What are we grateful for in 2020?

It is the question of the month, certainly in the US, and perhaps in the rest of the world as well, after such an unsettling progression of events this year.

Our son’s virtual class was asked the same question yesterday morning. Family, friends and good health were on top of the students’ answers. Very understandably.

Yet, was is there hidden beneath the surface of the year 2020 that we would be grateful for?

A paradigm shift, one we can possibly feel in the air, but which has not yet materialized?

A brand-new Earth?

Many more awakened beings?

It seems that 2021 may have a lot to offer us, a lot of newness of spirit; yet we won’t really touch the reality of the next year until we pass the hurdle—so to speak—of the January 1st marker.

Until then, why can’t we be grateful for being an active witness to this extraordinary transformation we are all going through, at some level; visible or not so visible?

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There is still work to do!

Dear Ones,

Yes, there is, beautiful and most necessary work—personal work in the first place.

I was reading Matt Kahn’s post about the long dark night that humanity is experiencing this year. Here are two brief excerpts.

“For the majority of 2020, humanity has been steeped in a collective dark night of the soul phase of accelerated healing. This crucial phase is used to shift from the mind-based identity of a dissolving 3D paradigm and into a heart-based identity of an awakening 5D consciousness.”

“Whether we are seeing radical shifts in the consciousness in ourselves or others, or more likely amplified tension, chaos, and violence, we are holding space for the biggest shift the identity of humanity has ever experienced. This is a shift that is guaranteed to reach completion, whether experienced with the utmost peace or resisting and fighting every step of the way.”


There is no doubt about that shifting phenomenon yet, on a surface level, it is hard to tell what is dissolving, what is disappearing and what is budding. We know society is morphing in unprecedented ways but we have no possibility of ascertaining the change that will eventually emerge in a fresh, new world.

Certainly, I don’t.

Yet we have immense power when it comes to our inner world; we have resilience as well, which is an important human characteristic. Doing our inner work is what matters most in these tumultuous times, as we prepare ourselves for what will burst forth in 2021.

I leave you with an excerpt from Pam Younghans’s newsletter; she is saying the exact same thing (do your inner work!) as we experience this week the third conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto.

Personally, I have identified some emotions that may go back a long time and may block my spiritual progress; one of them being helplessness.

How does one move from being under the weight of an “old emotion” to being liberated?

That is a question for all of us!

THIS WEEK, as at each of these critical junctures [Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions; this week being the third one of 2020], it is up to each of us individually to be aware of how we hold those misqualified emotions in our own energy field and to do the work to transmute those emotions. We must first acknowledge the feelings rather than pretending they do not exist and accept our own humanness. Then, we must likewise realize our Divinity, which enables us to be more than simply human.

This work of transmutation can be done on many levels and in many ways. We can use techniques that allow us to express any repressed emotions in a safe way, and then call in light or the violet flame to move through and help clear the debris from our individual field, and the quantum field as well. We also can use the vibration of sound or color to assist us in releasing lower-frequency emotions. One of the keys to doing this successfully is not to attach to or label the emotions, but simply to allow them to process and release.

Whatever methods work best for you, now is the time to use them. We are not yet past the time of challenges. Jupiter and Pluto are doing the work of revealing humanity’s shadow. As workers for the Light, we are called to do the work of transmuting the negative emotions that arise, for ourselves and for the collective.


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A giant leap forward in November

Dear Ones,

As I write these words, we are on the cusp of a passage into a new month—the 11th month of 2020—after a Full Moon in Taurus; and twice already I heard or read the expression “quantum leap” or “giant leap” in reference to the November energies.

Are we ready, dear Ones?

To finally let go of our masks, to get out of our shells, to show our true nature?

And most importantly, how can we be of service to humanity during this most transformative time in the history of our planet?

I leave you with an excerpt from the Arcturian Group’s message for October 31st and some astrological notes from Pam Younghans concerning the Full Moon.

“We are experiencing expansion in every moment that we exist because we have nothing to cling to and nothing to push against. We allow our expansion to occur and we experience it in real time, so to speak. You all often hold back from the experience of your expansion because you are clinging to something or pushing against something else and, eventually, you have to let go. You have to surrender and you thus make giant leaps forward in the evolution of your consciousness. That’s what November is going to be like for most of humanity.

And so the November energies are going to be all about cradling you all in the light, sending more healing and loving energies to support you through what will be a giant leap forward for the human collective and for many individuals who have been holding back from their own expansion. A lot of the energies will be utilized by the awakened collective so that you can be there for those who need your presence—because there will be many. There will be many who need your assistance with the giant leaps forward, with the somewhat unexpected expansion.

You don’t have to brace yourselves for the November energies if you are receiving this transmission but do open yourselves up to them, because they are coming for you and for those you will be serving in the coming month, and in the coming months and years that you have ahead of you.”


AFTER SO MUCH stormy weather over the past few weeks, it is perhaps no surprise that the climax of the current lunar cycle – our Full Moon on Saturday, October 31—promises to be memorable. This is a Blue Moon, being the second Full Moon in the calendar month, and it is occurring on the ancient Celtic festival day of Samhain, known to most in present day as All Hallow’s Eve/Halloween.

These factors alone would cause us to consider this Full Moon as being special—but there is more. The most significant news about this Full Moon is that it occurs within a mere three arc minutes of being EXACTLY conjunct Uranus. In exact degrees, the Moon will be at 8°38′ Taurus and Uranus will be at 8°41′ Taurus. This proximity of Uranus to the Moon when it reaches fullness heightens its impact in many ways.

EMOTIONS are usually heightened at the time of a Full Moon. It is why we have the term “lunacy” in our language, due to the fact that some people’s mental stability seems to be affected by this phase of the lunar cycle. We also call people “moonstruck” when they are thinking or acting in ways that are out of character, or perhaps even bizarre.

When we add strong Uranian energies to the effects of a Full Moon, we can imagine that feelings will be even more extreme than they are during a “normal” Full Moon. Uranus is highly electric, so nervous energy is likely to be very high, and we should not be expecting rational behavior. Imagine a dark night with both a Full Moon and a lightning storm, and you begin to get the picture.

AT SAMHAIN, it is said that the veil is thinner between the worlds, making it easier to communicate with the spiritual realms. Mystical experiences are more likely at this time. A Full Moon also increases that potential, so be sure to watch your dreams and visions throughout the weekend for messages from the Other Side.

And what happens when we consider Uranus in this context? Uranus is the planet of higher consciousness, and is called the Great Awakener. Through Uranus, our intuition is heightened and we have greater access to the Higher Mind. It is the planet of breakthroughs and breakdowns, but not without purpose. It is when we are dislodged from our usual routines and “normal reality” that we open our minds to alternative ways of thinking. We become more available to flashes of insight and inspiration when life doesn’t go according to plan.


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Spiritual companionship is opening!

Dear Ones,

I’m happy to share my new set of services at the beginning of this new month: Spiritual companionship ❤

Please feel to share. Words of mouth are powerful and I will be most grateful! ❤


Dear Gilles,

I felt so blessed reading through your website and feeling the power of the companionship in which we have walked so long together shining through your words and heart and awareness.

You bring so much tender love and compassion to many, so I hope many people avail themselves of the opportunity to walk this spiritual path with you.

Love and blessings,


Wishing you a happy November! A month that might rock very ‘seriously.’

Love & much Light,


An aphyllante de Montpellier in the south of France. Photo credit: Magali Husson
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An early “reconstruction” phase?

Good morning dear Ones,

What happened during the last few days of last week made me realize that a great transformation is at work—perhaps a “re-construction” phase, which would normally start after a “de-construction.”

I certainly felt this transformation in my body, with contractions—or aches—for three days in a row, lasting most of the day, not knowing their origin. On Saturday, it felt like a birth was under way; and Sunday, the word “reconstruction” came through the Creator’s post.

“You are undergoing a reconstruction. Do not think, for one moment, you have been left hanging and blowing in the wind. This is important for you to know. In the progress of your processes, as painful as they seem at the moment, great growth and love await you. Not to worry, my love, The Universe is with you every step of the way.”

~ Creator

Whatever is going on, I believe it is affecting many levels of our being at once; from the minutest in our cells to the greatest, out there in the cosmos. We are undergoing a magnitude of change that may have never been experienced thus far.

I don’t have much else to share, except that the past seems to want to “come back and dissolve.”

Sunday night, I dreamed about a friend I had when I lived in Africa in 1984. I haven’t talked to this person, who lives in France, for some twenty-five years and have no desire to contact him. Yet he shows up in a dream.

Last night, my dream was about a person I knew when I was practicing Buddhism in New Jersey. This man has been out of my life for more than twelve years, and yet he shows up in a dream, unannounced. Ready to be released, it seems.

We are releasing, dear Ones, to the same extent that our planet is releasing and preparing for the New. Imagine the wondrous space that will be available to us all once this New World of Ours is in place, in all its beauty, freshness and serenity.

Happy reconstruction, dear Ones!

I will leave you with a few words from the Arcturian Group. They add another layer as to what is happening right now and offer some good advice.

“As the reality of Oneness is understood, accepted, and becomes the consciousness of increasingly more individuals, many three-dimensional creations will dissolve simply because the energy that formed them in the first place is no longer present to sustain and maintain them. This is beginning to happen now. Many obsolete belief structures are beginning to crumble and much more is to come, which is very frightening for those who have placed hope and trust, safety and security in concepts.

Allow everything that feels finished in your life to drop away regardless of how well it once worked for you in spite of the opposition you may get from those around you. Try not to mourn the loss of certain comfortable ways of living if they have begun to feel “old” but rather rejoice in the knowledge that a spiritual idea underlies every outer manifestation because you cannot make something out of nothing.

When the energy that formed, and has sustained many facets of three-dimensional living like health, education, government, religion, relationships, etc. begins to dissolve, always know that only the lower resonating form/concept of the Divine idea dissolves, never the reality. Divine Ideas, permanently held in place by Divine Law, will always re-manifest in a new and higher resonating form if allowed. 

Evolution is and always has been an ongoing process but these times represent a particularly giant step of evolution. Everything, on all levels, automatically changes as the substance of it (consciousness) changes. Recycling is simply a higher form of waste disposal, cars have replaced horses, the printing press replaced handwritten books, respect for nature is growing, and people are becoming increasingly aware of how unloving and unfair much that was previously considered acceptable, is.”


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The inner and outer bumps

Dear Ones,

I was thinking this morning about the bumps we encounter on the path; things that shake us up, or possibly shake us down.

Knowing these bumps may also be a fair sign to wake us up to the greatness of our lives.

The reason I am writing this is because I have been reflecting lately upon the notion of “karma ripening.”

That is, some-thing bubbling up in our lives from who-knows-where-or-when and producing an effect—most of the time a challenging effect. This may be through someone we meet and argue with, or it can be in many other circumstances.

We may attribute this new encounter to karma ripening, or we may not. Whatever the cause, I hope all of us see this for what it is, ponder on it and deal with it in the most appropriate way.

At the outer level, which affects us all more or less equally, I was amazed to realize, thanks to a lecture given last Saturday by Master Djwhal, that the pandemic of 1918 (also called the Spanish flu) started at the same time in three locations on three continents—three port cities in fact. Boston in the US, Brest in France and Freetown in Western Africa. Given the limited amount of international travel and connection at the time of World War One, the spreading of that disease is difficult to imagine—and yet it affected so many people; in fact, one third of the world’s population at the time.

The questions that germinated relate to both the inner or personal, and the outer or global.

While it is certainly unproductive to compare the Spanish flu with the pandemic we are currently experiencing, what does it say about the “ripening of global karma” at a time when communication is instantaneous and affects so many of us in so many ways?

And what does this global karma ripening mean in terms of our individual lives?

The spiritual message may have gone unnoticed at the end of the Spanish flu—in 1920—yet I don’t think the spiritual message of the age we are entering will be lost in the same manner. That is, given the level of evolution our planet (and its inhabitants) has achieved, with all its positive and negative aspects.

Climate change or global warming, just to pick one theme, is a serious problem of our times; yet many around the world are waking up to the preciousness of our planet and hear the call to action. A positive response which is far from what the world was capable of a hundred years ago.

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The Reunion of the Beloveds

Today, October 12, 2020, was a very special, magnificent day.

I have been living in Mount Shasta, California for a week now and knew somehow that October 12th may have some ‘symbolic meaning’ for me.

First, October 12th this year is Columbus Day in the US, or Indigenous Peoples’ Day. That in itself refers to the sanctity of the land and the sacred practices of its first inhabitants.

October 12, 2020 also marks the 101st anniversary of my father’s birth. Pierre Asselin was born in Paris, France. Over the fifteen years since my father’s departure, no October 12th has resonated in me as strongly as this year.

We had a beautiful sunset over the mountain last night with some orangish colors and a vast cloud forming right behind the mountain. A cloud that, at some point, turned dark and gobbled up the light. I didn’t pay much attention to this phenomenon, yet admired it from a meadow called ‘Sisson Meadow.’

Back in the house where I stayed, I experienced a feeling of gloom; I was bluesy. I noticed it, yet didn’t pay much attention to it. I went to bed and slept little. The feeling was still present in the morning. I wrote it down in my journal and l searched for possible reasons to this gloominess. One of them was the feeling of solitude—or even loneliness—that had engulfed Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary General, for most of his life. I couldn’t connect with anything personal.

The mountain had not called and I had no plans for my last day in Mount Shasta. I started looking at my messages. A friend of mine, who is living in California, mentioned her recent trip to Mount Lassen National Park, adding that Mount Lassen was the Sacred Masculine partner to Mount Shasta’s Divine Feminine. Suddenly, I had a plan for my day and things started to move; the first few insights, on the way to Mount Lassen, were meaningful.

A Divine Feminine mountain, a Sacred Masculine peak, there ought to be a union here, I thought, despite the geographical distance—of about 70 miles by bird’s flight.

As part of my spiritual practice, I pick three Tarot cards every day. On both Saturday and Sunday, I drew The Lovers (major arcana number six) in the second position. A strong card that repeats itself two days in a row, that was enough to make me think of a union. But whose union was it?

On Sunday morning, via a comment on my blog and a few clicks, I came across an article written on August 5th by a woman whose blog name was “believe4147.” The title of her article being, “Here comes the Groom,” which is about the coming again of Yeshua. In it, she quotes the disciple John, as follows,

“In my Father’s house are many mansions:

if it were not so, I would have told you.

I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you,

I will come again, and receive you unto myself:

that where I am there ye may be also.”

John 14: 2, 3.

The sentence, “I go to prepare a place for you,” had been swirling around my life since July 21st, the day our family came back from the Pacific Northwest. I had watched the movie “Harriet” in the plane and wrote down this sentence as it appeared on the screen at the very end of the movie.

These were enough clues to make me believe that my going to Mount Lassen had something to do with a divine union, or possibly reunion.

On the way down highway 89, a confirmation came through the pine lands, subtle and gentle. The gloominess I had experienced the night before was the gloominess of the mountain. It was her way of saying that she longed for her sacred partner.

If I needed an extra sign, it came through an RV that I crossed on that same road. Its name, written in large italic brown letters, was “Solitude.”

The Holy Child sends messages through the numbers we see and use.

Through this Divine Re-union, I was witnessing the Trinity. We had a Bride, a Groom and a Holy Child, or Spirit. This Holy Child doesn’t need to manifest in tangible form as It imbues the very air we breathe, the very water we use to wash and quench our thirst.

Sunday evening, I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town. I rounded up the bill to $30.

This morning, I decided to gas up before going to Mount Lassen. The bill came to $29.99 and I added one cent.

I arrived at the gate of Lassen National Park right before noon. The entrance fee was $30.

In themselves, I thought these repeated numbers were a sign of completion. Yet I didn’t know what completion it was.

Lassen National Park is a large piece of land which is traversed by a 30-mile road, with two entrances. I decided to drive down to the area on the south end of the park from which we can climb Mount Lassen.

In terms of height, Mount Lassen may be considered Mount Shasta’s little brother, culminating at 10,457 feet, while the magnificent lady reaches 14,179 feet.

From the parking area, the trail to the summit is 2.4-mile-long and the corresponding elevation 1,957 feet.

From the point where I was, at the bottom of the trail, I could spot two large erected stones that looked like a bride and a groom and I decided to go for them; they were about two-thirds of the way. Next to one of them was another smaller stone; large enough for a child.

As I ventured further above these stones, my feet started to reel and I felt the need to take a break. I sat on the ground, facing the valley, and started reading the book from Henry Van Dusen that I had brought with me. I was near the end of it and read the last few pages that composed the Epilogue.

Here are the last few lines of the book.

« With respect to the ‘public life’ of Everyman, we return once more to Hammarskjöld’s own dictum:

‘In our era, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action.’

We have suggested that, of this truth, his life is the proof, his ‘Road Marks’ the evidence. [Dag’s private journal is called Vägmärken in Swedish, or Markings in the English translation]

May not the obverse be equally true: In our era, the road to action adequate to the demands of these times necessarily passes through the world of holiness?

Only a spirit tempered in the fires of unflinching and indomitable inner struggle, more than that, a spirit firmly grounded in profound and secure faith in God, can yield character capable of supreme leadership for this tortured, frantic, unhappy age [this was written in the mid-60s]. This, at least, was Dag Hammarskjöld’s clear and strong conviction. We have cited his testimony, as well as the objective evidence, to the truth of this conviction for his own life. But he held it to be true for all [human beings]. Let this be his concluding words to us:

‘It is not sufficient to place yourself daily under God. What really matters is to be only under God …

‘… a living relation to God is the necessary precondition for the self-knowledge which enables us to follow a straight path and so be victorious over ourselves…’ »

Pages 212-213

Upon completing the reading of this marvelously detailed book, I knew it was time to go back onto the trail. Yet I didn’t know which way it would be, up or possibly down. I followed my feet and they decided to take a left toward the summit.

As I continued upward in this vast open space, I started reflecting upon the art of mountaineering, which was dear to Dag H., as he explored the rough terrain of northern Sweden. Climbing taxes the body and the spirit, yet the mountain path is usually clearly delineated with a few landmarks and good visibility. That was the case today, with signs telling us how far the summit was, and pictures describing the fauna and the flora.

Conversely, on the spiritual path, there is much we need to infer and decipher. There are usually fewer landmarks along the way—rather pebbles and breadcrumbs—and it is not so much an ascent, I would say, as it is a descent—a descent into the depths of our being, into the profundity of our psyche. The ‘spelunking metaphor’ has always been a favorite of mine, especially since January 2015 when I started my internet radio show, Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us.

In the darkness that accompanies us, who knows how deep we can go, and how many glimpses of our true nature we can catch along the way?

The remainder of my climb was easy, revigorated by new energy, and I was happy to reach the windy summit—but then what?

Questions came. Something—a meaning—appeared to be missing.

Why did I go that far up?

Did I purify my personal masculine by climbing Mount Lassen?

And what about the Beloveds? What symbol(s) do they represent in my life?

Although highly meaningful a journey because of the way the day evolved, there is more to this story—a ‘something’ I can’t put my finger on right now.

I tend to realize many things in retrospect. Yet I don’t know how long this particular “retrospect” is going to take to mature.

Yet I know that time, prompted by the Holy Child, always delivers its secrets … when we are ready.

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Trusting our natural ability to heal

Dear Ones,

This week feels like an unusual week as I returned to the pristine beauty of northern California. Experiencing somewhat of a paradox, and yet attempting to link the physiological with the spiritual.

As I was meditating in the forest yesterday morning, I got stung by a wasp. My eyes were closed and I didn’t see the animal coming. I witnessed the venom—or the nectar—travelling through the top of my hand. It seemed to be contained for a few hours. Yet started spreading again to the point that, by the middle of the night, it had progressed to the base of my fingers and around my wrist. My skin became itchy and the irritation was well alive.

As I reflected on this fluid’s unusual journey throughout the extremity of my limb, I realized that it played a purpose similar to the one I came here for: soliciting my body’s natural ability to fight and heal so that, eventually, it would remove impurities.

Impurities of the body, as well as impurities of the mind, heart and soul.

It feels like tremendous work to undertake, unearthing our ripening karma in the process, tackling our conscious—or not so conscious—fears and phobias; yet healing is an essential function if we want to move forward toward our personal—and collective—purpose. And usher as “fresh and vibrant beings” into this New Earth.

In retrospect, the wasps may be playing a role similar to the one the global pandemic has forced us to address and combat since the beginning of the year.

Are we ready to use our natural ability to heal to the utmost?

Are we willing to do it?

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The new energies filtering in

Dear Ones,

We will soon be entering a crucial period of our evolution; a period that may bring much chaos and some destruction as well. With planets giving us a hand to purge whatever we—on both a global and a personal level—need to purge and purify.

The planet Mars went retrograde on September 9th and will continue until November 14th. Apparently, the period from October 4th till December 24th (when Mars is in Pisces) will be the most volatile, dixit Joni Patry, a Vedic astrologer. Here is the advice that Joni has when it comes to the opportunities soon facing us.

“Beginning October 14th, Mercury is retrograde until November 3rd. Along with Mars retrograde, all communications will go haywire. These are times that will be historically remembered as some of the most ground-shaking events.

Mars retrograde is a time when we have the opportunity to heal past issues of anger. Let’s investigate what anger is actually about in order to better understand it in our own lives and, more importantly, to see how we can resolve it. When we don’t heal our anger issues, they can control our lives and eventually wreak havoc on our health. We react to events in our lives in various unconscious and negative ways.”

While these times may be tumultuous and challenging, I can see a silver lining with new, supportive energies coming in. At their own pace. Yesterday was a special day and I took it that it announces something of a beautiful nature. Not the day itself, but the fact that energies felt pure and aligned.

I saw 11:11 in the morning and then 12:12 and 1:1 in the afternoon. I was involved in a conference call for some time. I then checked my messages on Facebook. A friend wrote to me at 3:33 and it was 4:44 when I responded.

Some things or energies cannot be dismissed when they speak so loudly.

Perhaps we cannot hear or feel the new yet, but I can tell it is being birthed. Silently and joyously.

Can you hear it?



Facebook link:


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Purifying our hearts and minds

Dear Ones,

This week’s invitation might be a little circumvoluted. I wanted to talk about fears and negative thoughts (yesterday) and ended up today aiming for the presence of Divine Consciousness—which is within all of us, in infinite measure.

As a follow-up theme to last week’s discussion, I initially wanted to explore more deeply those “emotionally-charged areas” mentioned below.

“Most people are quite self-occupied, living in the realm of their own making. But when a Buddha comes along, the charged areas you have managed to hide can get quite a workout. You find out where they are and hopefully are motivated to heal them. Thus, you say “thank you!””

What are these charged areas, for each of us, and where do they come from?

And what do they bring to the surface of our lives?

We cannot decently hope to make progress on the spiritual path unless we ruthlessly scrutinize what comes out of our minds and hearts.

Fears is one of these areas where it is important to venture. Identifying their nature can only help to resolve the “puzzle of the mind.” And then we can let them go—or purify them—for good.

One fear that has been sticking solidly lately is the fear of lack and it is hard—for my mind—to identify where it is coming from; possibly from one or two lives that I recently unearthed.

Another one that has been mentioned to me on Sunday is the fear of separation—separation from the Divine, that is. Honestly, I had only the vaguest idea as to why and how it manifests. And my mind decided to start investigating.

This morning, however, I decided to let go of the questioning and aim for the heart, where Divine Love resides.

I was then reminded of two instances or words that I heard lately. The first ones are from Master Djwhal, when he said.

“The journey from the mind to the heart is the longest one.”

Yet it is certainly one that is worth taking if we are to reside in Divine Consciousness.

The second one came from a post by the Arcturian group, and it echoes very well what I just wrote.

What a nice way to (sort of) jump back into my feet!

“It is very important that you learn to let negative thoughts and feelings flow through and out without claiming them to be personally yours simply because you are aware of them. The hundreds of negative thoughts and beliefs that float about in collective consciousness are always impersonal because they are not reality–Divine Consciousness. The moment you claim them as yours, they become yours and then begin to draw to you similar energy.

The only qualities that are personal to you are those of Divine Consciousness. Begin to claim these qualities rather than every three-dimensional belief about money, health, spirituality etc. that comes floating into your awareness from the collective.

If you find that some similar negative thought seems to consistently present itself, it means you are somehow in alignment with that energy, drawing it to you. Use the experience to discover and clear the beliefs that are behind the consistent thought. A good example is a person who always thinks and worries about their health and who automatically comes down with whatever disease is popular at the moment.”


And the Creator’s post this morning felt like a cherry on the cake—explaining the pressure I have been feeling in the past few days.

With the arrival of the most recent energy, some of you may actually be questioning your sanity. (Smiling) The reality of this situation is that you are being given yet another opportunity to clear your deep darks, the niggling things sitting deep in your psyche that may keep you from moving forward. This is a definitive invitation from The Universe to examine, thank and release. Without them, you would not be where you are today. In letting them go, you will be able to find a deeper peace within. ~ Creator


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