The freedom to love

Somehow, this concept of “freedom to love” came back to me this morning (Saturday) during my meditation time. It has knocked at my door recently yet I am not sure I was ready to honor it, as our family experienced a long period of ‘in-betweenness.’ Traveling between worlds, it seems, and abodes as well. It is good to be out of the tunnel, ready to embrace a new world.

So what is it that freedom and love have in common and why would someone want to associate them?

This is a question for all of us, really.

Do we feel freer when we are loved, or when we love?

As an unquantifiable, unmeasurable element, isn’t love free? Free for the taking, free for those who want to give it and free to those who ‘agree’ to receive it. The word ‘agree’ is important as I believe many of us in this chaotic environment believe they are not worthy of receiving love; or are not lovable, simply speaking.

Why would it be so?

What would the barriers, or unsurmountable obstacles, be that would prevent us from receiving Love?

It is a question for each of us, individually, and one has to spelunk inwardly to find out how he or she relates to Love. Please do not let these (possibly unconscious) barriers obstruct the path that guides us to the Divine.

Love, here we come!

Of course, there are various shades and degrees of love; love between humans, or between animals and humans, first comes to mind—and families, schools, institutions is where we start learning about and experiencing love; yet the older we get, and the more public we become, it seems that Loves gets rarefied. In a corporate or government setting, for instance.

What if Love were omnipresent in our lives? Just like the air we breathe?

Reflecting on those barriers, it seems that many of us have memories of unloving teachers; teachers who would criticize or punish rather than support or elevate us with a few kind words.

I still remember the name of my 11th grade math teacher. She was from Corsica and somehow it seems she picked every possible opportunity to give me a hard time. And there are others, beautiful beings, that take our education and growth to their hearts and generously give us all they have. I can’t think of too many though when I go back to my primary and secondary years of schooling. Perhaps you can?

So this is where it starts—primarily at home and in school where we implicitly learn the ‘rudiments’ of Love. Rudiments that shape a good bit of the remainder of our lives and a good bit of our personality as well.

Then, in this story we call life, where does the concept of freedom to love come into play? How do we decide if we are lovable or not? If we are going to love or not?

Is it a question of someone giving us permission to love ourselves? And others? That is a powerful question, isn’t it?

I will leave these questions in the open [for anyone to reflect] and look forward to a beautiful discussion on Thursday.

Love & much Light

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