Are we healing?

And how are we healing?

Dear Ones,

Of the hurt we experienced in lives past, and in lives present?

The comment from a friend, as well as a beautiful post from the Creator, that both came to me this morning, made me reflect upon the hurt we may be experiencing, individually or collectively, one way or another; and the way we “embrace” this hurt, so to speak, knowing that ‘embracing’ doesn’t mean agreeing or enjoying; rather, taking it into our awareness of the shift we are going through at a higher level.

My friend’s comments were related to his involvement in social media.

“Over the period of time I have been [involved], I also received personal messages of negative, abusive content related to the nature of what I share. On the simplest of human levels, this is hurtful.”

And is the Creator’s message for today, February 17.

“Many unsettling and painful things are coming up during this shift. On all levels (personal, societal, global) every person is experiencing their own unique awakening. Some are handling it well, others are not. It is important to remember that this is not a time to judge. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to be angry at the violence and division some of these events are causing, but it is also good to keep in mind that a deep healing process in the ‘collective’ is happening now!

We must first see and face the darkness before a conscious awareness and clearing can be achieved.  Believe, dear One, that with the loving support of the Universe, great things can be and are being accomplished.”

~ Creator

In our family case, the hurt is coming from the school our son attends. This is his third year at the same school and things have changed this year, for the ‘colder.’ Meaning for a less human-oriented, less warm approach, as I perceive it. A new director has set in, with her ways of approaching the ‘business at hand.’ She is much more masculine than the previous director, and some of us can feel the effects of her efficiency. Yesterday, we met in her office because our son had broken the door of a little wooden house the day before. Our son received a well-deserved lesson that will hopefully teach him respect for his environment and the folks in it. Upon the conclusion of this meeting, the director shook my wife’s hand. A sign of business well conducted, perhaps? Or perhaps I am simply too sensitive myself? Yet, this is not the first sign that I noticed in the ‘cold front,’ either from the school director or the teachers, and the list could be quite long.

Lately, I was asking myself, “why is it that we had such a beautiful year last year in school, and such a difficult, painful one this year?”

Is this because of the shift? Is this because of what planet Earth is undergoing?

My friend’s comment and the Creator’s words certainly brought a fresh perspective to the fore. Yet, are we healing from the hurt? And if we are, how are we doing it?

Each person’s approach to healing might be different; it might be a question of what she or he is experiencing, as well as the context in which the hurt takes places. The number of people involved, as well as the frequency of the hurt.

In our case, I have learned to detach myself from what is happening at school, on more than one level, while yet remaining involved in the numerous opportunities we have to get involved in supporting this educational institution.

It is not that I see things differently, or that I put a shield over my heart, it is that I have removed a layer of emotional sensitivity, if that makes sense, after mourning the good old days we had last year. Life happens, hurt—and sometimes nonsense—happens, it doesn’t feel as painful as it used to, and life goes on.

I also came to realize that I am not here to change our son’s school. I have enough work with myself!

As synchronicity would have it, I came across this evening an article mentioning maitri, or unconditional loving kindness. This is a tool we can apply to ourselves as we encounter painful situations. The characteristic of maitri that seems most important in the situations I evoked is the following one:

“Maitri also relaxes us and allows us to be gentle and kind toward ourselves. Our pain is still there, but instead of avoiding it, we care for it as we would care for an open wound.”

There is one more thing that I noticed in recent weeks, with the waves of energy pouring over us: the need to rest. For one, I listen to my body and I take naps, sometimes two of them a day.

It may sound like a simple thing, one that apparently doesn’t have anything to do with the hurt we are experiencing, and yet these naps are as good for the soul as they are for the body. I can attest it, I just took one!

About new desert

Nurturing the Gift of Seeking is about a spiritual "destination," a journey within, a new beginning, that eventually takes us where we are meant to arrive. Some call it Home, yet I am not sure what Home means, and where it is. Enjoy the journey, dear Ones! On this journey, what matters, first and foremost, is our seeking spirit. And the seed of perseverance--or faith, if you will. Happy journey, dear fellow Sisters and Brothers!
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2 Responses to Are we healing?

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you Gilles for your observation of the now. I have been asking for clarity. I thought I was so crazy w/ rage, pain in my body to the point I couldn’t stand up or walk. It felt like ever connection I had made w/ like minded intentions has left. The feeling of standing naked in the void & be my most vulnerable self. I’ve been sleeping 10 hours a night & need a nap or stay in jammies all day & leave the house or do anything. The pit in my stomach won’t go away. I’ve never felt such fear & chaos in my life. I don’t know what to do w/ the energy. What I would normally do, doesn’t feel like that’s the I should use it. There must be a new way for me to use this energy. Nothing is satisfying the void I suppose. Well… Thanks again🙏 In peace, Carol Guillory

    • new desert says:

      Thanks for sharing your struggles, dear Carol, which seem out of the ordinary.
      Are you able to meditate and sit for a while?
      How’s your focus?
      And what is this void you are talking about?
      Interestingly, you were in my thoughts today as I came to reflect on Vajra Flame folks.
      Sending you some gentle, soothing loving kindness!
      May it release your symptoms, even a little.
      Love & much Light, my dear ❤

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