A pink moon in the middle of a pink week

Or is it a red week, is asking the seagull?

It’s hard to say, dear Ones, with so many signs twirling around.

I have been paying attention to colors lately, for whatever reasons. Perhaps there is a special dance of colors within us as we fully enter into the season that signifies growth, rejuvenation and the upsurge of the sap in sentient beings—on this north side of the planet, that is.

And the color that was on my radar Sunday evening was pink, possibly because of the upcoming Full Moon this Friday, which is called a Pink Moon.

The name Pink Moon comes from the pink flowers—phlox—that bloom in spring. Other names for this Full Moon are Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon, Egg Moon, and Paschal Moon.

This is the first Full Moon of the new astrological year, knowing we recently entered the sign of Aries, and it takes place a few hours before Easter.

What can this positioning mean in terms of planetary evolution?

And how does it possibly connect with the fire that consumed part of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday?

A friend of mine, Ostarel, shared a dream she had two weeks ago (on April 4th) and its prophetic nature cannot be ignored.

Notre Dame of Paris is on fire. This fire is related to the Tower Tarot card. The tower has fallen and patriarchy is crumbling. Interestingly enough, I had a dream about the Fall of a Tower on April 4.  
Edit 1: the image of the spire in fire is exactly what I saw in my dream. 

Edit 2: the spire of the cathedral has collapsed and it is exactly what I witnessed in my dream. 😯

Who is it indeed that is falling off the Tower? That is collapsing?

We are evolving, dear Ones, out of the old, out of the archaic, into the New; the new that we are destined to fashion with our own hands, minds and souls.

Are we ready?

The knock on the door of the Universe has never been so pressing, to be honest.

From Biddy Tarot:

The full moon on April 19 is a rare event – the second full moon in the astrological sign of Libra this year. This presents us with a powerful opportunity to bring our values and intentions into alignment and release and let go of anything that isn’t serving us. This is an ideal time to bring our lives into balance and continue to reflect on the themes that showed up for us at the Equinox and during the Libra Full Moon in March.

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Aligning ourselves with the totality of our being

Dear Ones,

I was reflecting last night, during my mediation time, on the best way to align with Saint Germain’s intention when this metaphor, complete with a vision, came through.

A few weeks ago, we honored the theme of connecting with Divine Will in “Soft Spots and Divine Will.” Perhaps this is an illustration of yet another soft geographical spot—a magical one this time.

The vision that came is one I experienced with a small group on June 21, 2017, while at the fortress of Montségur. Call it a solar phenomenon, visible to the naked eye.

Upon its awakening, the sun rises and, shortly after 6:00, penetrates through an arrow slit, crosses the roofless courtyard and reflects itself on the opposite wall.

It is in essence something simple, yet something extraordinary at the same time. It is not a time-tested phenomenon which occurs on a specific day every year with astounding exactitude, it is a nature-orchestrated parade. A manifestation of the gods, as the moon god returns to its resting station and the sun god starts to occupy the scene.

The Sun (Divine Will) is shining from outside the castle of our selves, right into our hearts (the courtyard). In order for us to receive It, and for It to go through us, we need to be in perfect alignment; in perfect purity, shall I add.

Aligned with the totality of who we are, future, present and past, and aligned with many other dimensions; emotional, mental, spiritual….

This is what ‘divine piercing’ is about. Our self is the castle, the fortress of personal will, and the Sun is Divine Will.

A Divine which is always available to us, through the Oneness we all share.

How then do we align in totality, so as to bask in the brilliance of the Divine?

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What in the world …

is being birthed, dear Ones?


And what is my/our fitting place in this puzzle we call life?

These are my ‘simple questions’ of the week; floating questions, I shall add, which do not deserve an immediate answer.

I can feel something being activated under the surface of the earth; something that will sprout; in due time, that is.

I watched the video of an astrologer, Rachel, yesterday and she asserted that April will be a month full of … testosterone!

And of past lives coming back to us for the sake of completion, or maturation.

Are we getting the picture: maturation, birth, world, testosterone…?

It sounds like a beautiful cocktail to me, and possibly an explosive one!

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The importance of the hour

Dear Ones,

As I was reviewing a lesson about archangel Gabriel this past Sunday, I came across the expression “this is the calling of the hour.”

I didn’t quite understand it and, to push the curiosity nail a little deeper, encountered a few minutes later the expression “the challenge of the hour.” (Therefore, to obey Christ becomes the challenge of the hour—to find the Person of that Christ, to find the Way and the Teachings.)

And I still didn’t get it!

I asked for some explanation to a friend of mine and while her answer brought some clarification, it still didn’t brighten my lantern much.

What an interesting phenomenon!

Which makes me wonder AND wander!

What comes to mind when you read ‘the challenge of the hour’?

And to what extent does it refer to the Light we carry high and bright, as alluded to last week in Matthew’s 5:13-16?

How do we maintain our light ‘high and bright’ in the face of obstacles and disappointments?

This would be my ‘avenue of exploration’ this week and, who knows, an answer might descend by the time we hold our communion this Thursday!

Here is the context of the expression I found in archangel Gabriel’s lesson:

“You are a conscious being with the potential to realize God, and you have the free will to do so.

Archangel Gabriel says that to maintain the spirit of joy you have to learn how to hold onto the light—because your light is your joy and your joy is your light.

He says, “To determine to hold light, to have light, to be light, to know the light, and to be the servant of the light even while becoming the master of that light, this is the calling of the hour.”

How do you do this? Protect the light you have garnered by not misusing it in wrong thoughts, attitudes and deeds. Protect the light in the base-of-the-spine chakra and in all of your chakras.”


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What is our salt?

Dear Ones,

As the Sun day commenced, I started asking myself about this week’s communion.

Shall I continue with last week’s theme of attachment and say a bit more about ‘de-tach-ment’?

Or shall I go into this notion of light, mission and stabilizing whatever environment we find ourselves in? Knowing there can be so many elements to stabilize in this earth? Our families, the earth grid, the geopolitical scene, and so on. You pick!

And so I asked the Tarot after my little meditation time. The Seven of Pentacles came, a young man looking at the fruits of his labor, a tool in his hand. That is a card about work, isn’t it? And therefore mission, I shall add.

The second car was the major arcana, The Star. It couldn’t be more explicit. The Star, not only as a balancing factor, but also as a nourishing one.

She holds, and balances, two pitchers. The one in her right hand adding water to the pond she faces, and the second one watering the soil she stands on.

What a beautiful, meaningful function which, evidently, leads one to the balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine in our lives; the solid, strong earth standing for the Masculine and the flowing water being a symbol of the fluid and caressing energy of the Feminine.

The Star’s function feels very much like a ‘stabilizing act,’ you would agree?

In the same vein, I was mentioning to a group of friends yesterday the words that came to me a couple of weeks ago: ‘to be a stabilizing force.’

Possibly more in terms of assuaging the energies, be they at home, work, or on the international scene than in terms of stabilizing a geographical area.

One of my friends then brought up the analogy of salt that I used three years ago for a communion and a blogpost.

Hence my questions this week, in the light of what appears below in the quote from Matthew:

What is our salt, dear Ones?

And what function does it serve in the midst of the times we are living?

We can certainly think of salt as a grounding force; possibly a foundational one, laying at the very bottom of the earth. Then, how does salt connect, metaphorically speaking, with the Light that Yeshua is encouraging us to shine?

Matthew, 5: 13-16

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

14 “You are the Light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house.

16 In the same way, let your Light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Dear Ones, doesn’t it connect beautifully with the Marianne Williamson’s quote I shared the other day?

“And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same.”

How wonderfully aligned is this world we live in!

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Soft spots and Divine Will

This might be a much longer ‘post’ than usual, dear Ones, or invitation to our Thursday March 7th communion, as to embody the paradigm shift we recently experienced and discussed last Thursday. It is time to fully embrace the future and what is to come.

A full title shall be:

Observing the functioning of our mind, its soft spots, and connecting with Divine Will.

We can do that, all of us can do it, dear Ones. The reason I am mentioning this so specifically is because it is the very type of work we need to contemplate on the path, leading to a better understanding of the many traps our mind sets, and of the Light which comes from above, and whose divine mission is to trickle down. Providing it is free to do so!

This weekend, I attended the second part of a year-long program entitled, Rites of Passage; rites, or initiations, that help us along the way as we enhance our vibration, move closer to Divine Will and acknowledge Its Plan for humanity.

This Sunday’s Rite was entitled, the Rite of Will Transference; read a transference from Divine Will to personal Will, or a strengthening, and a making more visible, of the connectedness between the two.

We all have experienced some of ‘Divine Will’ in action, in awe at times at Its power and subtlety, acting through the various ‘agents of God’ that surrounds us; I mean our family, friends and possibly others.

I will never forget the benevolent ‘Grace of God’ (as I called It in my most recent blogpost) that made me cancel my trip to Africa last December and that, instead, sent me quite unexpectedly to Washington DC, and more specifically to magical Mount Vernon.

We all have had, in retrospect, some mystical moments when we realized that, perhaps, we are not the (only) ones in charge of leading our lives.

That made me reflect on the instances when Divine Will is not at the helm, or is not heard, primarily because the channel between Divine Will and personal Will is blocked. How does that happen, and what precisely happen?

We all know the culprit: ego mind, and the various ways in which it can mislead or deceive us.

Some of the mind’s tricks are addictive and some take us to what I would call our ‘soft spots’ when we lose contact with Divine Will.

In many ways, these soft spots, once we are stuck in them, function as what I would call “non-synchronicities” generators. We can then see clearly that the Divine Flow is not coming through; that is, most often, in retrospect.

I was thinking of one instance that took place twelve days ago, as we ended our trip to California, and which took me to my ‘most devastating’ soft spot: one I would label ‘time pressure.’ One where my ego has dabbled for a long time.

Once under the influence of this not-so-soft spot, there is little I can do to connect with Divine Will because the engulfment of time pressure is so strong. It takes over most of my being.

In the situation that came to mind, I had to return a rental car while my family waited at the hotel we had just checked-in. Had I waited another five minutes before leaving the hotel, the mini incident that ensued would have not taken place. An inconvenience, a loss of time for my family.

I asked myself repeatedly, ‘How did that happen?’ ‘How is it that I could not connect with Divine Wisdom in that moment?’ ‘What was blocked in that situation?”

I know there is a karmic, family imprint at work there because my mother was extremely time conscious, and she stamped us all with her ‘time pressure’ hammer.

Yet, once aware of the imprinted phenomenon, there is always a way to get out of it. Awareness is not only the first step; it is the most important one.

Hence the goal of this post, which is to make us reflect on the ‘soft spots’ we nurture; as well as their origins.

After deeply reflecting on this 10-days old mini incident, and not giving up on my question (to the Divine, that is), another situation presented itself this morning.

I had a meeting coming up (the Rite of Passage session) within an hour and breakfast was not even consumed. Was it another opportunity for ‘time pressure’ to rear its head? In fact, it is ‘irritation’ (at the perception of being controlled) that showed up. One that, very interestingly, I can handle more easily than ‘time pressure.’ My ego mind started to put up a fire, but I didn’t give it any ammunition, well aware of the possible consequences; and the conversation that ensued was pleasant AND I was very much ‘on time’ for the Rite of Passage session.

Which only shows that ‘time pressure,’ or whatever soft spot we want to consider, are traps, or illusions set by the mind. That I know, for a long time, and yet ‘time pressure’ won ten days ago in California. Once we uncover their schemes, do not buy into them, and maintain our ‘upper connection,’ they lose their deceptive nature, and life can take place, unspoiled, with its many synchronicities.

Again, my purpose today is to make us reflect on what makes us tick, what makes us move, and what makes us react. Understanding oneself (and how/why we function a certain way) is by far, as mentioned earlier, the most important factor in this game we call life.

Once the channel is clear, once we connect freely and openly with what divinely wants to come into our life, self-realization can happen. It is the reason why this connection between Divine Will and personal Will is so crucial.

Hence the importance of keeping an eye (or two) on the functioning of our minds and opening up to what wants to manifest, from above.

Let’s do this with more concentration and determination this week, dear Ones, and see where we are by the time our communion ‘flourishes’ on Thursday.

I love you All.


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Clearing up to a new adventure

We are often making turns on the path, some of them more consciously than others. This post is not especially about a turn, or a new direction, but rather a sensation—let’s call it a knowing—that came up after observing my mind for a few days.

The situation was ideal. I was visiting several California amusement parks last week with my family, an activity that doesn’t require much consciousness; meaning it opened up space and time for observing and questioning my emotions.

Over the course of four days, in two related parks, I went through a range of mild emotions, both positive and negative. The crowds, still important at this time of the year, and the weather, more rainy than expected, played their role as stimuli. And being drenched on our very first park experience provided the framework for a ‘different adventure.’

On the third day, I remember my feeling mesmerized at the amount of temptations available at this locale: the merchandise, the fun, the artificial way of life that feels almost more real than reality. That’s what providers want us to feel: a dream more real than our own lives, one to which we can always come back … once addicted.

I also remember being appalled at the price of those temptations, big and small. Paying $8.49 for a single slice of pizza didn’t feel quite real and would certainly kick me out of the dream. Why such exorbitant prices, knowing we had to pay a hefty price just to ‘get into the dream?’ Perhaps people lost in the fantasy no longer feel the pain—and the surreal nature—of what they are paying for?

On the fourth day, we were able to get to the second park earlier than I thought. The early morning crowds were thinner and I just thought “the early bird gets the worm” after all. That was all good, that was an emotion that lasted for a while; that is, until a downpour surprised us at lunch time. My New Orleans salad received a blessing from the Heavens.

Visiting a third park two days later, another emotion took me by surprise, the strongest I ever felt in the whole week. Mid-morning came and our son insisted to have a special drink, a ‘butterbeer,’ fortified that he was in his request (or rather, demand) by the magical powers that it offers to the young wizards! The choice, as often in life, was binary: cold or frozen. He chose frozen, which meant a longer time to finish the beverage, and more time to wait till the next attraction. My wife added a comment as to the inappropriate timing of my giving in to our son’s desire; yet, despite her well-taken point, that comment was carved in the past, and my action was of an unchangeable nature. Anger got to my nose, just as strong French mustard does clear sinuses, and I could feel the full power of emotions rising from the depth of my being. That was an utmost experience, an emotional peak, if you will. I managed it fairly well by isolating myself for a minute or two, and our son wasn’t even finished by the time I got ‘back in line.’

I don’t know exactly where our emotions come from—besides the mental up or down affliction they create; yet it seems there is some sort of a mirroring process, or inner resonance, at work. A stimulus, usually from the external world, hits us and something within us vibrates, at a different frequency, depending on the force of the impact.

How do we lessen the impact of that stimulus upon our inner drum?

By practicing, as much as possible, what I would call “compassionate detachment.” Not ignoring what has happened, yet letting it go as soon as we feel the impact. Not letting it stick, like fresh snow upon the ground of sensitive territory. A practice that requires some training, and in which I immersed myself over the years; with success when I look back seventeen years, a time when my inner cauldron was often boiling.

The second suggestion would be to proactively call our spiritual guides for help. They are always around and willing to foster our growth—in ways we can’t simply imagine. And mastering our emotions is clearly a sign of spiritual development.

In the middle of this mature forest of emotions, there came a clearing, one of a different nature, and one which I didn’t expect. Was my ‘observational mode’ of any use in this occurrence? I couldn’t tell. Life happens, as we experience it, and life often surprises us.

Right in between those amusement experiences, we happened to watch a movie in our hotel room. A movie that has been around for some time—25 years. Its title is Forrest Gump; a movie narrating the life of a young man from the south of the US, quite successful despite the many challenges and sorrows he faced.

While there are many delightful episodes in this film, the theme that struck me again, perhaps with deeper significance this time (we never watched that movie with our son), is that of Destiny.

Injured in battle, and unable to move, Lieutenant Dan would have perished in the humid jungle of Vietnam, if not for Forrest’s courage to rescue him and bring to safety most of his platoon. Yet, despite having lost both legs, it wasn’t Lieutenant Dan’s destiny to perish under the bombshell that day; rather it was to become the bright captain of a shrimp fishing boat, and to meet a sweet person named Susan. Who would have thought such future possible when Lieutenant Dan, overcome with grief over the loss of his limbs, reprimanded Forrest for having saved his life?

At some point, Forrest started attending church regularly, in the hope that his shrimp business, dedicated to one of his comrades (Bubba) who had died in the field, would take off. He then reflected on the notion of Destiny, attributing It to “the hand of God” and to “floating in the universe at the right time.”

Clearly a bit of both was at work when a violent storm destroyed all shrimp fishing boats, except Jenny, Forrest’s boat. The road was suddenly open; wide open.

This was very much a clearing, and one of an unexpected nature—”hand of God” said Forrest?

I mention this notion of Destiny because I had to explain to our 8-years old son what Destiny is about. What is it that he wants to do with his life, taking it in the direction where it is meant to go? I explained him as best as I could and he was, for once, quiet; very quiet. Is the notion starting to sink in? Will he be looking for signs along his favorite video games? Who knows how those signs will show up, and how soon? They so rarely give us a warning!

Getting back to the title of this post, it seems something has cleared up in my life, although it is a bit early to say. Perhaps what has cleared up is what I call non-clarity, and perhaps some good old clouds have been lifted “by the Grace of God.”

Two signs, small yet significant, make me think in that direction.

On the way back home, I came across a channeled post about Mission and Purpose, not realizing it was two years old. It felt as fresh and as appropriate as it could be, gently reinforcing the clearing that I started to feel.

And two days after watching Forrest Gump, Destiny knocked at our tummies and we ended up having dinner at a restaurant themed after the movie, Bubba Gump. And yes, I had shrimp, a New Orleans shrimp dish, and the brown sauce was delicious.

So who knows what will want to manifest, in the form of a clearing or otherwise, when you or we start questioning the spiritual package I would call, Destiny, Mission and Purpose?

And who could tell how different the adventure we call life will be?

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