Liberating ourselves from the power of our minds

A long title, dear Ones, that reflects what I was praying for this morning during my meditation. For humanity to liberate itself from the shackles of ego mind.

I was inspired by a post I read yesterday and which emphasizes the extent to which most of us—or at least a good number—are functioning with, and only with, our minds.

As I thought about it, I could see this tendency at play in our environment; people still hanging on to rules and regulations, as if they were going to help us go through an uncertain period. Sticking to what had been unilaterally decided some time ago when our world was vastly different from what we are facing today, in an unprecedented situation.

Ego mind is at play in all of us and what I noticed these past few weeks is that I seem to be triggered more often. Small things that push the mind into reaction mode. A person asking for a donation for a service she is rendering; someone not answering my personal messages, and not even acknowledging them. Or a yoga instructor misadjusting her camera during a virtual class, making it difficult to see her mat.

These are small things, yet they are pointers to what each of us may be going through. I can sense there may be bigger ‘things’ or ‘events’ ahead of us. That is my sense, that we haven’t experienced much of what humanity needs in order to cleanse and purge itself once and for all.

There needs to be a break between the old and the new—a clear, possibly abrupt, break so that the mind is not tempted to hang on or go back to what was; to what is no longer needed because it is not part of the “essentials” we need to navigate our new reality.

The more we can liberate ourselves from the power of our minds, the more we can become conscious of the influence our minds have upon the ways we breathe, live and behave, the more prepared we will be for this new reality that is dawning.

It is not fully upon us, obviously—and fortunately, because a sudden gigantic break could throw us off course, off the chart.

Yet it is in the making and it is already sneaking its ‘gentle nose’ through the door that is opening to humanity’s future.

Can you feel its breath?

Our new humanity’s breath, that is?

In the days ahead of our Thursday’s communion, taking place on April 9th this week, I may be offering a few more words, so as to assess our progress along this very special path of evolution. One which has been in the making for a very long time.

Aren’t we happy about the fact that 2020 is … finally here?

In deep love and appreciation for what is, and for what will be.

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About new desert

Nurturing the Gift of Seeking is about a spiritual "destination," a journey within, a new beginning, that eventually takes us where we are meant to arrive. Some call it Home, yet I am not sure what Home means, and where it is. Enjoy the journey, dear Ones! On this journey, what matters, first and foremost, is our seeking spirit. And the seed of perseverance--or faith, if you will. Happy journey, dear fellow Sisters and Brothers!
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