Elevating ourselves

Dear Ones,

How are you?

This week is an intense week of English language skills testing at the school where I work. The school is using a software called Ellevation to keep track of the students’ progress and I thought this would be very fitting with the theme Christine Clemmer underlines and expands upon right below.

To elevate and wake up. To wake up and elevate.

Elevating ourselves is an every-minute piece of work, isn’t it?

So that we don’t fall into the pits of “separation, fear, judgment or resistance.”

I love this line of hers: “To truly change the world, we must be willing to examine our lens of consciousness and lens of vision.”

Happy elevating, dear Ones!

Gilles Asselin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Elevating ourselves

Time: Jan 19 at 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


“Last week, Mars stationed direct and this week Mercury stations direct. The degree of both stations activates a great eliminator aspect between the Mind/Body rulers. When we consider the “horizon” we’re navigating and negotiating, remember the wholeness of our experience is determined by the relationship between our mind and body. Through the mental body, we have infinite access and personal power to choose the lens we’re looking through and living through. When we elevate our consciousness to a higher octave of Love, the landscape changes. Our available options shift. The clarity of communication fine tunes. The future vision appears vivid and full of possibility. When we lower our consciousness to a denser vibration of separation, fear, judgment, or resistance, our landscape and available options reflect this quality of consciousness, and possibilities appear limited, distorted, and confusing.

To truly change the world, we must be willing to examine our lens of consciousness and lens of vision. The power of the mind to take responsibility for what we’re seeing unleashes the power to take action from a higher lens of awareness, which truly manifests higher ground. If we’re unaware, unconscious, and taking action from fear, insecurity, scarcity, or separation, we will repeat the cycles that produced those ripple effects. The change occurs when we elevate through awareness, and choose to engage and participate from there.

Whatever gets our attention to elevate and wake up is a gift, a blessing. Oftentimes we wake up when situations get uncomfortable, when our status quo gets interrupted and there’s no other option but to shift. That stimulus is a gift, otherwise we might spend lifetimes in the same outdated status quo patterns and limiting awareness that would keep us stagnant instead of alive and thriving. This week delivers an Aquarian New Moon and Uranus station, offering a bolt of lightning that serves as a wakeup call to rise up, elevate, and choose Love. An Aquarian awakening isn’t personal, it’s not limited to a particular person or situation; it’s universal, on behalf of all, equally.

Our future depends upon the wake-up calls being delivered now. It’s always been that way. We get messages and feedback constantly, from our relationships, our environment, our bodies, on a moment to moment basis. When we ignore the feedback, we separate from the messages coming online, but it doesn’t change the fact that those messages are still relevant…and persistent. When we wake up, get present, pay attention, and elevate our consciousness to Love, we can respond with progressive and innovative solutions that take us into new ground. Our evolution births us into new dimensions, previously unimagined.

In order to awaken the highest vision and potential for ourselves, humanity and our planet, we must be willing to choose Love, choose to be present, and choose to participate as the response of Love – with equanimity, non-attachment, and non-judgment. Love as the foundation, Love as the atmosphere, produces an environment that grows and thrives, unleashing the highest potential for all, unconditionally. Remember, Love as a frequency is the most potent and powerful force of energy in our universe. The frequency of Love is a creative force that manifests new outcomes, new possibilities, and new solutions. When we choose to build our social contracts, systems, and organizations upon a frequency that elevates and manifests the highest human potential, we see a world that ignites and expands, as we thrive in authentic expression and sustainable contribution.”


About new desert

Nurturing the Gift of Seeking is about a spiritual "destination," a journey within, a new beginning, that eventually takes us where we are meant to arrive. Some call it Home, yet I am not sure what Home means, and where it is. Enjoy the journey, dear Ones! On this journey, what matters, first and foremost, is our seeking spirit. And the seed of perseverance--or faith, if you will. Happy journey, dear fellow Sisters and Brothers!
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