Healing trauma

Dear Ones,

I have been reflecting for some time on the issue of trauma. There are, obviously, various forms of trauma caused by numerous conditions and situations. Observing human beings who have gone through some traumatic experience–especially at a young age–made me wonder about the best way to heal.

The type of trauma that I have been focusing on is an imprint that is being “grooved” in a human being by the effect of what I call ‘the lack of love.’ As a result of this continuous treatment, the person’s heart becomes ‘blackened.’ This word may not carry much weight in English, yet this is how it came to me in French–des coeurs noircis par le manque d’amour (hearts blackened by the lack of love).

The metaphor is apt and the image that resonated yesterday evening, as I was contemplating our theme, was that of a tree attempting to grow without sap. What kind of a tree would this be? Certainly not one that would live a long life.

Coincidentally, I came across this post today from the Arcturian Council (How to Release Trauma) which didn’t quench my thirst. While their main point is not to dwell in the trauma and live in the now (the way an animal would do), the example they chose (a human stepping on a dog’s tail) doesn’t exemplify much of what trauma is, and what its long-lasting effects might be.

Here are two examples of trauma I would like to share.

A friend of mine in Ivory Coast was pregnant with her fifth child when an ill-intentioned person abducted her. The thief’s intent was to steal her car and he dropped her somewhere out of town. While she didn’t get harmed, the fear of being killed or hurt had pierced her heart. She said that, as a result of this incident, she couldn’t hear or sense the fetus for three days. Her fear had also pierced her child in becoming. Her child was born healthy, yet as a teenager now, he has great difficulty concentrating in school; something doctors attribute to the experience he lived in his mother’s womb.

A mature man with plenty of money keeps counting his pennies and would rather go to a store where he could save a few dollars. His sense of life seems to be driven by a fear of survival; a fear that may have been caused by what he perceived as a rejection by his mother. This lasted for some time in his youth and his behavior toward his mother has been less than grateful. He never came to terms as to why she treated him that way and seems to wear bitterness on his sleeves.

While these two stories are about experiencing trauma at a deep level, in the pores of one’s heart, their cause and consequences are very different.

While love may be of some benefit in both cases, I see forgiveness as the key element in the healing process. An acceptance of what happened, and of what cannot be changed, followed by a letting go. A surrender into what the Divine has sent us in this lifetime; however difficult it might be to swallow.

A Buddhist community I used to belong to promoted the mantra “changing poison into medicine;” this image certainly has a lot of value, especially when the poison has affected one’s heart.

This brings to mind a decree I recite every morning, the Forgiveness decree, which is about the magnificent power we have to heal ourselves and bless (or free) our companions on the path we call life.

I will leave you with these beautiful words, knowing my research is ongoing and I do not have any burning questions, so to speak.

Except, perhaps, how can we heal humanity’s karma on a grander scale?

I AM forgiveness acting here,

Casting out all doubt and fear,

Setting men and women forever free

With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour;

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace.

A display of my healing stones at Mount Shasta

How to Release Trauma ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

We will give you an example from your lives that you can relate to and learn from. You have dogs and cats that live with you and, occasionally, you will step on the tail of one of these beloved beings. Initially, the animal will react and react immediately to what’s happening. In that moment, there is no attempt to minimize the trauma of the experience. The dog or cat goes completely into a mode of yelping or screeching, moving out of the way and getting him or herself into an upright position on all fours. What the human does in that instance is immediately apologizes, seeks to minimize what happened by saying it was an accident, and gives extra love and attention to their furry friend. The dog, or the cat, gets over it right away because they are so in the moment, and their tails are not being stepped on in the moment that you are apologizing profusely to them.

We are not giving you this now because we want to tell you to just get over your trauma, as if we have no compassion for what you have experienced. That is not the point of this transmission at all. What we do want you to recognize is that if you could follow the example of your pets and be in the moment all the time, you would be less likely to relive the traumatic events of your lives over and over again in your minds. We want you to feel all of your feelings because that’s why you created the trauma in the first place. But we are also encouraging you to not think about it over and over again to try to figure out what went wrong, who was at fault, and how you created it in your reality.

When you can follow the example of a child or an animal in your approach to life, that’s when you know you’ve achieved a level of spiritual mastery that few achieve. That’s when you become one with everything and choose what you want to focus on in the moment.

We are the Arcturian Council and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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