Let it close, let it close!

Whatever wants (or needs) to close, dear Ones, let it do it!

Either collectively or personally.

The year will close ‘naturally’ in 29 days or so. And so will the second decade of the 21st century.

And a seven-year cycle will end on the winter solstice of December 21st. A beautiful sign of completion.

Closings generally mean new openings, and 2020 shall not be an exception, with all that the Universe has in store.

December may be a time to look back on a year filled with various events and activities, progress and upgrades, deepening wisdom and assiduous inner work.

The portion of the message from Master Hilarion is making sense to me as I look at what it is that I don’t want to take with me into a new era. Not necessarily what is listed but there is apparently still some debris to clear and cleanse. Not sure where it is coming from, but I am acknowledging what wants to manifest and doing the work that I ought to do.

Let’s close the year and the decade beautifully, dear Ones!


Many of you have been experiencing a replay of all that you thought had already been purged from you and have been wondering when you would be free of these.

Dear Ones, this is a completion for you. It might be likened to a Bardo experience that happens when a Soul departs from Earth. In your case, you have chosen to continue on in your Ascension journey while in your physical body – so you are experiencing a review of your life lived on the Earth up to this point in time. 

All is in Divine order and we ask you to be at peace about this occurrence. Just allow these thoughts and feelings from the past to pass through you – allow all the feelings of soul sadness, sense of loss, grief, injustice, indignation and anger to be felt, acknowledged and released. This will be a final purging. Take with you all the soul lessons that have been learned and let the rest go.”

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About new desert

Nurturing the Gift of Seeking is about a spiritual "destination," a journey within, a new beginning, that eventually takes us where we are meant to arrive. Some call it Home, yet I am not sure what Home means, and where it is. Enjoy the journey, dear Ones! On this journey, what matters, first and foremost, is our seeking spirit. And the seed of perseverance--or faith, if you will. Happy journey, dear fellow Sisters and Brothers!
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