Do we need to exit the old to penetrate the new?

Do we need to exit the old to penetrate the new?

I was doing a meditation this evening with a tarot card that epitomizes a sense of completion: the World.

It is the last of the twenty-two major Arcana cards, yet, at the same time, it marks the beginning of a new cycle; a renewal if you will, and possibly the turning of the wheel of life.

The guided meditation asked to reflect on our achievements, our life journey thus far, something we would gently do at the end of a calendar year.

And it also required to look at the future, what our interests are, what projects we have in mind, and what we want to build, in various areas.

And thus the question above came, which is not really a question.

Simply because we are always both the old and the new, always searching for something we haven’t found in the old, unfinished “I”, a ‘something’ that, very fortunately, propels us forward;

Consciously or not so consciously; it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that the seed of life is growing within each of us.

So let’s ponder this non-question at a time when our World might be totally transformed, completely turned around, and utterly reconstructed.

And let’s imagine for a second how we’re going to both penetrate and embrace the new.

Because the new will, very soon, be upon us.


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In the craziness of it all

In the craziness of it all

This is how I feel, dear Ones. The craziness has engulfed us all, and who knows what it will give birth to.

This is still a mystery to me.

Did I say fortunately?

The refreshing symbol that came to me this morning, as I was reflecting on this craziness, is the Star card of the tarot. A beautiful symbol of balance and equanimity, with one jar of water in her right hand, and one in her left hand. When one of her hands is down pouring water over the pond, the other one is up over the land. That’s how grounded, and balanced she is.

May we all be inspired by her sweet balance and delightful groundedness ♥ ♥

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Rolling down the hill

Rolling down the hill

Dear Ones,

The first thought that crossed my mind this morning (Monday) as I sat on my meditation chair was, “rolling down the hill.”

Why would it be so? And what does it mean?

A few minutes later, I checked my Facebook messages and a friend asked me to explain my good wishes to her, “Welcome back to the world.”

That’s when 2 and 2 started to make sense, or to add up nicely, if you will.

That ‘rolling down the hill’ has to do with the old world, the one we are leaving.

There are times when I truly wonder what happens and how we can cross these dimensions so easily; not being fully conscious of where we are.

Times when I am so immersed in spiritual posts or discussions that I don’t even notice what goes around me. Then, I go down the hill, literally, and walked the few steps that separate our 2nd floor from our 1st floor and meet my family. This is when I realize that there are (at least) two worlds and that they don’t seem to coincide.

It is usually a question of seconds before I can shake this feeling of cognitive dissonance, of realizing that I have landed back in a different, yet hospitable, universe.

Except that the last time it happened, about three weeks ago, the feeling lasted a few hours, even at the gym during my yoga class.

Is there an amplifying effect at work?

Are we slipping deeper and deeper in to this new world?

A new world that is waiting for our embrace.

Anyhow, “Welcome to this new world!” and welcome to our communion this Thursday!

I look forward to seeing you there, down the hill! 😊



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Back to basics

Back to basics

Dear Ones,

A friend of mine working in the field of intercultural relations requested a biography of mine, in case one of her clients would be interested in my experience.

This sent me into a reflective exercise on how to appeal to the 3D (read business) world while being true to myself, and especially to my growth process for the past 3 years (I left that field three years ago).

Besides the usual stuff about skills and cultural experience, I mentioned our communion, which initially started with an internet radio show, Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us and described what spiritual development is about.

“In the simplest terms, Gilles defines spiritual development as the desire to go within, listen, reflect and grow the beautiful human flower that is seeking the light.”

Which brought me back to basics and to the reason why I am walking this beautiful, yet not so clearly delineated, path.

Why are we walking this path, yes, and more importantly, how?

Knowing the ‘how we walk’ question can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

Walking with enthusiasm and curiosity, for instance.

And let me add one more question, ‘how do we define, and exemplify, spiritual growth?’

With answers to these three questions, we shall cover our ‘basics.’

See you on Thursday, dear Ones


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Did you notice anything?

Did you notice anything?

“Playing” this Thursday, August 9th, 3:00 pm EDT.

A tongue-in-cheek, teaser question this week, dear Ones!

The energies have been palpable this week, haven’t they? Did I even say the feline energies; those that will take us to the top of the Lion’s Gate this Wednesday.

Yet what I registered most is their inconsistency from one day to the other; possibly trying to hide something in the energetic mayhem we’re going through. A seed is what keeps coming back. A seed in hiding—at least for now.

Some day, feeling very smooth and transporting, like this past Saturday; another day, like Monday evening, keeping us ‘out of sleep’ for most of the night.

The questions that arose, in the midst of this seedling influx, is,

Where are these energies leading us?

What has opened? What has shifted?

Is the process over?

A post from Heavenletters piqued my interest yesterday and somewhat confirmed what I’ve been sensing since last week. We’ve entered new territory; I would even add, ‘friendlier, more joyous’ territory.

What is your energetic story, dear One?


From August 6th Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May | Heavenletters

You are on the brim of something new and joyous that is awaiting you to discover. Who doesn’t want more joy? Start out on a journey that you have never embarked on before. You are embracing a new start in life. This is the first time you have set your eyes on this journey. You look around for a starting place. That’s all you are doing. What new discovery will you make? Make it. Make several. You are going somewhere today where you have never gone before. At the very least, you will step somewhere you never stepped before in the very shoes you are wearing this day.

…If you are planting a garden, plant the garden you want, and plant it as you like. You don’t have to abide by rules someone else has made. You are, in any case, on a new venture. It is your money you are betting on. This is your life, not someone else’s. You may be employed by someone else, yet it is still your life that you are living. It’s not someone else’s. Begin again.

You don’t know yet what you may be on the verge of. You don’t know what seeds may have blown in and will grow to your delight and surprise. You cannot know to a T how your garden will grow. Be open to new surprises before your very eyes. It is for you to discover how your garden grows.

Beloveds, scatter the seeds of your life before you.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.” Robert Herrick English Poet


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Releasing what wants to be released

Releasing what wants to be released

Dear Ones,

I was discussing this morning the theme of ‘releasing’ with a friend of mine. How do we release, and what do we release?

We often hear that we need to release what no longer serves us. That might be true. Yet I would like to suggest that, instead, we release what is ready to be released and, therefore, what wants to come out of our lives.

The sky is often not the limit, is it?

How does that happen? How does releasing manifest in the microcosm of our lives?

Let’s think about the physiological process in the first place. How do we listen, and then usually respond, to the stimuli in our body? By going to a certain place where we can indeed release. And, most of the times, especially when we accumulate a lot, we feel so much greater after the release.

How does this process translate into the intangible realms of the mental, psychological, spiritual and even etheric?

What are the stimuli? What is it that is pinching us within, asking for a breath of fresh air? Perhaps a few comments from a friend that we find alarming, or even offending?

And how do we respond? Inwardly first, and then possibly outwardly.

By going to a certain place, as well, it seems; yet one which is not physical or durable.

All in all, the challenge remains as to whether we have consciousness of what wants to be released, of what is out there begging for a liberation of some sort.

And further up, or possibly down, depending on the steps we choose to ‘muster’ our consciousness, how do we create the necessary conditions, and possibly environment, for this consciousness to arise?

For one thing, my conviction is that it is essential to ask—whomever we feel comfortable asking—for clarity, or for the ability to see into our lives.

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Inviting space energy in our lives

Inviting space energy (the energy of space) in our lives

Dear Ones,

This week’s theme feels like an invitation, or a creation, for the energy of space to manifest in our lives. Space, and the quality of spaciousness, are what make things possible; sometimes when we expect it the least.

I had a beautiful experience this weekend that taught me so much about creating and inviting space in our lives; almost, I would say, creating away from, or without, our mind. The mind, as we know, doesn’t invite space; it fills space with all kinds of busy thoughts, plans and worries.

I’m having sinuses congestion coupled with headaches; what I’ve been taking thus far didn’t seem to effect any change and I felt the urge, responding to my mind, to make another appointment with the doctor. The one I obtained for early Saturday seemed to conflict with a swimming activity we scheduled that same morning. I had two mental choices; one was to push for both activities to take place, and the second, to let the swimming activity go.

I chose the second and truly let go (far away from my mind) of that swimming activity.

The doctor’s appointment went well, I was done fairly rapidly and only needed over the counter medications. I got home and was under the feeling that we could possibly do something together later during the day; shopping perhaps, and I went about some personal activity at home. Twenty minutes later, my wife suggested that I take our son swimming. This suggestion totally blew my being out as I had already cleared the space for whatever wanted to manifest—except the swimming lesson.

This is exactly what clearing the space in our lives means, not attaching ourselves to any mental expectation or outcome; and it does invite an energy—a non-mental energy—that is creative and that will manifest according to WHAT wants to manifest, and not so much what WE want it to do for us.

The lesson was so much in my face that I intend to practice ‘space energy invitation’ as much as I can. Yes, of course, but how?

Yet, what happens when the picture gets much bigger and we want to create more space in our lives for something bigger to manifest? Dreams for instance. How do we let go on a higher, bigger level, without any mental attachment whatsoever?

And what does this energy mean for manifesting at a higher, collective level?

How do we invite the Divine to join into this space of creative energy?

How do we commune with the Divine? Letting the Divine in, running the show, so to speak!

inviting space energy in our lives

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