Staying in the Heart space

Dear Ones,

Our physical Hearts are one of the most vital organs in our human physiology, beating to the rhythm of the Universe and circulating our soul’s essence, our blood. As above, so below: this physical organ is reflected within our etheric fields, with the Anahata chakra, the swirling energy vortex located within each of our subtle bodies, and the wellspring of unification which connects us in healthy relationships.

There is also another chakra, less known but being increasingly activated in humanity, called the High Heart Chakra, which interacts within our fields on a higher dimensional level. This Higher Heart connects us to our Divinity and the unconditional Love which flows from the fountain of Oneness.

This heart network is responsible for the peace, love and joy that we experience as human beings, as well as our connection to our family, friends, community, and brothers and sisters across the globe. It is a source for healing all divisiveness, discord and illusions of the earth plane.

This week, we will explore more about the strength of the Heart, how to instantaneously access its healing energy, as well as how to maintain a deeply resonant connection with all the powers that it brings to us.

What are the benefits of bringing this Heart Space online in your life, to a more consistently functioning basis?

You are invited to join the discussion and experience some Heart-centered connections with soul family!


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Topic: Staying in the Heart Space

Time: Jan 26, 2017 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Flexing our spiritual muscle

Dear Ones,

I recently started exercising at the gym, attending a Pilates class. It had been 1.5 years since I last took care of my body that way, and the idea of “flexing our spiritual muscle” gently came to me this past Friday during class time.

How do we do this ‘flexing’? How do we exert spiritual wisdom and compassion in the midst of life’s vicissitudes, amid our mundane, and sometimes repetitive, encounters?

While pondering the question, I came to reflect upon the concept of ‘distancing’ or ‘detaching oneself’ spiritually.

In any situations, some more challenging than others, what does it take to distance oneself with our ego mind while remaining present with our Heart?

That is a great practice, I can tell; one that requires a great deal of control and exercise –yes, back full time to the gym of our daily life!

See you on Thursday, January 19, folks ❤ 🙂


Gilles Asselin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Flexing our spiritual muscle

Time: Jan 19, 2017 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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A few moments of healing

Dear Ones,

I have been reflecting lately on some “moments of healing” and how important it is to be aware and acknowledge them–and be grateful, of course.

Simple ones.

The other day, I had finished preparing a meal for my family. I was feeling a bit antsy as no one responded to my call for dinner. Instead of getting annoyed, I sat on the couch and started sending Love & Light around with my breath. That is HUGE healing compared to how I would have reacted five years ago.

Can we see it as healing?

Another one took place last night as I was putting our son to bed. He started crying over a scene in Kung Fu Panda, a cartoon that he had watched in the morning. I took him over my shoulder and he cried some more while explaining his emotion to me. Although he may not fully understand what lies beneath his sadness, this moment was truly a moment of healing.

Healing in becoming…

Let’s heal, dear Sisters and Brothers, and let’s be conscious of our healing, and of that of others.


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Topic: A few moments of healing

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Germinating in full honesty

Happy New Year, dear Ones!

Here is the theme for our gathering this week. A cryptic theme to start the year!

‘Germinating’ was in my mind recently, and it gently collided with a story from a French children’s magazine.

I’ll explain, and here is the story I read in our son’s “Pomme d’Api.”

Once upon a time, there was a Chinese emperor who was getting old. He had no heirs and thought it would be a good time to find a successor.

He called out to young boys of 10 years of age. One thousand showed up. Among them was Liang, an apprentice baker.

The emperor gathered all the young boys and told them,

“I am getting old, I have no sons and it is time for me to designate the future emperor. I am giving each of you a seed. You have 3 months to grow that seed. After 3 months, please come back to me and I will choose the boy with the most beautiful flower as the next emperor.”

Liang worked very hard to make his seed grow. He gave it every kind of Love he could possibly muster, in and out. To no avail. He resigned himself to report his lack of success to the emperor.

The day came when the emperor summoned the young boys again to look at their flowers. There were 999 beautiful, flowers; every flower more beautiful than the others. It was very difficult to tell which one was the greatest among all.

Liang was the only one with an empty pot, feeling ashamed that he couldn’t grow his flower in the least. He reported all his trials and efforts to the emperor while courageously facing him.

The emperor smiled at him tenderly, and then addressed the audience.

“You all have grown such beautiful flowers; it is very hard for me to tell which one is the most magnificent of all. Yet, the seeds I gave you 3 months ago were bad, because I cooked them.”

And then he turned to the only honest individual in the audience, and offered him,

“Dear Liang, would you like to be the next emperor?”

Till we meet again, dear Ones, in full honesty! ♥ 🙂


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Winter Solstice 2016 ~ Your Initiation and Rebirth

The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ An Initiation. A New Beginning.

by L’Aura Pleiadian

Immersed in the Darkness, of the Shortest day of Daylight, we celebrate the Darkness and go deeper within. Then we are Initiated into GREATER Light. As the return of Light begins. Culminating with the Summer Solstice, the longest day of daylight of the year.

Every day we experience a Sacred Ritual. The Sun setting, symbolic of Death. The Sun Rising, Symbolic of Rebirth. We die, we are born. Over and over.

Initiated through the darkness, resurrected, through the LIGHT.

These cycles, are held deep within our subconscious mind. We prepare for the night. The initiations. We RISE in the morning with the Sun rising, a new day. A new cycle. A new birth.

As we embrace REBIRTH and the cycles that as Eternal Beings of Light, we go through, as consciousness in form. we embrace the sacredness. The Sacredness of our Light. Of rhythms, the Sun and Moon. Our Breath, inhaling and exhaling. Of being alive.

Many of us may find our life situations, are not as hoped for. Not as desired. Moving slowly. Yet when we have entered an initiatory phase of our consciousness. we know deep within us, it is the preparatory phase. Preparing for our Rebirth. Our beginning. A new cycle.

A New way of Being.

In the Darkness there is light. Though we cannot see clearly what and when and how, all things unfold, through these cycles of consciousness.

In the darkness is the stillness, where we know, ALL Great things within, are born through the LIGHT.

Reflect on each day, the cycle of Night and Day. The seasons. The darkness, and the rebirth into greater Light, as you NOW open, to ALSO receive greater Light.

Celebrating this greater Light, our REBIRTH, the floodgates of HEAVEN now open up and we are Blessed.

The SUN, representing the Spiritual Sun, is the life-giving force of life eternal. We breathe it in. We bathe in it. We celebrate in it. We love through it. Although this Sun feels external, it is deep within us. As well as the darkness, the subconscious.

Uniting the darkness and the Light, we unite Heaven within us.

The subconscious and conscious, all that we are not aware of, that plays out through us and all that we consciously experience. Embracing the unknown, what we do not see, is embracing all aspects of our being. The darkness and the Light.

NOW this Winter Solstice. And NOW.

Breathe in this Light. The Sun. Let it fill your Heart.

Let its presence, be part of your awareness.

On this Winter Solstice, the day that has the shortest length of daylight of the year, focus deep within.

Immersed in greater darkness, Light some candles and be present with the Light within you.

Reflective of the levels of consciousness, deep within you, be attentive and consciously focis on the eternal Light within you, through your Heart.

Deeply feel your Presence as this Eternal Light within your Heart. Within you.

Welcome this GREATER Light.

The greater awareness of your Light.

The Initiations, that are now set for you to Experience are being initiated within you NOW.

Breathe in the NEWNESS and let go of the OLD as you exhale.

Embrace the darkness within, and the Light within.

And then the Glorious Light that is Eternal, will BLESS you through your darkness, through your initiations, through your being the Light that receives this conscious INCREASE in your LIGHT.



The Glorious Return of LIGHT.

Your emerging LIGHT.

The Light that is your Original PURE Light.

As the Grace and Love of all that is.

All Miracles, NOW.

The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ Your Initiation and Rebirth


flame of the candle

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The Gift of Gravity — Wendell Berry

All that passes descends,
and ascends again unseeen
into the light: the river
coming down from sky
to hills, from hills to sea,
and carving as it moves,
to rise invisible,
gathered to light, to return
again. “The river’s injury
is its shape.” I’ve learned no more.
We are what we are given
and what is taken away;
blessed be the name
of the giver and taker.
For everything that comes
is a gift, the meaning always
carried out of sight
to renew our whereabouts,
always a starting place.
And every gift is perfect
in its beginning, for it
is “from above, and cometh down
from the Father of lights.”
Gravity is grace.

~ Wendell Berry ~

(excerpt, The Gift of Gravity)

Shining Light Image

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A Call for Reconciliation, inner and outer

A Call for Reconciliation, inner and outer

Hawai’i, October 28, 2016

As we spent a week in the beautiful and vibrant Big island of Hawai’i, I felt a fresh surge of inspiration and creativity spewing forth—in Madame Pele’s volcano fashion—to launch me on a new, breathtaking path; a path I honor and attempt to follow with utmost gratitude.

This fresh wave made its way ashore last Sunday, October 23rd. I felt compelled, early in the morning, to work on and write about a gathering I called for the last two weeks of June 2017 in Les Labadous, a gorgeous, soothing place located in southern France. The words flowed and a few paragraphs were born, out of a desire to co-create a healing circle, not only for our seeking selves but, most importantly, for the land and for humanity.

Since my return from France early September, I am noticing a gentle thread being woven, constantly and quietly, into my life. In a fashion similar to the smoke escaping from Madame Pele’s lava tubes, I cannot see or sense much magma boiling underneath; and can only feel the heat when divine inspiration reaches the surface of my consciousness. Yet, since visiting Les Labadous early last month, I am gradually being made aware of what is building, and what ought to emerge at some point, once all the pieces will have been assembled.

What erupted Sunday morning, beyond the urge to write, is a by-line for the title of the seminar. “Walking the Sacredness of Our Lives” had been etched at Les Labadous early September, and this Sunday was added a desire to nurture reconciliation, at various levels; hence the addition, “A Call for Reconciliation, inner and outer.”

On that same mystical Sunday, our family went to visit a sacred Hawaiian site, Puuhonua O’Honaunau. Although the site hasn’t been used for ceremonies for almost two centuries, it maintains its captivating character and its sense of wonder. There is a path to follow, in and out, and remnants of huts and altars are still visible.

I used the picture below for our October 27 gathering A call for reconciliation, inner and outer and two people contributed some beautiful comments concerning the site.


These comments echo what I sensed that Sunday morning, and what I’ve been teaching all along: the need to go within—and do the spiritual work we are called to do—precedes any attempt at reconciling in the outer world. It seems to me that an eternal truth is being exposed yet one more time.

The ‘iki’ are fearsome looking. Not only to protect us from outsiders, but also from ourselves. The secret of symbols is its dual nature; to teach us about ourselves, inside and outside. We live in a world where we are drawn like a magnet to the outside and, maybe, one of our greatest reconciliations is to admire, love, protect, respect, and acknowledge our inner selves. A self that longs to be loved and to make us feel how much we are loved by It.


Puuhonua O’Honaunau on Hawaii Island is a very sacred place. I was just there. I feel you are correct in being taught to go within. This place was a place to go to in the event you had made a mistake and were to be executed. In those times, when you broke the law, that was it; punishment was death. No trial; the person who saw you breaking the law would have to do it. If you could make it here to this place, and it was not easy to do so. You could not be touched by anyone. After a day or two, you would be allowed to see the priest and would be forgiven of all your wrongdoing. You would be taught to go within to forgive yourself and return to your city and be able to contribute as a citizen again; the difference being you would now see the Light in yourself. This is what I got as I walked through this site. Some of the story is not told correctly by the caretakers (the national parks guards) of this site. I was very honored to receive what I did.


What is left out of this surge & search is a question, whose answer may not come forth till the month of June, as I (and we) prepare inwardly: what do I—and what do we—need to reconcile?

Perhaps another surge of fresh inspiration will bring me closer to my own truth?



Gods and Goddesses of Hawai’i

A traditional diagonal layout, this art piece represents “four of Hawai’i’s ancient deities.”

..Hi’Iaka – cloud goddess, depicted as the golden egg.

..Pele – fire goddess, depicted as the fiery triangle.

..Namakaokahai – sea goddess, symbolized by the blue waves on black.

..Kamohoali’i – shark god, takes the form of a shark tooth.

Ke Kula O Ehunuikaimalino, Class of 2013


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