Soft spots and Divine Will

This might be a much longer ‘post’ than usual, dear Ones, or invitation to our Thursday March 7th communion, as to embody the paradigm shift we recently experienced and discussed last Thursday. It is time to fully embrace the future and what is to come.

A full title shall be:

Observing the functioning of our mind, its soft spots, and connecting with Divine Will.

We can do that, all of us can do it, dear Ones. The reason I am mentioning this so specifically is because it is the very type of work we need to contemplate on the path, leading to a better understanding of the many traps our mind sets, and of the Light which comes from above, and whose divine mission is to trickle down. Providing it is free to do so!

This weekend, I attended the second part of a year-long program entitled, Rites of Passage; rites, or initiations, that help us along the way as we enhance our vibration, move closer to Divine Will and acknowledge Its Plan for humanity.

This Sunday’s Rite was entitled, the Rite of Will Transference; read a transference from Divine Will to personal Will, or a strengthening, and a making more visible, of the connectedness between the two.

We all have experienced some of ‘Divine Will’ in action, in awe at times at Its power and subtlety, acting through the various ‘agents of God’ that surrounds us; I mean our family, friends and possibly others.

I will never forget the benevolent ‘Grace of God’ (as I called It in my most recent blogpost) that made me cancel my trip to Africa last December and that, instead, sent me quite unexpectedly to Washington DC, and more specifically to magical Mount Vernon.

We all have had, in retrospect, some mystical moments when we realized that, perhaps, we are not the (only) ones in charge of leading our lives.

That made me reflect on the instances when Divine Will is not at the helm, or is not heard, primarily because the channel between Divine Will and personal Will is blocked. How does that happen, and what precisely happen?

We all know the culprit: ego mind, and the various ways in which it can mislead or deceive us.

Some of the mind’s tricks are addictive and some take us to what I would call our ‘soft spots’ when we lose contact with Divine Will.

In many ways, these soft spots, once we are stuck in them, function as what I would call “non-synchronicities” generators. We can then see clearly that the Divine Flow is not coming through; that is, most often, in retrospect.

I was thinking of one instance that took place twelve days ago, as we ended our trip to California, and which took me to my ‘most devastating’ soft spot: one I would label ‘time pressure.’ One where my ego has dabbled for a long time.

Once under the influence of this not-so-soft spot, there is little I can do to connect with Divine Will because the engulfment of time pressure is so strong. It takes over most of my being.

In the situation that came to mind, I had to return a rental car while my family waited at the hotel we had just checked-in. Had I waited another five minutes before leaving the hotel, the mini incident that ensued would have not taken place. An inconvenience, a loss of time for my family.

I asked myself repeatedly, ‘How did that happen?’ ‘How is it that I could not connect with Divine Wisdom in that moment?’ ‘What was blocked in that situation?”

I know there is a karmic, family imprint at work there because my mother was extremely time conscious, and she stamped us all with her ‘time pressure’ hammer.

Yet, once aware of the imprinted phenomenon, there is always a way to get out of it. Awareness is not only the first step; it is the most important one.

Hence the goal of this post, which is to make us reflect on the ‘soft spots’ we nurture; as well as their origins.

After deeply reflecting on this 10-days old mini incident, and not giving up on my question (to the Divine, that is), another situation presented itself this morning.

I had a meeting coming up (the Rite of Passage session) within an hour and breakfast was not even consumed. Was it another opportunity for ‘time pressure’ to rear its head? In fact, it is ‘irritation’ (at the perception of being controlled) that showed up. One that, very interestingly, I can handle more easily than ‘time pressure.’ My ego mind started to put up a fire, but I didn’t give it any ammunition, well aware of the possible consequences; and the conversation that ensued was pleasant AND I was very much ‘on time’ for the Rite of Passage session.

Which only shows that ‘time pressure,’ or whatever soft spot we want to consider, are traps, or illusions set by the mind. That I know, for a long time, and yet ‘time pressure’ won ten days ago in California. Once we uncover their schemes, do not buy into them, and maintain our ‘upper connection,’ they lose their deceptive nature, and life can take place, unspoiled, with its many synchronicities.

Again, my purpose today is to make us reflect on what makes us tick, what makes us move, and what makes us react. Understanding oneself (and how/why we function a certain way) is by far, as mentioned earlier, the most important factor in this game we call life.

Once the channel is clear, once we connect freely and openly with what divinely wants to come into our life, self-realization can happen. It is the reason why this connection between Divine Will and personal Will is so crucial.

Hence the importance of keeping an eye (or two) on the functioning of our minds and opening up to what wants to manifest, from above.

Let’s do this with more concentration and determination this week, dear Ones, and see where we are by the time our communion ‘flourishes’ on Thursday.

I love you All.

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Nurturing the Gift of Seeking is about a spiritual "destination," a journey within, a new beginning, that eventually takes us where we are meant to arrive. Some call it Home, yet I am not sure what Home means, and where it is. Enjoy the journey, dear Ones! On this journey, what matters, first and foremost, is our seeking spirit. And the seed of perseverance--or faith, if you will. Happy journey, dear fellow Sisters and Brothers!
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