For fear to be dissolved

For fear to be dissolved, in everyone’s heart and all over the planet

Dear Ones,

The phrasing of the title of this week’s communion is different. Strikingly different. It is the result of my having started to work with the Violet Flame some eleven days ago. I started decreeing and am also doing a meditation every day, The Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation.

Nothing special happened for ten days as I was doing this recitation around 4:00 in the afternoon. Then, suddenly this morning, the nudge came to do it ‘first thing in the day.’

Fear was the ‘target’ of my meditation–or rather the dissolution of fear all over the planet. My intention for the meditation was,

For fear to be dissolved, in everyone’s heart and all over the planet.

Consciousness works its way up, in all of us, with or without our knowing. And once a knowing comes, it is time to celebrate. Such a knowing (or confirmation) came yesterday morning through the reading of an article by my friend Gaia Sophia. It finally explained why I was at times ‘impregnated’ with fears–fears whose origins I couldn’t apprehend.

I specifically remember one instance last September as our son and I were walking to the nearby mall. As we passed the gate that separates our street from the mall’s parking lot, I saw a sign on a pole. A teenager had been missing for a few days and his parents were desperately looking for him. A strong fear suddenly engulfed me, out of who knows where. The fear of losing our son. It lasted for a minute or two. It didn’t make any human sense to me, yet the fear felt real, constraining as it is when our hearts shrink when we take notice of an impending danger.

I was able to share that experience in a group that night and the leader suggested the fear was coming from the collective unconscious. Although she appeared to be right, it did make that fear and others less threatening.

The fear of lack is another of those fears that has accompanied me for some time, with insidious bravery, I shall say.

Feel free to read the excerpt below from my friend Gaia Sophia, and her whole “descension” article if you’d like. It may make sense to you, or it may not. And perhaps you experienced some of her symptoms, wondering the ‘heck’ about their nature.

When all is said and experienced (which is not the case, yet, as we know), the important factor is that humanity is purging itself of its unhealed karma and I believe most of us have a role to play in this beautiful orchestration. A role to play, primarily through (or with) the Light that we shine.

I would say, the more conscious of the process we are, the better. Yet the Divine–or whomever is orchestrating the purge–is not offering us a heads-up!

But, in retrospect, why would it need to?

I shall see you on Thursday, dear Ones.

“Due to the amount of energy being purged by the collective during the dark night, it was necessary to have conduits in place in the lower realms in order to transmute the energy as it was being released from the collective. This allowed stabilization of the planetary Light body and an expedited shift in the collective consciousness to occur as the Light bodies of the ascended beings who had descended could accommodate massive amounts of energy through their vessels. These conduits had to be ascended beings with fully operating HUman Light bodies due to the demands of the Light placed upon them mentally, physically and emotionally. Those who have experienced the dark night themselves can relate to the intensity and sometimes insane experience that it is. This is what many of us have had to experience through our own Light body as a conduit of the collective dark night. Only this time it was experienced on a massive scale and the emotional fallout was intensified because we did not know a specific source for the emotions or energy that we were feeling. Physically, in my own vessel, the hormone levels would spike dramatically during each collective release to signal physical changes to accommodate the release. These dramatic shifts generated emotional instability and this created disharmony in my reality as I worked to transmute the energy and understand what was happening to me. It was not very clear in the beginning what was going on and as all things has fully revealed itself after the experience.”

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Revisiting acceptance and resignation

Good afternoon, dear Ones,

A week ago, I touched upon the concepts of “acceptance” and “resignation.” Yet they were not central to the theme of our communion. Grace was. Grace is, still.

This week, somehow, I came to reflect upon these two concepts in the light of a friend’s story. I knew this friend had been suffering from a malfunctioning arm yet didn’t have many details about the extent of her injury. And didn’t know the outcome after a long process of physical therapy as she had not mentioned her arm in our previous conversations.

Mystically, before I reconnected with these two concepts, I came across the passage below from the Arcturian Group. I read it two days ago, Monday. What I am quoting here caught my inner eye, so to speak, yet it was only the beginning of a deeper reflection that took me where I am today, after I put the pieces in the context of my friend’s story.

“Many and varied experiences constitute everyone’s journey to realization. Even the smallest life experiences expand awareness and become one’s state of consciousness. Everyone is at their own unique place along the journey toward realization so the negative experiences that you may lovingly want to remove from another may very well be the very experiences the person needs and chose pre-birth for spiritual growth.

This doesn’t means ignoring suffering while shouting, “It’s just illusion.” Rather it means that you do what you are intuitively guided to do while keeping in mind that something more than what outer appearances would indicate is taking place. Always allow your intuition to guide you in these matters because, for some, the experience of total failure may be an integral part of their soul plan. Always honor the free will of others even when you can easily see a better way.”

This passage is very profound and constitutes an invitation to reflect on ‘every day suffering’ at a level we don’t often apprehend, except in the case of sudden injuries or life-threatening incidents.

Perhaps this passage is an answer to those who ask God, “why is this happening to me?”

Or, put it another way, “what did I do to deserve that?”

These are fair questions, I believe; questions we can rarely understand–not to mention answer–within the context of a single life. There ought to be more ‘somewhere’ for us to be able to put together the pieces of the puzzle of our life.

Here is my friend’s story. Let’s call her Christina.

Christina is in her early seventies. Three years ago, she fell on her shoulder during an outing. She thought she only bruised a ligament and could recover fairly quickly yet, as it turned out, she needed a full shoulder replacement. A skilled surgeon took care of her in the town where she lived. Unbeknownst to him, apparently, he severed a vital nerve while replacing Christina’s shoulder. She rapidly realized that her recovery was not going as planned and that she couldn’t use her arm. She consulted many specialists and eventually underwent another delicate procedure in the summer of 2019 with a nerve grafting expert. There were high hopes for recovery after such a complex surgery yet, almost two years down the road, there is still no progress and the damage appears to be permanent.

Christina’s story hit home last Saturday when another person told us about her situation. She even said that Christina understood her disability was “part of her path.”

Perhaps it feels like acceptance, perhaps it doesn’t, knowing I haven’t talked to my friend lately and may not in the next few days.

What came back to me today were the words I wrote last week about acceptance.

“Acceptance, on the other hand, means that we are proactive, willing and opening up to possibilities. Opening up to what might lie beyond our grasp in a situation or in an encounter with a person.”

It doesn’t seem that my friend’s story fits my understanding of “acceptance,” does it?

Yet who knows what these “possibilities” might be? And who knows what may ‘truly’ lie “beyond our grasp”?

The thought that came to mind, connecting with last week’s theme, is Grace.

What is possible, in Christina’s and many others’ situation, is the crystallization of a miracle–a miracle of Grace.

Let’s create the space ONE MORE TIME for Grace to shower us this Thursday!

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Inviting Grace to join in

The insight that percolated this morning was about surrendering; surrendering to what is, to what will be, or to what wants to manifest.

How do we do that, dear Ones, when we don’t know what the future holds for us individually, and for humanity as a whole?

In a similar vein, I was listening to a lecture a couple days ago that distinguished between “acceptance” and “resignation.”

I’m sure you can feel the difference. Resignation means, in some contexts, that we have our back against the wall and that we may be forced to do something. Unwillingly and with no other choice.

Acceptance, on the other hand, means that we are proactive, willing and opening up to possibilities. Opening up to what might lie beyond our grasp in a situation or in an encounter with a person.

And who knows what might happen when we let go of that grasp, especially a mental grasp? A grasp that often populates our minds and ‘restricts’ access to higher states of Grace and Divine Will.

Do we think that Grace can move in once we “open up” and “accept?”

It is beautiful to invite Grace in our lives and the more we do it, the more people, in fact the whole world, will benefit.

Let’s create the space for Grace to be with us this Thursday!

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How many more crucifixions and resurrections?

Dear Ones,

From a post I read today:

“The Christian celebration of Easter is soon to take place all over the world. However as with the Christmas story, Easter is not the story of just one man but is rather everyone’s story. At some point in every soul’s journey, there comes a crucifixion which has been called the “dark night of the soul.” It is the experience of having one’s foundation crumble without warning, leaving the person floundering in doubt, confusion, mental anguish, resistance and questions.”

Somehow this concept of a dark night of the soul feels tangible, despite its touch of “numbness,” I would say. It certainly was 30 years ago or so when my world collapsed.

And guess what, I bounced back, not quite aware of any new reality or foundation. Simply witnessing the past leaving, or rather oozing, through the pores of my soul.

Here is a link to the post where you can read a bit more of what happened to me, if interested. Such a deep journey into the unknown, or into the unfathomable. And one of my rare posts in both French and English!

Will this Easter period be more meaningful than any others?

With many more resurrections along the way?

Because of the new age we are in?

The Arcturian Group message of March 28, 2021, signaled this upcoming period of crucifixions and resurrections. Let’s use the plural here!

“The Christian celebration of Easter is soon to take place all over the world. However as with the Christmas story, Easter is not the story of just one man but is rather everyone’s story. At some point in every soul journey, there comes a crucifixion which has been called the “dark night of the soul.” It is the experience of having one’s foundation crumble without warning leaving the person floundering in doubt, confusion, mental anguish, resistance, and questions.”

“After a period of suffering (three days in the tomb) and futile attempts to restore what once was, there comes the realization that familiar outer solutions simply no longer work and at this point the inner search begins. As new insights unfold, he/she begins to see their old foundation from a new and higher perspective which allows them to build a new and more evolved foundation (resurrection). There are many crucifixions and Easters along the path to realization, each one serving to lift a person to their next level.”

These last few lines, toward the end of the message, also rang utterly true!

“Free will allows all to have choice and choice is unique to every individual. Everyone has had different experiences over their many lifetimes making every person’s lessons and levels of spiritual awareness different. Never feel that you must cajole, force or trick another into believing as you do out of the belief that you have the higher and better truth. Love means honoring everyone’s journey through the realization that all paths lead up the mountain and come together at the top.  

Awakening to the truth of ONEness cannot be avoided forever because Consciousness is and will continue to express ITself infinitely even when ITs expressions are colored by false concepts and beliefs. It is inevitable that at some point a breakthrough in consciousness takes place for every person because no one can cease being what they are.

Many intellectually accept they are Divine expressions, but have not yet allowed themselves to actually BELIEVE it.

The time is now and you are ready to integrate– I am that I am.”

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Our intent to awaken into who we are

The question that came this morning, as we start savoring a new season and warmer temperatures in the northern hemisphere, was,

What are we springing into?

Or, what are we awakening into?

It was a question, a simple one, without any clarity or fruitfulness around any possible answers.

Perhaps because the new season is not in full bloom. The sap still has some way to go to produce a peak of beauty and maturation.

I didn’t act on the question, so to speak, and later came a post from John Smallman.

Our intent is to be/awaken into who we –truly– are.

Here is a beautiful answer, and one that shall keep us going.

“Your intent to be what You are – Love – brings immense peace and healing to all and is why you chose to incarnate at this moment in the awakening process. No one else can do it but you because you each have your own and individual major chosen tasks in this most wondrous event. When you doubt Source, when you doubt yourselves, when you doubt that others are truly Love, remind yourselves of your deep inner knowing – even though you doubt it – that there is only Love, Source, Mother/Father/God, YOU! 

There is only the ONE, and that One is LOVE!”

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How do we best serve others?

Dear Ones, and ourselves in the process?

I was inspired by the two passages I read yesterday in the message of the Arcturian Council.

“Those of you who want better lives for all humans are doing the most creating. You are causing the most expansion and you are also willing to do the helping that is required to get others to open up and become more of who they really are. When you believe in something, when you have a cause, when you feel that your life is about serving others, you are acting on behalf of Source and you are acting on behalf of this universe, which is an aspect of Source.”

“…That is something else that you want to have in common with Source and our universe; you want to be patient and also to trust, to know that all will be returning to the flock eventually. All will be coming home to Source because there is nowhere else to go. If you want to feel in the flow with this beautiful universe, then allow yourselves to feel something. Allow yourselves to desire something; allow yourselves to imagine what it would be like to experience yourselves as that which Source is…all-powerful, all-loving, and all-inclusive, all the time. And let what you create in those moments come to you. That is how you live in alignment with Source and in alignment with the universe, and it is also the way to live happily ever after.”

How do we help others to open up, so that they can become more of who they are?

That is a powerful question and there can certainly be a myriad of answers.

Indeed, I do not believe there is an answer that “works” for everyone. It is really up to everyone of us to reflect, connect and possibly act in the direction we see most beneficial, most value-generating, both for ourselves and for humanity.

The more we learn, about ourselves and the world we live in, the more others learn, and vice versa.

And learning, as we know, is a never-ending journey.

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Renewal or resurrection?

What do you think, dear Ones?

What is the nature of the period we are going / transitioning through?

Have you noticed anything new or different?

And how are you feeling?

Do you believe you have your two feet on the ground all day long?

Or is it that we could be a little ‘elevated?’

I have been in “resurrection” mode for some time, after finishing my read of Anna, grandmother of Jesus, yet am not sure of what it is that is resurrecting.

The old self is baked and gone, but has the new one arrived yet?

Or is it on its way, perhaps?

This morning, I enjoyed reading these words from Judith Kusel’s in her March newsletter. In many ways, they confirm what I have been sensing.

Enjoy what is there to enjoy, both the brand new and the resurrected!

“In this time of transition, our physical reality will increasingly change and, with it, we will step ever into ever higher dimensional state while we are bridging the old and the new. Yet, in the meantime, we still need to chop wood and continue with daily life on earth as before; yet, we will find an inner balance and joy, something that goes beyond anything we have ever known.”
“This is a good time to truly promise yourself that you will do what you love to do and create what you wish, with inner joy and great love. For that is what life is all about in the New Earth. Indeed, when the heart and soul sing songs of joy, all Creation sings through them, and thus all is infused with the highest energy and purity of The Power of Love.”

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Ushering into ‘something’ new

Good morning, dear Ones,

Have you noticed a feeling of newness lately?

Possibly a ‘something’ new we are moving into?

I didn’t until yesterday when some signs started to creep in; very quietly yet consistently.

Perhaps this is why we focused on “paying attention” last week in our communion. Something was about to come out of the woods!

First, out of my three tarot-card pick yesterday came the Fool; a clear sign that a new journey is about to begin. I couldn’t relate to anything though and tucked it away.

Then later on during the day, a friend of mine emailed with the subject: I AM New.

She wrote, ‘There have been a lot of comments that I’ve seen that people are feeling ”the new.” It feels like just a glimmer right now, but it is perceptible.’

My antennas were up and I started to connect.

This morning, the first day of a NEW month, the first words my wife uttered indicated that there was something new—a behavior, an attitude that wasn’t “part of the norm” until now. It doesn’t mean this new behavior will become part of the norm, yet it seems to signal a change in a new direction.

And finally, I came across this post from the Creator.

Step into your New Reality.

“During this monumental time of change some hard and fast truths may come to you in a challenging way. The Universe is no longer asking, but insisting that you step out of your comfort zone and into your new reality. Some things may fall by the wayside…that has always been a given. Do your best to make it graceful and easy; disengage your ego-self and surrender to the flow knowing that you are protected regardless of what comes into your existence.”

~ Creator

That felt like a confirmation that something new is about to bud. A fresh sign of an early spring in the northern hemisphere.

When I reflected upon these signs, the image that came is that of a dog coming out of the water. We know how dogs throw the water off their fur, shaking vigorously from left to right and the reverse.

What is it that we, as humanity, have to throw off?

Any stains that were part of our experience in the past year or so?

Perhaps this new month we are ushering into will give us an opportunity to throw off much more than we ever expected—in terms of ‘unnecessary consciousness,’ that is.

For those interested in astral predictions, here is a link to the newsletter I received yesterday from Joni Patry, a Vedic astrologer based in the south of the US.

Take everything she writes with a big grain of salt, yet be forewarned.

As a comment, I love her words,

“This is the turning point that humanity will finally have to awaken to.”

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Paying attention

Good morning, dear Ones,

I always thought that “paying attention” was/is important on the path. And in life as well, of course.

Paying attention to what is different and then questioning the “why” of that difference.

What is happening? And why is it happening?

These questions can help us tremendously even though we might not always get conscious or “visible” answers. We know something is at work—an evolving process—and questioning helps to acknowledge it and keep it going.

Inner questioning feels like a blessing of energy.

This week I was in touch with a person via email. I had two questions, one about that person’s children, and one about that person’s age. These were not important questions—I could have easily lived without their answers—yet I expressed them mentally and spiritually.

Somehow these two questions got answered one after the other.

That is different, and possibly new.

Let’s celebrate that difference, dear Ones!

A “difference” that makes us grow and evolve.

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Revisiting our job description!

Can we do that, dear Ones, reflecting on what we are doing and for what purpose?

Does it appeal to you?

This is what came to mind this morning as I read the weekly message of the Arcturian group.

Our mission is to shine our light, as high and as brilliantly as possible, so that others may follow and discover their own purpose.

It may not require any action, only a sense of beingness and oneness with all there is.

And while it may sound fairly simple, it is not that easy in the midst of the 3D reality we are immersed in.

Yet remembering why we came to planet Earth in this lifetime is important. We are, in many ways, divine messengers and bringers of Divine Light.

Galahad and the Holy Grail by Lesley Hickly

“Your job as a spiritually evolved person is to help mankind ascend out of three-dimensional energy and into frequencies that are higher and real. In order to do this, you must learn to see through the manifestations of duality and separation that have and still are presenting themselves so realistically. The third dimension can be likened to the lower rung of a very high ladder.

You have attained a consciousness of truth and are able to view the world with awakened and evolved eyesight which is why you are on earth at this particular time. You may think you are doing nothing if you judge by traditional concepts about what light work is, but light work is not and never has been limited to healers, channelers, shamans, and metaphysical teachers.  

Light work is the automatic flow of higher dimensional energy in every ordinary aspect of life from those who have attained a high resonating state of consciousness.  

Everyone who has attained this high level of spiritual awareness is a Light worker. You are here to silently and secretly be the Light as you live what may appear to others to be an ordinary existence. Your evolved consciousness automatically assists others to awaken to their own light which will eventually lift the balance of truth versus false in the collective. 

Divine Consciousness is omnipresent and therefore every bit of Light you attain and carry in your consciousness has the power to affect anyone able to align with it. Someone ready and receptive to truth may shift to a new level of awareness simply by being in the presence of a truth filled consciousness. The receptive person may be far away across the world but because there is only ONE, they can be lifted by your awareness. 

ONE is the key word–one Divine Consciousness. The truth you hold in your consciousness allows it to be available to anyone able to align with it. This is how Jesus healed, those seeking help aligned with and became one with his consciousness that held no belief in disease as a reality.”

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