Healing trauma

Dear Ones,

I have been reflecting for some time on the issue of trauma. There are, obviously, various forms of trauma caused by numerous conditions and situations. Observing human beings who have gone through some traumatic experience–especially at a young age–made me wonder about the best way to heal.

The type of trauma that I have been focusing on is an imprint that is being “grooved” in a human being by the effect of what I call ‘the lack of love.’ As a result of this continuous treatment, the person’s heart becomes ‘blackened.’ This word may not carry much weight in English, yet this is how it came to me in French–des coeurs noircis par le manque d’amour (hearts blackened by the lack of love).

The metaphor is apt and the image that resonated yesterday evening, as I was contemplating our theme, was that of a tree attempting to grow without sap. What kind of a tree would this be? Certainly not one that would live a long life.

Coincidentally, I came across this post today from the Arcturian Council (How to Release Trauma) which didn’t quench my thirst. While their main point is not to dwell in the trauma and live in the now (the way an animal would do), the example they chose (a human stepping on a dog’s tail) doesn’t exemplify much of what trauma is, and what its long-lasting effects might be.

Here are two examples of trauma I would like to share.

A friend of mine in Ivory Coast was pregnant with her fifth child when an ill-intentioned person abducted her. The thief’s intent was to steal her car and he dropped her somewhere out of town. While she didn’t get harmed, the fear of being killed or hurt had pierced her heart. She said that, as a result of this incident, she couldn’t hear or sense the fetus for three days. Her fear had also pierced her child in becoming. Her child was born healthy, yet as a teenager now, he has great difficulty concentrating in school; something doctors attribute to the experience he lived in his mother’s womb.

A mature man with plenty of money keeps counting his pennies and would rather go to a store where he could save a few dollars. His sense of life seems to be driven by a fear of survival; a fear that may have been caused by what he perceived as a rejection by his mother. This lasted for some time in his youth and his behavior toward his mother has been less than grateful. He never came to terms as to why she treated him that way and seems to wear bitterness on his sleeves.

While these two stories are about experiencing trauma at a deep level, in the pores of one’s heart, their cause and consequences are very different.

While love may be of some benefit in both cases, I see forgiveness as the key element in the healing process. An acceptance of what happened, and of what cannot be changed, followed by a letting go. A surrender into what the Divine has sent us in this lifetime; however difficult it might be to swallow.

A Buddhist community I used to belong to promoted the mantra “changing poison into medicine;” this image certainly has a lot of value, especially when the poison has affected one’s heart.

This brings to mind a decree I recite every morning, the Forgiveness decree, which is about the magnificent power we have to heal ourselves and bless (or free) our companions on the path we call life.

I will leave you with these beautiful words, knowing my research is ongoing and I do not have any burning questions, so to speak.

Except, perhaps, how can we heal humanity’s karma on a grander scale?

I AM forgiveness acting here,

Casting out all doubt and fear,

Setting men and women forever free

With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour;

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace.

A display of my healing stones at Mount Shasta

How to Release Trauma ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

We will give you an example from your lives that you can relate to and learn from. You have dogs and cats that live with you and, occasionally, you will step on the tail of one of these beloved beings. Initially, the animal will react and react immediately to what’s happening. In that moment, there is no attempt to minimize the trauma of the experience. The dog or cat goes completely into a mode of yelping or screeching, moving out of the way and getting him or herself into an upright position on all fours. What the human does in that instance is immediately apologizes, seeks to minimize what happened by saying it was an accident, and gives extra love and attention to their furry friend. The dog, or the cat, gets over it right away because they are so in the moment, and their tails are not being stepped on in the moment that you are apologizing profusely to them.

We are not giving you this now because we want to tell you to just get over your trauma, as if we have no compassion for what you have experienced. That is not the point of this transmission at all. What we do want you to recognize is that if you could follow the example of your pets and be in the moment all the time, you would be less likely to relive the traumatic events of your lives over and over again in your minds. We want you to feel all of your feelings because that’s why you created the trauma in the first place. But we are also encouraging you to not think about it over and over again to try to figure out what went wrong, who was at fault, and how you created it in your reality.

When you can follow the example of a child or an animal in your approach to life, that’s when you know you’ve achieved a level of spiritual mastery that few achieve. That’s when you become one with everything and choose what you want to focus on in the moment.

We are the Arcturian Council and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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What world are we going to rebirth?

Good day, dear Ones,

Thanks to a friend of mine, I came to look at the results of a survey of young people that dovetails so very nicely with the questions of the moment.

  • What kind of world are we going to rebirth?
  • What kind of spiritual legacy are we going to leave to the inhabitants of planet Earth a century or two ahead of us?

These are important questions, now that we have almost passed the transitional juncture of the years 2020-2021. This pandemic and the societal / climate crisis it created or exacerbated all over the world didn’t come to us by mere chance.

There is a purpose in it, one that hasn’t been fully unveiled or told to this day. My sense is that many answers will come to us in 2022, once we start looking into the mirror and reflect on what we went though.

Secher, in this context, means “to skip school.” Beautiful pun!

The survey itself is interesting and tells us about the hopes and disenchantment of young people in ten countries. Undoubtedly, their responses are affected by the pandemic itself and, more significantly, by the way their governments addressed this ordeal in their respective countries.  

“The study, which claims to be the largest investigation to date into youth climate anxiety, surveyed 10,000 people aged 16-25 across ten countries. Four of the countries were in the Global South (Brazil, India, Nigeria and the Philippines) and the remaining six were in the Global North (Australia, France, Finland, Portugal, the U.K. and the U.S.)”

“Growing up in the emerging reality of the climate crisis is taking its toll on young people’s mental health. According to a global survey and peer-reviewed study soon to be published in Lancet Planetary Health, a scientific journal, 75% of young people think the future is frightening and 45% say climate concern negatively impacts their day.”


I will see you on Thursday, dear Ones!

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What are we going to harvest this fall?

Good morning & good evening, dear Ones,

As we move further into the last four months of 2021, it is a good time to start thinking about what this tumultuous year brought. Autumn is, after all, a time of harvest.

What are we going to harvest?

And is it feasible to harvest a loss?

A loss of ego, perhaps? One that is definitely not quantifiable, and one that may seem unappealing to many still immersed in the material world.

The excerpt below made me reflect on some of the losses I experienced in my life; primarily people, family members who transitioned, or relationships that seem strong at one point and that eventually vanished.

Reflecting on the loss of one’s ego is a different adventure, isn’t it?

And if we lose some ego, does this mean we gain in some other area of our being?

As I write, the image that forms in my mind is that of an hourglass, an emptying of one side and a filling of the other. A transfer of some sort. Knowing that it is possible to turn the hourglass around and revert the process, so to speak.

Could this image be applied to the dance between our ego and our higher self?

And what are we, in the end, harvesting?

Bounty in all its beauty

More compassion, more love, less waddling in self-misery?

True, the list can be long and I will let you reflect on your own.

“Identifying as an infinite, eternal, formless being of light and love” feels appealing, I must add, as the post suggests.

See you on Thursday!

“You are meant to grow and become, and the process of your evolution is through the realization that nothing else really matters. That is why you experience loss; that is why you experience the break-up, the loss of money, home, possessions, even your youth. You continue to lose more the longer you move through time and space there on Earth, which eventually helps you to come to peace with the fact that you were never meant to cling to these illusions in the physical in the first place. It was something that you were taught to do. You were taught to identify as a race, religion, nationality, gender and so on, and as those things are becoming less important to the awakened collective, there is push back.

People who are still clinging want you to cling as well. They want you to have national pride, a religion, an easily-identifiable gender, and so on. The way of the ego is to cling, to attach, to assign meaning to the meaningless, and the way of the higher self is to be present, to care not about form, about structures, about made-up ideas, like a country, and instead to be more unconditional love, to show more compassion, and to create from the beauty that is all around the higher self. This is essentially what you expect to do after you ascend, but you are in this transitional phase right now where you are stripping away the identities of the ego in order to become your higher self, and those of you who have done a lot of that work already can begin to identify as your higher self right now.

You don’t have to wait for a solar flash, an event, three to however many days of darkness that are being talked about, and so on. You don’t have to wait for any of it to occur outside of you in order for you to decide that you do want to identify as an infinite, eternal, formless being of light and love. And as you make your expressions about that feeling that you have cultivated within yourself, you light up to others, and then others will be more interested in what you have than the shiny new car, the big house, the luxurious clothing and other items that they have, and they will want you to teach them how to find that place inside where they too can have inner peace and a sense of satisfaction just from existing.”

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Aging as a journey

Dear Ones,

As we (our family) moved into a new community, I started reflecting on what it means to age. The first person our son and I met, as we climbed a few steps leading to the third floor, was an elderly woman. She had difficulty putting one foot in front of another and quickly moved aside to let us go.

This made me think of what the Buddha calls the four sufferings: birth, sickness, old age and death.

With much synchronicity, a member in our healing group suggested today an intention about aging–adding that it was a difficult process for many.

The intention became,

“May we all accept and embrace the process of aging with compassion, grace and dignity, while providing support to those who need it.”

It is .. a privilege!

Aging is an inescapable facet of life, which concerns us all, regardless of race or living conditions. Some of us may enjoy comfortable settings in their old age, yet that doesn’t make the slowing down of mental or bodily functions go away.

We also all have / have had parents whose final days or weeks were filled with difficulties and health challenges.

The purpose of this week’s theme is to make us look through the lenses of an aging person (ourselves in the first place) and lighten the path of those who need assistance while moving toward their final destination.

It is understood that the beliefs we have about this “final destination” may impact the way we progress in our mature years. Which means that, in many ways, death and aging are inseparable companions.

Let’s get together on Thursday!

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For the sake of transformation

How are you today, dear Ones?

Transforming the world, as we know, starts with everyone of us, and then it ripples out.

It ripples out and breaks that feeling –or illusion– of separation that we can hardly avoid, living in a separate body from the very beginning.

The words below will tell you more about what I mean. These are very much in line with the consciousness of ONENESS that we tackled two weeks ago.

Important themes do come back, so that they can stick in our psyches.

See you tomorrow, dear Ones.



“You will enjoy your lives more because you will recognize that you are everything, and therefore, there is no real separation. There is no real separation between you and anything you desire, and that can certainly take the weight of the world off of your shoulders if you’ve been working very hard at trying to get somewhere or be with someone. If you are striving and trying very hard, it is because you don’t believe that what you are seeking is already you. This is another reason why we encourage you to go within so often. It is because everything you seek truly is within you, and we want you to know this and feel it. We want you to experience it, and this practice not only helps you to manifest what you seek, but it also helps you to feel more compassion for your fellow humans.

If you see everyone as a part of you, and you a part of everyone, then it is hard to just dismiss someone else’s pain and suffering. And when you have compassion, while at the same time, understand how to manifest the experience you want to have, you are in balance between love of self and service to others. This is something you will seek someday, and so again, you might as well seek it now. Being in that proper balance allows you to enjoy the experience of evolving and expanding, while simultaneously giving you a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction that you can only get through helping your fellow humans out.

We know that what we are giving you right now may not be new to most of you, but it bears repeating and it bears repeating often. You need to be reminded of these truths because there has never been a time in human history where more people are guiding you into separation. All of that will be behind you soon enough, but you are getting one last look, and it certainly has been a revealing time for humanity.

If everyone could just feel compassion for their fellow humans, no matter what that person believes or looks like, the world would be transformed in a moment. So we encourage you to be the leaders that we are always encouraging you to be, and spread the beauty of oneness to others in every opportunity that you get.”

The 9D Arcturian Council


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Toward a consciousness of ONENESS

Dear Ones,

The words below from the Arcturian Group made me reflect upon the concept of Oneness. While it is easy to approach and value it intellectually, it is much more difficult to apprehend and practice it within our everyday life.

There is often an element of judgment, comparison, or even perhaps jealousy, that prevents us from encompassing this state. From putting it into practice, I shall add.

It is easy to care for people we know and feel close to; but what about the stranger we meet on the street or the person see at the swimming pool? A stranger that may look very different from what we value and exemplify.

Oneness is a state that needs to be embedded into the depth of our very lives, so that we can share it naturally and generously!

See you on Thursday, dear Ones

A golden rose

“Your inner work is to know, practice, trust and allow each new truth revealed to become your state of consciousness. You now know that you are the fullness of God in expression and therefore no longer need to continue seeking outwardly for health, abundance, harmony, peace, intelligence etc. You are not a piece of God; you are the wholeness of God.

Because all embody the fullness of God, no person can have less than another. Your honesty does not mean that someone else must therefore be dishonest and your abundance does not mean less for others. There is nothing else–every quality of Divine Consciousness/God/Source or fiddlesticks for it matters not a whit what you call IT, IT is already, always has been, and always will be the very essence of your being. 

Whether or not a person chooses to believe this is their free will choice. Spiritual evolution is nothing more than every individual’s journey toward attaining a consciousness of ONENESS. Many lifetimes of learning experiences and many different paths are involved but all lead to the same place for there is no other place.

This is why every spiritual pilgrim eventually reaches a place at which they must cease believing in the need to seek, search, perform ceremonies, beg and plead some far-off God, or do anything, even meditate in order to become what they already are. These tools are important steps along most spiritual paths but once you resonate with ONEness, you have graduated beyond the need for anything that is meant to draw God to you. 

When you attain the conscious realization that you are harmony, completeness and wholeness–not one with it, but actually ARE it, it can begin to manifest in your life as things falling into place without effort, the right person at the right time, etc. A consciousness of Divine intelligence, will manifest as increasingly deeper understandings and knowledge. A consciousness of all life being the ONE LIFE expresses as health.  

Mind interprets individual consciousness outwardly on levels the person can comprehend which makes mind the substance of the outer. Truth must shift from being intellectual knowledge to being an actual state of consciousness before mind can draw it out into recognizable form. Consciousness is the substance of all that exists.”


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What is dissolving?

Dear Ones,

That is the question that came this morning as I read this beautiful post from the Arcturian Group. Things from the past seem to be coming back, unresolved issues that is, and something stuck may suddenly find a way to where it was meant to arrive at.

It could be an emotional, psychological, or spiritual process. Something is moving.

This is part and parcel of what we experienced during our communion last week, totally out of the blue, because of a comment I made early on about strange noises in our house. Helping a soul reach the Light and celebrating her newfound freedom.

This is an unprecedented phenomenon; one I knew about since I learned of it in a seminar; yet never participated in it.

How beautiful it is to wear a “costume of Light,” working “on the spot” when our assistance is needed!

I can relate to the first paragraph below, the ground shaking under my feet and just about anywhere. Chaos grumbling. There is seemingly a tearing apart phenomenon at work, the extent of which we cannot realize or touch with our human eyes and fingers.

But does it really matter?

As long as IT is dissolving…

There is not much we can do to secure our footage but trust the process and have faith in our inner God identity, our I AM Presence. It knows where we are going and is acting like a lighthouse for humanity.

Gratitude for being conscious of the dissolution, as much as we possibly can, is essential.

I wish us well and I am ever grateful for these Fireflies –also called hu-man beings–getting together assiduously every Thursday afternoon. Our light will never tire, rekindled and refreshed that it is in our community.

Love & much, so much Light!


“Be not afraid dear ones as you witness the chaos that seems to be accompanying the ascension process on all levels–personal and global. Everything at this point is a necessary facet of earth’s collective shift beyond the creations of duality and separation that have held it in bondage for eons and which no longer serve.  

The physical issues that many of you are presently experiencing are for the most part, clearings–the releasing of long held frequencies from old injuries, diseases, and experiences in past lives as well as this one. These clearings often choose the path of least resistance, a weak area of the physical body through which to flow. Allow the process, clearings are necessary but temporary. 

…Be patient, for all is proceeding according to plan. All is as it needs to be at this time. Live each now moment from your highest level of awareness which will allow more to unfold. Living in the past or the future does not allow you to receive what you are ready for or need. Living each now moment makes life simpler and easier.  

If you find yourself worrying about something in the past or future, bring your awareness to the realization the you are Divine Consciousness having a human experience and that harmony, completeness, and wholeness are the reality. Take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take while at the same time always remembering that the sky will not fall down if you make a mistake.

As you spiritually evolve you find yourself with less and less in common with those around you who have chosen to remain in the old energy. Be true to yourself, trusting that you are right where you are supposed to be learning what you need to learn even if your life does not seem to fit in with three dimensional concepts of how you “should” or “need” to be.  

Be what you know you are. Let go and BE.”

We are the Arcturian Group


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Our rightful place in society

Dear Ones,

Yesterday I inadvertently came across a beautiful story that had been sitting in my computer for over ten years. I knew it was there somewhere as I enjoyed it from the very moment I read it.

It is the story of a camel and a mouse. One of the stories of Rumi.

What do these two animals have in common?

And why would they come together?

These are legitimate questions, but wait until you read the story and realize what is going on.

It is a story which made me reflect on our “rightful place” in society, or in the world.

As a human being, I mean.

Are we meant to listen and absorb the wisdom of others?

Are we meant to teach and enlighten?

With wordless words?

Or is it a mixture of both?

Or is it something else?

Happy reading dear Ones!

See you on Thursday at 3pm New York time.

The camel and the mouse


A mouse caught hold of a camel’s lead rope
in his two forelegs and walked off with it,
imitating the camel drivers.

The camel went along,
letting the mouse feel heroic.

“Enjoy yourself,” he thought.

“I have something to teach you, presently.”

They came to the edge of a great river.
The mouse was dumbfounded.

“What are you waiting for?
Step forward into the river. You are my leader.
Don’t stop here.”

”I’m afraid of being drowned.”

The camel walked into the water. “It’s only
just above the knee.”

Your knee! Your knee
is a hundred times over my head!”

Well, maybe you shouldn’t
be leading a camel. Stay with those like yourself.
A mouse has nothing really to say to a camel.”

“Would you help me get across?”

“Get up on my hump. I am made to take hundreds like you across.”

You are not a prophet, but go humbly on the way of the prophets and you can arrive where they are. Don’t try to steer the boat.

Don’t open a shop by yourself. Listen. Keep silent. You are not God’s mouthpiece. Try to be an ear, and if you do speak, ask for explanations.

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Being the Light, shining the Love

Dear Ones,

I wanted to introduce something different this week. An intention for all of us to be the Love & to shine the Light.

That is, to harness the power of OUR Love & to shine OUR Light, high and bright.

Hence the following intention as an invitation:

“Our intention this week is for Love & Light to penetrate and dissolve any darkness, despair or depression within us or the people of Earth.”

Perhaps you can think of someone (or a few folks) who will benefit from this intention. And that may include you!

Letting the Light into our hearts

I leave you with a few words from a post that resonated two days ago. It talks about the Light; a light that shone within one individual that showed the Way to so many of us.

“You are there to heal, to shift, and to operate as the light in a world that needed you, a world that beckoned you forth from the very comfortable nonphysical realm in which you were previously dwelling. You came forth to be the light, just like the one called Jesus Christ. The light that shone within him is also within you and everyone else, and that was another part of the teachings of Jesus, and it is the one that everyone needs to be focused upon in order to heal, in order to become the vision that he held for all of you.

You have so much strength and power within you when you shine that light, and you connect yourself to Jesus, or as many of you refer to him as, Yeshua. And that light is what will carry you into the fifth dimension, because it will alter you from the inside, melting away anything that obscures it and shining a light on whatever your fellow humans need to see or recognize. This is the way, and it is the way that Yeshua taught all of you. The time is now to implement those teachings and bring about the great changes that will result in the shift in consciousness there on planet Earth.”


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The intersection of suffering and compassion

Dear Ones,

This morning, I was listening to a 2015 lecture by master Djwhal entitled, “Suffering, the gift nobody wants.”

A few words toward the end had caught my attention earlier on as I listened to the lecture. I will post them at the bottom of this post.

The question that came to me was about the “intersection” of suffering and compassion.

In others words, how does suffering allow us to develop a heart of gold, a heart of compassion?

And possibly, another question which has to do with the reason for our suffering.

A small yet meaningful example came to mind.

Some thirty years ago, I went through some very difficult times while studying in Wisconsin; possibly the most challenging time of my life.

A few years later, I learned that I in fact went through what is called a Dark Night of the Soul. Fair enough; it was good to have an explanation, in retrospect, and know that some other folks have walked this somber path.

In April of this year, a woman approached me via email. She was going through a difficult time because of the loss of landmarks (and strange attitude of her neighbors) she experienced during the pandemic. We spoke on two occasions for more than one hour. After our first conversation, I had the feeling that she was going through a Dark Night and mentioned it to her. I also sent her a list of questions that I thought could be helpful to reflect on; and finally gave her a couple of book references, one of them about St. John of the Cross, the 16th century Spanish priest and mystic. It looks like all of this was beneficial and this person was grateful.

I am sharing this ‘mystical encounter’ because we never know how we might help people down the “road of our life,” especially when they are struggling on the path.

Having experienced this strange episode gave me the foresight and ‘expertise’ to look at this person’s life with what I would call “wise eyes.”

Knowing we so rarely understand why something happens to us, and who is it that we are going to encounter on this path.  Besides angels and our loving spiritual guides, that is!

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, dear Ones!

“Suffering, the gift nobody wants”

The Buddha’s teachings on impermanence, compassion and emptiness are as profoundly pertinent today as they were a couple of millennia ago.

Indeed, they offer precisely what is needed to eliminate suffering and engender a truly meaningful life.

What’s more these teachings are imperative I would say, those for liberating the mind and for the further civilization of planet Earth. How wonderful for all of you that these great wisdom teachers have mapped out the rules for transcending suffering. Indeed, the foundations they laid will serve aspirants today as powerfully as they served your spiritual forebears.

And further, this precious journey will ultimately culminate in the realization of omniscient mind. What is required of you is simply the spiritual courage to undertake the journey with a mind bent on the welfare of others.

With these and a solid method of practice, a successful journey is categorically assured.

Remember, you are merely following the steps of the great Ones before you. As they succeeded, so surely will you.

My parting advice is that you learn to release all resistance to the awakening mind of enlightenment. As you do so, you will come to embrace awareness so vast it will dissolve all mental blocks and impediments. In the end, you too, will find that half the ocean can indeed dissolve into the dew drop.

In closing, I will leave you with a solstice blessing.

Shantideva’s Love prayer, from Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life.

“As long as space endures, as long as sentient beings remain, may I too abide to dispel the suffering of all sentient beings.”

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