Accessing the Power of Love

What really is love?

Have you ever asked that question?

Of course, we all know that Love is an emotion that binds and unites people, within a couple, a family, a community. But isn’t there a ‘bigger’ dimension of Love?

One that expands beyond the boundaries of our human selves and encompasses the entire universe. Love as a most powerful force, possibly a divine force, that we all carry deep down within ourselves. A force that is responsible for the creation of the stars and the galaxies and that flows uninterrupted.

That force or field of universal Love is available to anyone who seeks It; yet so few of us do. Imagine what our world would be if a majority of us were consciously treading the path of Love.

I recently came across a quote from the Indian sage Sri Chinmoy:

When the Power of Love replaces the love of power, man will have a new name: God.

Another one fell on my lap this morning, just as meaningful. A pebble on the path, as one might say, from the Creator Writings.

Love is the least understood human emotion on this Earth plane. It is wrapped up in everything you do and say. Unfortunately, most view it as a binding, chain or hook. However, if you let love flow in the way The Universe intended, anything is possible.

Listen to Gilles talk about Accessing the Power of Love; a video where he shares two love-related anecdotes.

The main goal of this course is to explore and access universal Love within the context of a learning community; a community we will be building as we move forward into our exploration.

Upon the completion of the eight-week course, participants can expect to

  • Develop greater faith in themselves;
  • Acquire a profound understanding of this Love force and the role it plays in our lives, in nature, and in the evolution of the universe;
  • Realize that one’s core identity is placed in love much more than it is in the personality or the ego;
  • Get a greater sense of responsibility in terms of being and manifesting Love;
  • Have a more loving sense of purpose in life;
  • Learn how to embody divine/universal Love
  • Be able to use Love as a healing balm, flowing from one heart to another (the way it was used in communities such as the Essenes and the Cathars)
  • Get answers to question related to Love and its possible lack

In THIS DAY’s July 26 podcast Gilles Asselin talks about the Power of Love.


The program starts Saturday August 20th @ 3 pm EST (New York) and runs for eight consecutive weeks.

The course is limited to 20 people and will be conducted using the Zoom platform. It will be interactive and each person is welcome to share his or her own experience and views. A written document will be sent to participants before each class and will serve as a basis for discussion and exchange. Each class will last 90 minutes.

The cost for the entire course is $245.00. The preferred method of payment is PayPal. Checks on a US bank are also accepted. In addition to the course, individual sessions (spiritual counseling) are available for $100 per session.

Please contact with questions or queries.

Please fill out the registration form. Upon receipt, I will send you the link to the PayPal site.

The Inner Workings of Love – how Perfection works its way in the world

Program for the eight weeks

1. Love as an irresistible force

What kind of love are we talking about and how does it manifest?

How do we apprehend it?

How do we receive it? How do we transmit it?

2. What is my salt?

What are my gifts? And why am I here on earth at this very time?

What do my gifts have to do with Love?

And what function might they serve in the midst of the times we are living?

3. The purifying factor

How do we become a clear channel through which Love can flow freely?

What might be the obstacles? How do we become aware of our own darkness?

4. Assuming our loving responsibilities

How do we connect with the Buddhist notion of bodhicitta?

How do we assume our responsibilities, in our families, in society?

Love doesn’t have a job description attached to it

5. Love and Oneness

As loving beings, how do we cut through the illusion of separation and enter Oneness?

How do we ascertain the greater flow of Love and embody it?

6. Meditating with the “River of Love”

A meditation about the cleansing Power of Water—a metaphor for the Power of Love

Blessing the Earth and its many hot spots with our healing Love

7. What are we here to create?

Both individually and collectively?

Love and the concept of New Earth

How will it look or feel like? Can we envision it?

8. Where do we go from here?

How can we support each other in this loving journey?

Where is the journey going to take us?

Participants will receive or benefit from

1. A recorded lecture introducing each of the eight classes

2. The Accessing the Power of Love discussion booklet

3. Video and audio recordings for each session

4. Audio recordings of the meditation(s)

5. A private Facebook or Google group for discussion between classes (we’ll decide together what we want during the first class)

Information about course leader Gilles Asselin

Please fill out the registration form. Upon receipt, I will send you the link to the PayPal site.