.

Interestingly, the state of Virginia also celebrates on the same day what it calls “Yorktown Victory Day,” commemorating the surrender of British general Cornwallis at Yorktown in October of 1781 and, therefore, the victory of the French and American troops—a surrender that signified the end of the Revolutionary War.

Is that it?

No, of course.

As I was writing to a young woman in Colombia that we are sponsoring through a children’s organization, I noticed that her birthday falls on … October 14th! But of course.

To add to this mysterious message, I also realized this morning that Thanksgiving Day in Canada falls on October 14th.

And to (almost) break the camel’s back, the piece of news I read this morning again mentioned the adjournment of the British parliament for five long weeks. And guess when this suspension is going to end: October 14th.

That’s a lot of pointers for a single day in our lives, dear Ones, especially when those pointers coalesce in less than 24 hours.

What do you think?

Will October 14th be the day when we will see and experience the ‘penetrating light,’ as this beautiful picture illustrates?

A picture that erupted into my awareness within that same 24-hour period.

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Evolving toward loving relations

Dear Ones,

This morning, I came across an excerpt of The Reappearance of the Christ, a book channeled and written by Alice Bailey right after the second world war. In it, she keeps emphasizing the concept of ‘right relations,’ which I would translate in contemporary terms by ‘loving relations.’

That being said, what caught my attention this morning are a few sentences describing –some 70 years before its onset—the nature of the Aquarian age, the age we started entering on December 21, 2012.

“The great spiritual achievement and evolutionary event of that age [of Aquarius] will be the communion and human relationships established among all peoples, enabling people everywhere to sit down together in the Presence of the Christ and share the bread and wine (symbols of nourishment) … This sharing, beginning on the physical plane, will prove equally true of all human relations and this will be the great gift of the Aquarian Age to humanity.”

This transformation will certainly not be immediate; yet what matters is the ‘evolving direction’ that humanity is walking toward.

A direction that knows no artificial boundaries, such as those created by race, religion, creeds, sexual orientation, skin color and so on. In a 21st century world decimated by war and strife, these words may sound like utopia.

Yet many of us, gentle entrepreneurs of the new age, know what to expect once this Aquarian era fully blooms.

And its blooming may be closer than many of us think.

If it were not, why would we be communing?

See you on Thursday, dear Ones, at the usual time and place.

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The Reappearance of the Christ excerpt from September 1, 2019

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Let’s not quarantine ourselves!

Dear Ones,

What does this intriguing title could possibly mean?

To those of us walking on and off the road …

While reading the French news yesterday, I learned of a sad turn of events: the baby oak tree that the French presidential couple had offered to the US presidential couple, and that they had planted together on April 23, 2018, died.

It died and therefore no longer is.

Not because of improper care; but because of human-enforced rules and regulations.

Those that do not permit entry of agricultural products on US soil unless they are quarantined for a certain period of time. And our little oak tree didn’t survive this period of being cut off from a nourishing environment.

I’m sure you understand the metaphor by now.

What could “cutting ourselves from a nourishing environment” (or quarantining ourselves) mean in/on our spiritual paths?

We will ponder the question and gather on Thursday to honor the memory of this little tree—a casualty of the ‘human need to control its environment.’

Here is the French website where you can read the news:

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